Silent Whisper With a Devil ( 7th Chapter )

It has been a week since I become a training doctor under City hospital….  all these three days I had to face number of circumstance occurred by that idiot Vansh…. he bullied me ….. he made me work till night… he made me do extra works unlike other… I bear all those as I can’t destroy my dream to become a doctor because a mere man…. and I had to bear them as he is my senior and I wanted his grade that gave me after this training period…. I am 100 percent sure he is taking revenge on me…. but what on the earth I did to him….

Thinking all those stuffs I get ready to sleep after wearing my pyjamas…. I think within 10 minutes I fell sleep because of the tiredness I think…..

It was somewhere unlike the familiar background… whole surrounding was filled with different kinds of flowers, nice smell , green coloured tress and girls with an angelic face…. am I in heaven? Then heard a weeping sound of someone and an old man who is white attired shouting on that man who is lying on the ground and in his lap there is a young lady with bleeding nose…. is she dying? she seems to be holding her breath …. 

”I curse you!!!!!!! I curse on your love!!!!! In future if she began to love  you again then I curse that ,from the moment she begin to love you ,you will become her enemy and you will make her life miserable with your own hands….. I curse you two can’t be together… never ever… I curse your love story never get completed…. I curse you!!!”

That Old man cursed…. how cruel is that man I thought…. I always wished people who love must be together forever…. this old man must be crazy….. Then I heard that young man who lying on the ground shouting,

”NOOO!!!!!!! Please…… please papa…please don’t do this…. don’t make me hurt her…please… punish me but don’t make her life miserable….please….please….papa….”

I felt so sad for that young man ….. he must be love that lady so much…. then I heard that lady say something hardly as she seems to be becoming weak ….

”Promise me if I reborn you will found me make me fall in love with you…promise me… if I have to die again and again I will not regret…. If I had to bear all the pains again and again as the punishment for love you I will not regret…  I love you… my love will never die even though I had to died every time I love you….”

Saying this I saw her close her eyes…. poor she …. I think she loves that man and I think even death can’t apart them ….. then I saw her body vanishing on the air with a huge light….. oh god that means they are not humans….. Then I heard that young man shout in pain …. don’t know why but my heart aching seeing her dying …. 

”why why … why…. YOU KILLED MY LOVE… YOU KILLED HER…. YOU ALL ARE NOT ANGELS… you all are demons… PUNISH ME…. I HATE YOU ALL… you cursed on my love… you cursed her…I HATE YOU ALL …. ”

”ha you also must got your punishment…. you said we are demons…. ok then live your whole life with demons…. YOU ARE EXPELLED FROM THE HEAVEN VANSH!!!!!!!!!!!”

That old man vanished from there saying that…. wait…wait … what did he said… Vansh? I again looked at the man who is now facing me… DAMN THIS IS THAT ALIEN VANSH!!!!! ….


Damn !!! I heard my alarm screaming near my ears so I opened my eyes and saw the rays of sun coming through the window reminding me that it’s morning…

Then WAS THAT A DREAM…. HUH!!!! SUCH A WEIRD DREAM …. BUT I FELT LIKE IT WAS REAL…. AM I CRAZY?…. BUT WHAT THE HELL THAT VANSH DO IN MY DREAMS…. That’s when my had began to ache like it was going to explode soon…. I took a pain killer and fell on the bed to sleep more as today was Sunday…. but before fell on the sleep I determined to meet a psychiatric…. this time I am serious …. I can’t bear those wired things anymore….


Vansh POV, 

within this week I try my best to know about her…. but what I feel is even she doesn’t know who is she…. I think she doesn’t know her real identity…. all I want to know is who is she and why she has that necklace ….  playing games with human lives is just a simple game for me…. but when I bully and hurt her during this week was different from others… when I hurt her anyhow I feel like someone scraping my heart…. It’s definitely not love but somehow it’s kind of regret…. 

That’s when I heard Angre’s voice behind me……

”Lord …..Lord….”

”why Angre…. why are you in a hurry”

”Lord you are announced to be there…. I think he is on the edge of death”

”WHAT!!!!” all I said is that…. I know whom he is referring…. I quickly vanished from earth and went where I called


After wake up from my sleep I felt some relaxation in my mind may be because of pain killer…. I took a quick bath and wear a white colour short and black colour shirt type t-shirt and my sneakers….. I took my scooter and headed to the clinic of psychiatrist , the doctor Kabir Sharma who is my childhood sweat heart….

Fortunately there were no too much patients for him… so after 10 or 15 minutes I get the chance to meet him….

”Hey Ridz…. why are you here…. did you miss me” he said showing her bunny smile

”you crazy…. today I am here as your patient” I said sitting on the chair

”as a patient… why? is everything OK? ” he asked me in a worried tone

”idiot! if everything ok , why should I came here…”

” why? what happened” he asked me putting his face on his palm exactly like how he get ready to listen my stories in childhood….

I explained him everything since I met that weird creature Vansh…. I even told him the dream I saw today….

”so you mean you are facing different kinds of situations after meeting that man?” he asked finally after my long talking

”ha Kabbu…. I feel restless when I see him… to be honest I feel like he is controlling my inner self…”

”hmmm at first I can’t say anything …. but I feel your are over thinking…. maybe your hallucination…. but can you show me him” he said in a serious tone

”ok wait” saying this I took my phone and go through the gallery…. because If I am right Sejal took a selfie with him 1st or 2nd day in hospital…. that time I was mad at her for asking me to get a selfie with him but agreed finally

”here this is him” I showed that selfie to him

” Ridz , are you sure” he asked looking into my eyes like I am lieing

”why not here he is” I pointed at Vansh where he is standing behind me and Sejal in that selfie

”Ridz clam down and don’t be angry….. to be honest I can see only you and Sejal  in this selfie” he said holding my palm….

”are you crazy Kabir…. are you blind… can’t you see this man” I shouted at him

”Ridz….Ridz I think you should rest now….”’he said looking away

”what!!! do you think I am crazy…. do you think I lost my mind…. ” I shouted at him with teary eyes… why he say he can’t see Vansh….. am I crazy???? my vision become blurry…. I think I lost my conscious….. only I could see Kabir patting my cheeks calling my name but my eyes shut making me feel lifeless…..


I know now the story is little confusing for you…. but trust me you will get to know the complete truth soon…. and I want to say that this is not a normal love story to have happy moments and only romance with a happy end…. ❤❤❤

This is the love story of the lord of the hell who is a devil himself so there will be number of tragedies and also lovely moments but all I want to say is their love is so complicated so don’t expect such a easy going love story…..❤❤❤

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