Excuse Me Madam 27th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Addu meets Chatterjee

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Scene 1
Kranti is selecting a saree. Amar chooses it for her. Kranti says what are you wearing on your date? She says a jacket. Kranti asks her to try a saree. Amar says I never wore it, Kranti says try it for this time. She chooses a saree for her.

Madam is video calling her father, she cries and tells him that everybody lies to me. Her father says you can pretend that I am your friend, we will go out for dinner. Madam cries and says okay.

Sanam comes home and talks to Addu. Sanam tells him that I kissed Madam’s photo and Chatterjee took the picture. He wants to show it to Kranti so you will have to meet him. Addu curses him but then agrees.

Sanam and Addu come home. She says you came early today? Sanam says I had a meeting nearby so got free early. She asks if they are going for dinner? He says yes. Kranti and Amar leave.

Sanam and Kranti come to a restaurant for their date. Kranti says this looks expensive. He says it’s nothing for you. Kranti says you don’t bring me here often, I like this. The waiter asks if they want some wine? Kranti scolds him that we don’t drink so how can you ask? Sanam says it’s his duty. Sanam sees Chatterjee coming there. They start ordering. Sanam sees Addu coming to meet Chatterjee as his fake wife Kranti. He thinks they are here together. Chatterjee gives a rose to Addu. Chatterjee tells him that I like your look. Sanam looks at Addu and hints at him to go to the washroom, Addu leaves.

Addu comes to the washroom area, Sanam says you had to come here only? Addu says you should have told me you were bringing Kranti here. Sanam says Chatterjee shouldn’t see me. He kisses Addu’s face and thanks him for helping. They both leave.

Sanam comes to Kranti. She asks if he is fine? Do you have gas? Sanam asks her to talk in a low tone. The waiter brings the food for them. He is about to eat but Kranti thinks he will die and throws away the food. It falls on Chatterjee’s face. Sanam hides from him and turns to see Madam and her father coming there.

PRECAP – Sanam tries to hide from Madam in the restaurant.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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