Excuse Me Madam 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Madam calls Amar and says someone stole my chain. Amar thinks this chain thief is on the loose. She says I am coming, tell me the address. Madam thanks her and ends the call. Madam tells Sanam that inspector Amar is coming here. Sanam imagines madam, Amar and Kranti beating him together. He gets tensed and says I need to go. He leaves from there.

Sanam gets ready as a woman. He comes to meet Amar. Amar says I feel like I have seen you somewhere. Sanam laughs like a woman and says are you trying to impress me? I have just come from London. I called you to tell you that someone stole my chain. Amar says I was coming to you. Sanam says I want to file the report, I was outside the office and a thief stole my chain. Amar says you were alone? She says no, it was just me and my loneliness. Amar says I am not here to waste time. The officer brings the thief and says he is a chain thief. They bring stolen items. Sanam takes his chain but Amar says this is my sister’s chain, give it to me. She takes it. The thief says that I didn’t steal anything from this woman. Sanam says you don’t know anything.

Sanam comes home. Amar gives the chain to Kranti. Kranti makes Sanam wear it. Sanam wears the chain. Addu says this chain was trouble. Kranti says what do you mean? Sanam says he was just worried for the chain. They celebrate diwali. Kranti and Amar leave. Bhaisa says I am missing Mishti. Sanam video calls Madam and wishes her diwali. She wishes him too. Sanam asks to call Mishti. Madam says she went off, she says you got your chain? He says yes. Madam says where is Mrs. Kranti? Sanam gets tensed and says I can’t hear you, he ends the call.

Scene 2
Sanam comes to the office. He greets madam. Madam says I was waiting for you. I have something for you. You will be shocked to see it. Sanam says what? Madam shows him his wedding photo that was the in the chain. Sanam sees it’s Kranti and him. Madam says I knew you are a fraud. Sanam says not like that. Madam says you still have something to say? Don’t lie anymore as I can fire you. Who is this woman? She is not your wife (Addu), it means you married two women? You are so cheap, I am disgusted with you. Sanam says it’s a wedding photo but it’s my parents. The man is my father and that woman is my mother. My father used to look like me. Madam gets confused and says you can go. He leaves.

Madam is crying and says where are you? I miss you. Sanam comes there and asks if she is fine? Madam cries says I don’t know how is Titu. He was my best friend. Sanam says or boyfriend? Madam says don’t be rubbish. Sanam says how was Titu? Madam says we were childhood friends, we used to do everything together. We used to share beds too.

PRECAP – Madam tells Sanam that I miss my best friend so we should become best friends. Cahtterjee comes there so Madam tells him that Sanam is my best friend.
Krantai tells Amar that Sanam has made a new friend. Amar says I will find out who that person is.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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