Spoilers 19th November 2020


Rudraksh tells her that he wanted to reveal everything to her before she comes home. She gets suspicious and tensed. Saransh hinders their talks. He doesn’t let her know about Mahima. He presents her the big surprise, her elder sister Mahima. Rudraksh tries to stop Saransh, but Prisha gets to see Mahima. She is much shocked to see Mahima alive. Prisha can’t believe her eyes. Mahima is happy to get her son alive. Yuvraj watches Mahima’s entry in Khurana household. He rejoices seeing the real drama. Ahana and Mishka are also happy. They want to see what happens next. Vasudha calls Gopal to make him meet Mahima.

Kundali Bhagya


Shaadi M





Kumkum B

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