Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Khudiram’s Death Sentence

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 19th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Voiceover says Khudiram is convicted in Mr and Mrs Kennedy’s murder and pronounced to be hanged till death. Ananth and other Swadesis plead court for Khudiram’s bail, 3 months pass by during which Subhi returns to his Cuttack home. Khudiram is taken to court where he walks chanting Vandemataram. Swadesis chant along and praise that he is walking like a lion cub. Judge hears both sides. People hope he will be spared as he is very small. Judge announces that there is no evidence that Khudiram directly didn’t kill Mr and Mrs Kennedy, but he cannot consider that, so Khudiram is proved guilty and should be hanged till death. Khudiram chants Vandemataram while his supporters stand shocked.

Subhi readss news about Khudiram’s punishment and feels worried for him. Wedding preparations continue at Bose house. Janaki informs that a small boy Khudiram is sentenced to death. Prabha gets worried for him and asks if they found out about his mother, he must of just a big older than Subhi. Tauji walks in and says he is worried for that boy. Janaki says they cannot postpone wedding as Akshay babu has already made wedding arrangements.

Ajit informs Vibha about same. She gets worried and asks him to take her to protest venue as police may change their decision seeing so many people protesting. Mother says she cannot let her go, but father supports her and sends her with Ajith. They reach protest venue and see Sarath protesting holding a hoarding. Sarath injures his hand with nail and starts bleeding. Satish sees that and forcefully takes him away. He scolds Sarath that people were looking at him and he injured his hand. Vibha and Ajith walk to them. Satish washes Sarath’s hand and asks for cloth. Vibha tears her sari pallu and offers it. She gets choona/calcium carbonate and asks Satish to apply it first. Satish takes Ajith aside. Vibha bandages Sarath. Sarath says he is happy seeing her protesting and if young girls like her stand for the nation, their nation will be free soon.

Subhi informs Anu that Khudiram is sentenced to death. Anu starts crying hearing that. Prabha walks in and asks reason. Anu says she feels sad hearing about a small boy being sentenced to death. Prabha expresses her concern. Anu takes Subhi out. Subhi asks if another innocent Indian will die and if they will continue to bear injustice like this. Anu says they will fight and will not keept quiet.

Precap: No precap.

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