Excuse Me Madam 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam gets beaten by Amar


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Scene 1
Sanam brings the coffee for madam and acts like a peon. Madam says I am really sad about your wife beating you. Sanam says she beats me everywhere, I am used to it. You thought I abuse her but the case is about her beating me. Madam says I shouldn’t have listened to Chatterjee. Chatterjee and the peon come there. Chatterjee says we are going for the meeting. Madam says Sanam is taking his place back, he is not a peon anymore.

Sanam, Addu, Amar and Kranti are enjoying it. Addu drinks but Amar asks him to stop it. Kranti says Sanam passed my test. They all dance together. Madam calls Sanam and asks if he is alive? Your wife beats you so much that I am scared. Sanam says I am scared of her. Madam says I have taken a decision for you, I will get you divorced from your wife, you will be freed. Sanam is stunned and looks at Addu. She ends the call.

Sanam is taking photos with a flower. Kranti says you look like a pumpkin with this flower. Sanam says what? Kranti says tomorrow is Tuesday. Kranti slaps him.. it all turns out to be Kranti’s dream. She says what is tomorrow? He says Tuesday. She controls her hand and says tie my hands. He starts binding her hands. Amar comes there and thinks he is abusing her, she screams and beats Sanam. Sanam falls down and screams. Amar says I was protecting you Kranti. Kranti says I asked him to bind my hands as I might have raised my hands on him. Amar says sorry to Sanam.

Scene 2
Sanam comes to Addu and sees him sitting down and looking at his fingers. Sanam asks what he is doing? Addu says I am exercising. Sanam says Kranti saw a dream to slap and asked me to bind my hands. I started doing it but Amar came to beat me. Addu says she beats me daily, we are like dogs. Sanam asks what is tomorrow? Bhaisa says I know and I won’t tell. Sanam says I will bring Mishti’s one hair. Bhaisa says bring her kissing selfie. Sanam laughs and says I will bring her photo. Bhaisad says tomorrow is your anniversary with Kranti.

Kranti tells Amar to not raise hand on Sanam again. Addu and Sanam come there. Sanam tells Kranti that tomorrow is our anniversary. Kranti smiles and says he remembers? Addu says he was telling me that he has got a nice wife and I don’t.. Amar glares at him. Addu says Sanam was saying it but I don’t agree. Amar takes Addu home angrily. Kranti flirts with Sanam and says I will gold, diamond and designer saree but you can give anything you want. I will keep a party so you should call your madam, I want to meet her. Sanam is stunned.

Madam comes to the office and goes in the lift. Sanam runs and goes in the lift. He says good morning. She says it is not good about this morning. Sanam’s file falls down but Sanam’s eye twitches and she acts like a kid. She says papa takes me for toffee. She jumps in his arms. Sanam brings her out of the lift. Chatterjee pinches Madam. She says you are holding me Mr. Sanam? Put me down. Disgusting. He puts her down and she leaves.

PRECAP – Madam tells Sanam and Cahtterjee that they have to slap each other to become her temporary boyfriend. Sanam slaps Chatterjee hard.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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