Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Chamchi troubles her family members


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu calling his children to watch his interview. Beni says your children and others knew that your first interview will be on air, but nobody came. He says if Vimlesh comes to know that his interview will come then she would have waited 4 hours before the interview comes. Rajjo comes there and tells that she was waiting for the interview and kids are bringing popcorn, cold drinks etc. Malaika says Papa’s interview will come. Happu’s interview comes, when Chamchi changes the channel. Happu asks her. She says yes, I know. Hritik says didn’t you know that Papa’s interview is coming. Rajjo asks her to play the specific channel. Malaika and Ranbir asks her to switch the channel. Chamchi tells that she is not interested to watch interview and watches about buffalo giving milk. Rajjo asks if this is important for you. Chamchi says this is General Knowledge. Hritik says he will wait. Chamchi asks him not to disturb him. Beni says I will note down how you people are not letting Chamchi watch the TV. Chamchi watches news about the buffalo. Hritik says I told my friends about your interview. Happu says no problem. Later Beni drinks wine and says he is happy to watch his interview. Happu asks what did In say? Beni makes a buffalo sound. Happu scolds him. Beni asks why are you acting to be honest.

Beni says Chachi is like a mother to me and I won’t let anyone cheat her. He calls him Happu Singh. Happu asks if he has any love for him. Beni says Chachi handover responsibility to me.

Later Hritik tells Ranbir that Chamchi is not less than Don for them and tells that they shall name her Don. Ranbir says she is not that bad. Hritik says she will get number 1 in blood sucking competition. Chamchi hears them. Ranbir asks Hritik to sleep. Hritik turns and sees Chamchi. Chamchi thanks him and says I am sure Beni uncle will get some points to write in the book. She says if they don’t want this, then they have to do their work. she asks Ranbir to lift the mattresses and make her have chocolate kept under it. hritik cries and asks for one piece. Ranbir makes Chamchi have the chocolate.

She then asks Ranbir to massage her feet. Malaika tells Kat that Chamchi didn’t let Bapu watch his interview. Kat says it was bad. She says she talked to Kamlesh and asked him not to come here. Kamlesh tells that he had gone to astronaut to know about his future. Malaika says it is astrologer and not astronaut. Kat asks what did he say? Kamlesh says he said that I will become security guard. Malaika laughs and says who will hire him as a guard, gets beaten by me daily. Kat laughs. Kamlesh says you are also laughing? Kat says sorry. Happu calls Manohar and asks him to search his interview on internet. Manohar says he will search later. Happu says ok. Rajjo takes the baby in her hands and tells that his parents are having so much love and that’s why he is born. She says your mother’s love is getting lessened due to your Dadi. Happu asks what are you saying? Rajjo tells that she loves her Amma a lot, but she shows him thumb. Happu asks her to see Amma’s decision from her sight and tells that you are already burdened by 9 kids and that’s why she handed over responsibility to Chamchi. Rajjo says I forgot that I am talking to Amma’s devotee. Happu says even he got angry when Chamchi didn’t let him to watch his interview, but what to do. He says he is searching his interview and will watch it with her. Rajjo asks him to go out and she is sleepy.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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