Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Mayura thinks she wrong again

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 14th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ashu says to Mayura sometimes we see but we don’t understand. I want you to take sometime as well. Don’t be hasty. Mayura says I won’t be. That’s why I’m going home. Husband and wife can have different opinions. But they can solve it. It’s easy to cut a tangled thread but if you utangle it you save the thread. I’m going to do that. Mayura goes home.

Mayura comes home. Piyush says Mayura, Omi. MAnjali says God has not given you brain? Where is my son? She shouts and says tell me where is my Omi. Piyush says I will go look for him. Manjali shouts and says what were you waiting for? For me to do your arti? Piyush is going out. Omkar comes in. Omkar is very angry. Piyush says bhaiya listen to me. I will talk to Mayura. Omkar shoves him and Piyush falls.

Mayura is crying in the room. Omkar says Mayura open the door. I want to talk to you. Mayura gets up. Omkar knocks Mayura open the door. Omkar comes in.

Surekha says I don’t know what’s happening there. Ashu says I should go there. Omkar is like a son. He will understand. Dadi says we shouldn’t interfere in their matter. Mayura will handle it.

Omkar says how can you do this Mayura? Mayura says how can you do that? I am sorry I shouldn’t have spoken like that. But what you did was wrong. What I said was said in a wrong way but I said right things. Manjali is listening. Mayura says whatever I said was rfom my heart. You opened a clinic for me, thank you very much. Do another thing for me, please close this clinic. She picks her degree and says I will find a job in a hospital where I can serve my patients without discrimination. We take this vow, and I can’t break that. Mayura leaves. Omkar says you can’t do this Mayura. I won’t let you.

Scene 2
Manjali calls Surekha and says I will handle everything don’t worry. Mayura comes for an interview. The man says don’t fill the form. She says but you said I can meet dean after filling the form. He says fill it next week. Wherever Mayura goes people reject her. Mayura is shocked. Mayura is confused.

Mayura overhears a woman talking yes, Mayura came. Her qualifications were good but you said not to take her. We won’t take her. Just give us donations. If you ask, no one will give Mayura a job. Omkar says don’t worry about the money. Mayura overhears her talking. Omkar says I won’t let your face go away from me Mayura.

Piyush says Omi bhaiya I never spoke back to you. But I can’t see you and Mayura like that. I am shocked after what you did. How she said it was wrong but what you’re doing now is wrong as well. I know there must be a reason behind what you did but.. I know you love Mayura a lot. I tell her the same all the time. I understand that there must be a reason but what happened today shouldn’t have. After that even I don’t understand your love. This way Mayura will go away from you. Are you understanding? Piyush comes in front of him. Piyush says you are crying? He sits with Omkar. Omkar says let me go. I have to make a murti. Piyush says no first tell me what happened.

Scene 3
Omkar gets clay ready for the idol. Mayura comes home. Mayura says God, I want all my answers from you. Mayura says to herself looking at him, you’re such a great follower. You are making his idol. Every woman is her shadow. You respect her so much then why do this to your wife? Do you have no respect for me and my dreams? The hands you’re making this idol from, you called from the same hands to hospitals and asked me not to hire you. I didn’t expect that from you. If you think I will withdraw from my dreams, you’re wrong. I am not a slave. This house is my home not a cage. Mayura says this time it’s your mistake. This job isn’t work for me. This is my dream, My service to humanity. Even if I have to go away from you and city to fulfill my dream, I will. I will never forgive you. Nothing is more important than trust and mutual respect in a relationship. You have hurt me a lot. You crossed every limit. Piyush comes and says you crossed the limit not him Mayura.

Mayura looks in shock at Piyush. Mayura says why? What did you say? Piyush says you heard right. Omkar says bachay.. Piyush says sorry bhaiya I had to say it. I know you asked me not to tell Mayura. Piyush says you have no idea why he did this? Why did he write only for ladies outside your clinics. Once you get to know the truth, you will be ashamed of your mentality. Omkar got that board made but someone else requested it. All women from neighbhors came and begged Omkar that their husbands will come for no reason to your clinic to see you only. Those women were hating on you. They were begging Omkar to save their houses. He did all this for your and their better. He did this for your respect and happiness. The women said they won’t let your clinic run if you don’t write only for ladies. Mayura is shocked. She recalls what happened.

Manjali says well done. That’s what a good dog does. He works for his master. Mayura says I heard that lady saying that because you asked, we won’t give a job to Mayura. Piyush says even after all this you think Omkar could do that? Did you hear her taking Omkar’s name? Mayura she was talking about someone else. Mayura says in heart she didn’t take the name. Mayura I got it wrong. Piyush says when will you stop doubting him. Mayura is confused. Omkar says bachay, it’s time to make the idol. No one can stay here now. You go and take care of Mayura. Omkar starts making the idol.

Omkar covers the place with a red cloth. Mayura stands outside. Omkar makes the idol. Omkar says jai mata Rani.

Mayura calls Ashu and says it’s my mistake. I got Omkar wrong. He says don’t blame yourself. Surekha says no you should blame yourself. What you did isn’t right. Anger is clay, you can change its form in the beginning. If it dries, you won’t be able to do anything. It only breaks after that. Rest is on you. Mayura is upset. Mayura says I won’t let relationship shatter. Mayura says I am sorry Omkar ji. I will fix it.

Omkar makes the idol. Mayura comes there. Piyush says Mayura.. Piyush says it’s not okay to disturb him right now. Piyush says he’s a follower of God. Omkar paints the idol. His color falls. Mayura picks it. Omkar extends his hand to take it. Mayura holds his hand.

Precap: Megha tells Omkar that people say friendship should be such that others see it as an affair. Such is the scene between Piyush and Mayura. Beauty is not like a bird that you can lock it in a cage. She’s glad creating doubt in Omkar’s mind. Now she just needs to make sure that doubt keeps getting bigger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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