Are you excited to see Ghuman back in Saraswatichandra?

Ghuman is back in the show and has brought back many great twists with her amazing screen presence and cunning mind. Ghuman is the one who has plotted Rohit against the Desai family, and made him harm Saras and Kumud, by the Jarokha fall plan. But luckily Saras has saved Kumud, and had been hurt in the accident. But he too has survived and came home fit and fine. When Rohit broke this news to Ghuman in jail, she was hyper as she could not take her revenge till now. She plans to take her revenge herself and for that, she has to make efforts to get out of the jail. She acts like she has gone completely mad and convinces the jailer that she has to be shifted to the mental asylum, else she can hurt anyone here.

Ghuman lands in the mental asylum, and having luck on her side, she has spotted Saras’ mum there. She is glad to see Saraswati mentally unstable and takes a nurse’s help in starting her plan execution. She sends a letter to Kumud stating she has the most valuable thing of Saras. And sends her come clues to bring her to the mental asylum and see Saraswati. Kumud will be the one who will be knowing about Saraswati first. Ghuman plans to harm Saras and Kumud, by making Saraswati her bait and making them fall in her trap. The track looks interesting to watch, but its saddening that Saras and Kumud, who has faced so much in the form of Sunanda, Ghuman, Pramad, Kalika and Rohit, have to face troubles yet again. Their love and togetherness is always tested and this time we wish its final call for Ghuman. What do you think about his track? Give your opinion.

  1. arre, stop the goddamn serial. it should have ended long ago. its being stretched and stretched and stretched like an elastic band. Whats the point, you send off the bad guys packing, and then bring them back one by one. This modus operandi is not going to work for long, viewers are bound to lost interest. Really, Saras and Kumud are demi gods to bear so much pain and grief in one life.

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  3. saraswatichandra fan

    Plz bring happiness in Saras and kumud’s life plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  4. Ghuman is entry has to be made now…since they are showing her. But with Saraswati back in the show atleast the PH has to show more sensible story line. As Desai and Vyas family all informing the police or even hiring private body guards to protect them and to help them find ouGhuman should be killed or thrown out of the once for all. Kabir-Anushka’s union can happen….LaximiNadan has to come….after all when he hears his wife who is thought to have committed suicide is still living…..any husband will just leave the work and come. ….School inauguration….then even Kumud’s life getting all rays of hope with something like pregnancy can be shown……these are the possibilities …how the show can finally end

    whatever the case be, give good scope for intense acting for Kumud and Saras…Dugba and Kabir in the forth coming episodes.

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  6. this Ghuman to be killed soon. Actually we are losing the story …but if Saraswatichandra serial is still making profits….its just because of the “magic” done by the jodi Saras and Kumud. Somehow people like to see them together and I truly think this pair is the best in Indian TV right now. If Kumud is so beautiful and ravishing..Saras is also par with her and they just accentuates each others beauty. Girls cannot take their eyes off Gautam as he has a mystique that surrounds his persona. Besides he is very very handsome,romantic, charming, a wonderful 6 pack body, fresh faced, smart, passionate and amazing soulmate.

  7. okay, i agree dis ghumaan is a witchy character, bt monica bedi is my personal fav in terms of actng! nd she is d prettiest actor on saraswatichandra along wid d sultry beauty jennifer. so, i jst dnt knw dat i shud b hppy dat d pretty damsel is bck or i shud b grumpy dat there will b anothr villaneous, over melodramatic track in store 4 us! gosh! cant monica join sme show as a positve, pretty main lead, sme mature story, so dat i dont have 2 loathe her character! nd yeah, she definitely dsnt luk lyk a mom 2 gautam, or 4 dat mattr, nt even a mom 2 danny!

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