Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranveer and Falguni are surprised with Baa’s behavior as Baa gives blessings to Ishaani and calls Chirag to her. She says she wanted to give him a gift as well but they are giving their daughter, and what can be greater gift than that? She takes them for garba/dance and others join them too. Baa smiles seeing them together while Ranveer gets more and mor frustrated. Falguni shares her doubt with Harshad, but he tells her to look at good positive side of Baa. Falguni still says no matter what Baa would never accept Ishaani.

Chaitali stops everyone from dancing and says they will start competition now. She sings and all cover their ears. Baa asks mitesh why he didn’t do anything to stop her from singing. He says her voice is already bad, what more he could do. Baa gets mic turned off and claps for her praising her. She says she didn’t finish yet. Baa says next bahu’s turn now. Vishakha comes and says she will dance. She starts dancing and others join. Chirag keeps following Ishaani, reminding her about the kiss. Ranveer gets frustrated seeing that.

Ishaani goes to drink water and Chirag follows. Seeing that Ranveer also follows them. Chirag gets closer to Ishaani. Ranveer sends Devarsh there with fruits and he saves Ishaani from getting kissed. Ishaani gets shy and runs away.

Vishakha’s husband is excited as only 3 hours are left before he can touch Vishakha. She’s passing from there and her husband sees lights falling on her. He saves her, but his wife gets mad as he touched her before 3. She says now he can’t touch her before 3 weeks. He’s disappointed.

Chirag and Ishaani are alone again. They are very close from kissing each other. Ishaani closes her eyes and waits. Ranveer cannot see that. Chirag teases him more and finally Ranveer leaves in frustration. Disha sees it and she follows Ranveer. Instead on lips, Chirag kisses her forehead. Both smile and Ishaani then leaves.

While following Ranveer, Disha gets message from Garima. Ranveer comes outside and recalls Chirag’s words that he always wins in challenges. Disha comes and he wipes his tears. Disha tells him about Garima agreeing to meet tomorrow as she couldn’t make it today. She says that means she doesn’t know anything about her and hugs him in excitement. He asks her to leave him, but she hugs tighter and tighter. Ranveer pushes her away and says how she could even think like that about him. He’s a servant. Harshad trusts him and gave his children responsibility to him. Disha says she got overexcited and her intentions weren’t bad. Ranveer says that wasn’t a friendly hug and lectures her more. She apologizes, but he leaves. She wonders Ishaani and Ranveer are so close and then remembers Chirag’s words about Ranveer loving Ishaani. She thinks Ranveer found out her truth, now she will have to find out his truth.

Ranveer recalls all that’s happening lately and says what’s happening to him. He’s already in guilt because of Ishaani and now Disha. Why she did that? Why she didn’t think about her dad? Why she got such thoughts? or is it his fault? Did he do anything unintentionally that made Disha think like that? He asks for forgiveness in his mind from Harshad. Even if unintentionally, he couldn’t maintain Harshad’s faith.

Precap: Ranveer sees Garima going somewhere in taxi and follows her.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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