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Hi friends thank you all for commenting and want to thank lilly here coz she’s such an encouraging reader who used to encourage all the writers by commenting almost all the ff’s…..and to my dear aashi who broke her silence and supported me through her comments and I thank all the silent readers and all the readers for commenting…sorry guys I have bad memory in remembering names so do forgive me……………pl do comment both positive and negative and kindly ignore typo and grammatical errors……..
With no further delay here comes the next plot.



The alarm sound disturbed the beautiful sleep of our lovable couple…..

Anika : Shivay pl shut the alarm it is very noisy…(said this with her cute sleepy voice)

Shivay(turning towards his wife and pulling her so close to him said) Anu pl u shut the alarm pl….

Anika(opened her eyes and saw the time and got up with a jerk) shivay it is almost 8am and wake up(by shaking him to wake up)

Shivay: Anu what are you doing(pushing her hands away)give me five more min and really feeling sleepy after all I heard the same CD from u for the past five months every night(this CD is nothing but their story happened in those three years woh flashback actually) and u are allowing me to sleep oly by early morning……..so pl now u go I will sleep for five more min(said so by pulling is quilt over him)

Anika: oh god shivay get up now he will come by 9am and we have to prepare breakfast and it will be prepared by oly u………

Shivay: Anu pl……..five more mins pl……..

Anika: okay fine u sleep let me prepare breakfast all by myself and my special dish paneer butter masala…..(said with a pride in her voice)

Shivay(woke up all of a sudden by keeping his hands on chest) Anu don’t you say that even for fun(making crying faces)is that not enough for u to make me feel helpless by ur so called paneer masala pl……..

Anika(coming closer to shivay and holding his face ) then get freshen up and prepare the breakfast if not be ready to eat what I prepare…..(smiling wickedly)

Shivay(now holding anika’s hand and making her rest on his chest continued) okay my dear tigress…..as you say……..and soon pecked her cheeks and went to fresh up…


Tej shouts @ his manager over the phone while getting down the stairs…..

Tej: how can it happen and you are telling it now???


Tej: what the hell…….as far as I know everything is completed and today we were about to sign the deal then how is it possible…


Tej: you know what you are FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(shouting at his top voice)

Prinku who was listening to her dads conversation came to him and hugged him and spoke

Prinku: papa what happened and why were shouting and whom did u fired today(asked her dad still hugging and in a innocent voice)

Tej:(hugging his daughter and after feeling a bit relaxed coz of his princess hug spoke) nothing big beta just a small misunderstanding……..(said while caressing her hair)

Prinku: (removing herself from the hug looked up at tej and spoke) I know something big has happened and don’t worry everything will be fine once you eat ur princess hand made breakfast so pl come now and eat(dragged her dad to the dining table)

At dining table everyone were having their breakfast and dadi was happy seeing her bahu and her son recovered and now they have become normal and yet she is angry on her son……

Prinku came along with tej and made him to sit in the table and in these three years this is the first time he is sitting with his family due to the compulsion of his angel…….

Tej Pov:

It feels strange when I si and dine with my own family members… it may sound stupid bt yet it has been three years and all these years either I wud eat at office or in my room and all these years it was prinku my angel who tried hard to convince me to eat along with others but I refused……as I cannot see everyone’s hatred and negligence in their eyes for me that’s y I always refused to her wish…..whenever im at home she will come running to me and will make me eat her hade made dish let me say the dish which she tried everyday for me to make me happy……. I cursed myself for not spending much time with her but these three years made me feel complete…….whenever she comes running and hug me I feel that day is complete and without her hug my day wud not start and will not end moreover it will not complete……she used to talk talk talk talk and what not jus like a chirping bird she used to share what all she encountered that day and her adventure in kitchen…….she changed me and she too changed now not that girl who will get panic for small things and now she is bold enough to fight against her own brothers for me…. When everyone blamed me for shivay leaving this house oly she supported me stood with me and made everyone understand that it is not his mistake when all refused him then she said with enough pride that PRIYANKA TEJ SINGH OBEROI WILL NOW SACRIFICE HER OWN BROTHERS WHO FAILED TO UNDERSTAND HER FATHER…same happened with dadi and jhanvi……he hardly spoke with jhanvi and now stopped talking to her but not with dadi though she’s angry can’t hurt her so she is talking with her…..that moment I felt happy finally there is one soul who understands me and love mw without any regret….. at times while we having father daughter moment either in kitchen or in living room or say my study somewhere few ppl will burn in jealousy and that burning smell will be all over the mansion……

Pov ends…

His deep thoughts were disturbed by prinku and she sat beside him and served him her hade made dish….

Tej: (after taking a bite of it) wowwwwwww… princess it is amazing and it tastes really good……and took one more bite and feeded her…

Prinku: ( after tasting it started to jump in happiness) yeah pappa it tastes so good and wow am becoming a good chef….after all whose daughter am I the great tej singh oberoi…….(saying so took another bite and made him eat….)

This happy moment of dad and daughter was noticed by the remaining members and were fuming in jealousy whereas tej was njoying this and made them extra jealous……

Meanwhile someone was trying to steal the dish to taste it and suddenly his agent brain popped up………….

While he was trying to take water from the jug he unknowingly (but knowingly) poured some water on both their dresses and apologized as if he dint do intentionally and soon prinku and tej left to clean their dress….

Soon after they left our great agent rudy rushed to their place and took no no stole the dish and tasted it…..

Rudy: oh my maata…….. it is tasting so good…… how come she is cooking so well……and started to eat it..but it was disturbed by a pat on his head…

Duffer leave something for us to taste don’t finish it all by urself saying so om snatched it from him and served everyone….

All were speechless by their princess cooking and felt bad for not able to compliment her and all felt the pain of her hatred…….but was disturbed by tej’s voice.

Tej: princess be ready by evening i have a surprise for you…..and gave a quick hug and a small kiss on her forehead and he headed towards office…

Rudy: om what is the surprise that he was talking about????

Om: duffer even am sitting with u and how come I will know it….

Rudy: haan haan u are right but am feeling so jealous seeing them she never spoke with us like she does to him a non-stop radio she has become….am feeling bad and I want her back…..

Om: yes rudra she changed a lot and in these three years she never celebrated her birthday and success with us and refused our gifts also and fully spending time with him…

Rudy: I can feel something is burning or better say someone is burning in jealous…..

Om: shut up rudra… now get ready to office I got to know tat Shekar group has cancelled all their deals with us so lets head to office……

Soon both headed to office……………..


To know then wait for the next plot…….

Author’s note: tej is not bad…. As I said he has his very own reasons for being rude and it will be cleared soon and in my ff I want to give equal space to dad and daughter that’s y i made priyanka closer to tej and she knew that her dad is not at fault and supports him against her own brothers….

Sorry guys if it is wrong for making prinku away from obros but oly few plots then lets hope for the best………

Do comments negative and positive

See you soon maybe the next plot will take time so kindly pl do wait, until then

Take care… Tata….love you all………..

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    1. Thank you dr………And I think I stole ur heart long back……And even I love daughter father bond and just expressed what I wanted and what I missed thats it dr……

  2. Nithu

    daughters are dads lil princesses……forever………..i loved the way you portrayed tejs and prinku characters…….evn i liked the way our PRINKU PEHALWAN stood against her brothers for her father……………..

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    Its amazing…. OMG!! Prinku goes against her brothers for Tej…..interesting! Waiting for next part.

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  7. Thedreamsoul

    This is Awesome dear , loved the way you showed daughter-father bond , eagerly waiting for next part dear 🙂

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