Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 21

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Hi my drs.. pls spend some time reading what I say now.. pls.. just 2 mins..First of all, Thank u so much for ur love and support.. all those comments u do r my treasures of life. To tell u truth, even my parents don’t appreciate and give such support to me.. U ppl don’t know who I’m, where am I from, no talks or chats between us.. but u r making me feel special day by day.. I really don’t know y u ppl shower this much love for me, when I don’t deserve such words.. these lovely words r more than my level. Even though u ppl r showering it for me. Its ur greatness. I have lots of emotions and things to say, but I’m short of words.. yes, because I’m such a emotionless idiot and dumb fellow who often fails to express my feelings and emotions because of same reason. When I started writing this FF, I had no idea of how u ppl will react or respond.. even I was sure that I’ll not even cross 4-5 episodes and end my FF. But u proved me wrong with ur support, love and care. I don’t know till where and how this FF will go, but whatever good happens its because of u. Nowadays u have become my support system, stress buster, energy booster and much more. This page have become a part of my life. U ppl r the reason my drs.. so all my FFs are just and only dedicated to all my readers who became like my family. Love u all.. I have no other words to express my feelings.
Ok enough of my stupid emotional talks and lets move to Episode 21..

At party:
ShivOm were shell shocked to see Kali back. They both can’t believe their eyes and confused. Tej hugs Kali and take him to center stage. He introduces him and praise him. Om say, its impossible Shivay.. we saw him dying in front of our eyes. But how did this happen? Is this really KT (Kali Takur). KT says, Yes,its me.. who u killed in Bareilly.. Is back with next life in Mumbai to take what I lost. He stares at Om and say its our game my friend. Tej call Shivay and he leaves. Kali say u took my priceless precious thing and made urs. U killed my brother and snatched Gauri from me. I came back to destroy u and ur happiness.. I know ur family is ur first priority.. hereafter u won’t see any happiness in ur family and smile evil at him. Tej call him, they sign deal in front their investors. He announces 3000crs deal in Bareilly and his construction plan to investors and press. ShivOm gets another shock and now they can’t bear this. Shivay call someone and ask details. He is shocked and tell Om that our deal got cancelled because we didn’t register it. Tej and Kali come and taunts them. Tej shock them more by saying, this deal done for my so called wife Janvi.. u know y? Because ur mother want 2000 crs as alimony.. and now its ready and I’ll get rid of this suffocating relationship soon. Svetlana come and stand near Tej.

Seeing all this, Janvi breakdown and run to her room. Om, Shivay, dadi, Buama and Chulbul runs behind her. Janvi cries that her fate is not good and cries. Om consoles her and tell to believe in her son. He recalls what KT said and get angry. He meet Kali and ask what he want and y he is doing this. Kali shouts in anger and tell, he want Gauri, to which Om replies, she is not here. Kali demands Gauri for sparing him and his family.. else his brothers and his Mom will have to suffer a lot.

Om sit in his room reminiscing how Kali talked to him. He is disturbed and don’t know how to settle this new problem in his mother’s life. Chulbul come to him and see him upset. Gauri want to console Omkara but he calls out Gauri, Because of u I’m bearing all this pain.. I hate u.. I HATE u.. he breaks a statue. Gauri gets shocked. Om leaves room.
He is sitting near pool side and upset. Shivay get him tea and sit near him. He consoles him saying, don’t worry Om.. everything will be alright.. I know u r worried for bade ma and bade papa’s behavior.. but every problem will have a solution. Now the problem is bade papas deal with KT.. deal is the only reason why KT is here and Svetlana going back to bade papa. So we should stop this deal at any cost. I’ll talk to KT about his demand and try to solve this. Om worries for his marriage truth getting revealed. He thinks, its better I would tell him.. if he came to know from Kali then he’ll not spare me.. better I will tell him. Om calls Shivay, I know what his demand is.. I talked to him. Shivay say, that’s great.. what is his demand? Om say, Gauri. Shivay ask,Which Gauri?

Om say, I told u know.. when I was in Bareilly I saved a girl’s life from goons.. KT’s goons.. they were behind me in railway station and u came to my rescue.. u remember all that know? Oh yeah.. that girl with whom I talked in ur phone.. is that Gauri.. did u save that girl? Om nods yes. Shivay say, Hmmm, she is a nice girl but talks a lot.. its good u saved her. Om gets irritated and tell, pls Shivay.. don’t talk about her.. she is such a cheap characterless girl, I regret helping her.. Because of her this is happening in our life and hit his hand on tree nearby. Shivay ask, Om,why r hurting urself for this.. what is ur mistake in this.. U saved her and left there.. then y he is searching her here and came into our life? I don’t get this point. Om think about his marriage and leaving Gauri on road. He thinks, its my mistake Shivay.. its my mistake to marry her.. so he thought she will be here and came to take her back. Shivay say, I think we should find that girl. But there is no use for ur struggle in helping her Om.. I’m confused and can’t decide anything now. Om thinks and say, ok Shivay lets discuss this tomorrow morning.. now go and sleep. They greet each other and leaves.

Om can’t sleep, turns and roll in his bed. Gauri sleeping down saw him struggling and ask what happened. He replied nothing in anger. Gauri switch on lights and go near him. Om gets up and Gauri keep her hand on shoulder and ask. He takes deep breath say, I don’t know y all r eyeing on my mother’s happiness.. I can just wipe her tears but can’t find solution for her problems.. I have failed as son for my mom.. I’m a bad and worst son who can’t save his mom. Gauri saw his wet eyes and she too feels bad.. say, Omkara ji.. no.. a son can’t fail.. only situations make us weak. Its not ur fault.. just time and situation has to change. He ask her, not to start ur lecture again.. already I’m irritated and can’t sleep due to head ache. Gauri got idea and ask him to give his mobile. Om ask why? Gauri insists and Om give her. She check something in internet and runs out of room telling I’ll come soon. Om call her mad and lay down. Gauri ran to Om’s kitchen garden and find some herbs. She run to kitchen and made soup with tat. She bring that soup to their room and ask Om to have that. Om refuses. But Gauri is ready to loose.. she wakes him up and started feeding him by compulsion. He doesn’t like that taste and makes face. Gauri saw this and started telling her childhood Bareilly stories to Om and feeding him like a kid. Om enjoyed her childish acts and pampering like a kid. Actually he didn’t like soup but had it for Chulbul who feed him with love. He remembered his mom feeding him in his childhood and gets emotional and looking Chulbul. He finished his soup and Gauri about to leave, he holds her hand and make her sit near him and look at her for sometimes.

Meanwhile, in Shivika room, Shivika sleeping in bed. Annika put her leg on Shivay and he gets disturbed. He jerks her legs away from him. After sometimes.. Shivay sleeping peacefully, Annika gives tight slap to Shivay in sleep. He gets shocked and wake up and see no one around.. He saw Annika sleeping and consoles himself, its just dream.. but will it pain if someone slap in dreams? He is sleep and still confused.. within getting some conclusions he got punch from sleeping Annika.. he is shocked and get up. Annika starts hitting him left and right. He screams in pain and shouts Annika.. she still sleeping and give him reply that, what? u call my name.. and give punch on his face. She tell, if my husband know this he’ll shoot u and starts hitting him again. He hold her and shouts Annika wake up.. she again say, how dare u.. I warned you but u taking my name again.. also u touch me? and gives kick to him.. he fall from bed and stare with scare in his eyes. He tries to say her name but scared of punch and kick. She is still blabbering in sleep and doing stunts. He see water jug and throw water on her. She wake up and shouts rain.. rain.. Shivay.. its raining inside our room.. Shivay.. and see him standing scared with water jug. She ask him why he throw water on her and y r u standing in position like running race participant?

Precap: Shivika arguing for their last night stunts and get romantic. Gauri think to go in front of Kali and help Omkara and his family from breaking.

Sorry for late update guys, I was busy for last three days, so I worte this in free time I got. I don’t know whether this have continuity or not.. whatever and however it is.. pls bear this and forgive me for today.. pls do comment and tell ur views in comments.. as I told this is the only reward I get for my work.. Take care and love u all my drs 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. Rena699

    Superb dear u know u are a great writer and u will always be
    Today’s episode was awesome I loved the shivika scene and Verna we don’t know from where u are what is ur past but I know that u are deserving all the appreciation for this ff
    If u I have time plz read my ff also it won’t be very good and but if u have time only and once again u are a great great writer with love Rena so u are my friend right???

    1. Verna

      Rena699 I have no words to explain how I.feel.. really feeling like heaven when I read all ur comments.. Thank u so much for ur love and support my dr.. Keep reading and supporting

    2. Verna

      Of course dr.. u r my friend 🙂 🙂


    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Uf keep reading

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much DS keep reading dr

  3. B.k.maha

    Wow superrrrrrrrrrr dr… Its really amazing…. I loved Sivika scene… It just lovely and also funny… I can’t stop my laughter after reading it also… Its change my tension mood also… Thank u for that dr… Keep going… And pls Rudy scene also… I really miss him… His childish behavior… And Chulbul scene is great… I loved that carrying scene towards Omkara… And pls let them close… Precap is interesting… Waiting for next episode egarly…

    1. Amayaa

      Maha di
      U too have to participate in that competition after ur exams
      Nd when ur exams came to an end? ?????????

      1. B.k.maha

        16 dr… Thank u for ur confidence upon me… My exam will be finished in 16 only dr… So I couldn’t participate dr… And also I am not that much good writer dr…

    2. Verna

      Hahaha THANK you so much maha.. today I’m not able to cover all three.. sure I’ll give Rumya part tomorrow. Thank u again for ur love

  4. Amayaa

    Wow Verna di
    Finally u r back
    Now I m understanding. …………it is all ur nd others plan na …………ALL my favourite authors nd my favourite ffs r missing …………not good ha. ………….in m kidding nd doing drama as always. …………..don’t take this seriously. …………….Oooookkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssss ……………???

    But not fair ha. ……………..sudden missing ……………….inform me from next time……………..

    Today’s episode is amazing
    Emotional in 1st part nd laughter in 2nd part

    Ur omki – Shomki……………poor guy…………….stuck in so many problems ………………but I know he will definitely come out of problems. ………………..with de help of his strength. ……………..his brothers nd Chulbul. ……………….???

    Nd my Shivika. ……………… thank u thank u thank u so much for giving enough space 2 them tooooooo ………………..they nd their never ending fights are fabulous. …………….water drenched on Anika bhabhi by my bhaiya. ……………….yeah yeah yeah ………………???

    PRECAP : as usual rocking nd shocking ???

    Verna di …………….y u felt u r not worthy of such a beautiful responses. ………………u r worthy di ………………u r very nice author. …………….keep it up ………………May ur ff never comes 2 an end……….nd it continues till de ishqbaaz ending. ………………Nd there is much time in this. ………………???

    Here comes an OS competition ( hope u know about that ) ……………..Nd I m requesting all my favourite authors to participate in that……………..u r one of my favourite author……………….so give ur name there………..u too is a tough competitor for them. ………..???

    1. Verna

      OMG! Amayaa.. u r writing a comment like a FF.. how will I answer for all questions at a time.. but I’ll try my best..
      It’s not our plan and all dr.. seriously I’m struck with work.. sometimes boring days sometimes hectic day what to do
      And thanks for praising my omki.. and u know what.. when I was writing shivika part I thought abt u and actually I wanted to see ur expression in my own eyes.. but unfortunately can’t.. but I know u’ll love it..
      Thank u so much for ur love dr keep reading dr

      OS competition? I think I can’t dr.. because day by day my work is increasing Idk when will be free and busy.. but I’ll try my best for u

  5. Rasika

    Awsm epi verna…. Keep it up ??

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Rasika.. Keep reading

  6. Lisaaa


    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Lisaaa keep reading dr

  7. It is awesome dear.. Simply superbbbbbb dear… I have no words to describe the awesomeness of your work..

  8. It is awesome dear.. Simply superbbbbbb dear… I have no words to describe the awesomeness of your work..
    Eagerly waiting for the next…. And maha dear…. Best of luck for your exam and eargly waiting for the next update of your too…

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much nikitajai.. Keep reading dr

  9. awesome

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Naira.. Keep reading dr

  10. fantastic

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Tia keep reading dr

  11. loved it

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Shikha keep reading

  12. Super,Awsome,fabulous,…………
    Poor shivay……omri scenes are nice………..

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much San.Keep reading dr

  13. Kiya

    Its as always awesome and amazing Verna…. I am eagerly waiting for ur ff…. And of course u r a very good writer, I am inspired by u…. So if u think bad about u then it hurts me so plz don’t do that again…. U deserved all of our comments…. Last bt not least waiting for ur weekend special ff…..

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Kiya for ur love.. I’m really feeling blessed to have such a wonderful readers.. this really means a lot to me

    2. Verna

      Weekend Shot is getting ready dr.. and special information only for u.. u’ll get twist in next part of WS.. and u’ll know about it and u’ll comment me. 🙂 🙂

      1. Kiya

        Thanks Dr.. U make me so special… Thanks…

  14. It is superb as always dr and loved shivika part……And no worries dr even I don’t enough encouragement from my parents and it’s oly frnds who do encourage me and we all are here to encourage u…….And you writing is superb dr………

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Arthi.. u r right dr.. friends r really supportive at any situation.. thanks for ur love dr

  15. Alekhika20

    Superb part

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Alekhika20 keep reading dr

  16. Awesome..loved it

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Niriha dr.. Keep reading

  17. Awesome…
    Shivika scene was hilarious….
    Chulkara scene was great…
    waiting fr d nxt… 🙂

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Shivika keep reading dr

  18. Awesome update dear ?. You are an amazing writer dear. And you know what..

    You deserve the best of compliments and love from us because your writing is worth it dear ?. Just keep your superb writing going on.
    Eagerly waiting for the next update.
    Post soon ????…

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Sofia S keep reading dr

  19. Haridhra

    It’s just hilarious yaar … I luved tis epi so much yaar …Ur really an awsm writer ..

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Haridhra.. Keep reading dr

  20. Awesome update dear ?. You are an amazing writer verna. And yeah you know what….
    You deserve the best of compliments and love from us because your writing is worth it dear ? . Just keep your superb writing going on.
    Eagerly waiting for the next update dear.
    Post soon ????….

  21. Verna dear, what an episode yarr!!! Last part sooo funny?????????????? i am laughing like mad. Rain inside house!!! punch kick.???post next part. p

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Arpita.. Keep reading and enjoy dr 🙂 🙂

  22. It was just Awesome dear…… Luv shivika sence….. It’s super duper funny…. Eagerly waiting 4 nxt…… Post ASAP…..

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Banita 🙂 🙂 🙂 keep reading dr

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