Kriyam- Its only hate (Character Sketch)

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Hello, Hello and Hello, So you are probably wandering when will i upload my FF about on Kriyam- Shes my obsession, well i did not like the concept and story line i was thinking about it, as well as i was really busy. Well, guess what im back, with a different story, i hope this will turn out good and promise to update daily, so please comment regularly on my FF, whether you like it or dislike it. If you dislike it, please give feedback, on how can i change it, also you can give ideas, so this is a update is about the characters, sneak peeks and introduction, so lets get to it, i know im talking alot, and one more thing, i love all of you, that takes out time to read my FF, comment and also silent readers, i love you as well, and im also promise that i will comment on other peoples FF, would like to shout out to Annie, Hafsa , fanficwriter518 and princessporsha, i read ur FFs everyday and they are blo*dy amazing, i will comment now, and apologies that i dont comment because i read all FF’s in 3AM in the morning, dont ask why and okay now i will stop talking, for to whoever read this your amazing and have an amazing day. so yeh heres are the characters 😉


Krishna Mehra: Typical gujrati girl, cultured and lovable. Shes in college (about to graduate) becoming a lawyer, She lives by herself, (her parents passed away by a accident recently, she doesnt know who did it) she loves everyone, but will only hate if someone is rude or ……

Saiyyam Birla: A bombay boy, is cultured (what a surprise :O ) Hes in college (about to graduate) becoming a sports profressional , lives with parents and hes a drug and alcoholic addict ;O

Suhani Birla: Sweet caring mother, loves all her children

Yuvraaj: Caring father, also loves all his children

Yuvaan/Yuvani: twins, there are rebels, both are business students and graduated

So, so ,so thats the characters and now the sneak peek

Sneak Peek: (oohhhhhhh)

In College:
Krishna is shown walking in college, she rushing to get home, (wants to watch her favorite show) she starts to run, then bangs into a someone, thats someones eye is shown, hes looking furious and yells cant you see where you going and pushes her banck, krishna falls back and screams……………

so thats the sneak peek and introduction is:

story line mainly focus on hate, alot of hate but dont worry kriyam scenes are there (ALOT OF THEM) but will those akward cute moments unite thier hearts or tear them apart??

Give feed back people: i will updates 8:00pm Australia time, that will be 3:30pm India time, time in UK will be 11:00am and in America it would be (Los Angeles time) 3;00am, so yeh, please comment your thoughts/idea etc my apologies for talking alot 🙂

Love from Faaizah 😛

and credits for picture goes to who made it, i found it out google, so whovever created it, credit goes to you (lovely edit)

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  1. i am excited❤nice characters sketch?but sayam a drug addicted boy?

    1. Faaizah

      Tysm Zani Saleem ❤

  2. Nice…. looking forward to it?

  3. Princessporsha

    Loved it. And I really appreciated that you love my ff. Waiting for next update.

    1. Faaizah

      Thanks you ? and your welcome, your FF are really good

  4. Shaani

    Nice.. Keep writing… Good start…?

    1. Faaizah

      Ty Shani ?

  5. Very unique storyline..!! Keep it up!! ??

    1. Faaizah

      Glad you liked my concept and thanks ❤

    2. Faaizah

      Thanks ❤

  6. Hafsaaa

    Thanks for the shoutout faaizah? Woah Saiyyam is gonna be a drug addict,finally something new and interesting.Can’t wait for Krishna bear to bring the change in saiyyam’s life?? oh man,cute kriyam moments that could connect or tear them apart ? Eagerly waiting for your ff to begin,keeeep the update going….

    1. Faaizah

      Thanks Hafsa, happy to know you like my idea and once again your FF are amazing

  7. AnahitaAnnie

    Thank u soo much for the shoutout Faaizah.. And u r going to post at 3 AM in my place soo, guess I have to set up an alarm..becoz ur intro is slaying and a different concept…I can’t wait for the next one..??

    1. Faaizah

      Thank you so much Annie, I’m so happy to know you love my intro, and regarding towards time zone, I will update at 3:00AM (LA time) but not sure when at Telly Updates will publish my article and no Annie, I don’t live in LA, I live in Australia, but I would love to visit LA one day ??

      1. AnahitaAnnie

        Oo u live in Australia… I once went there for a visit and its amazing..??

  8. AnahitaAnnie

    And Faaizah u live in LA…where? High five I live there too. I live in Hollywood…

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