Everest 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Everest 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ramesh reaching Delhi airport and meeting Abhiyankar. Abhiyankar asks about others. Ramesh says Akash and Anjali are coming, but Arjun is missing and not taking call. Abhiyankar asks what does he mean. Ramesh says we had an argument and he is not in contact. Abhiyankar asks what to do, shall we leave, will he come later. Ramesh says no, if Arjun is not here, there won’t be Everest Expedition. Abhiyankar looks on stunned. Anjali meets Akash and greets him. They smile seeing each other. Akash says he feels he will never forget this 30 days. They meet Ramesh. Ramesh says we are not going without Arjun. Arjun comes and says no team can go without Arjun, I knew this, I will not leave Everest at any cost. Ramesh smiles being relieved.

Arjun and Ramesh have a talk. Ramesh says its my work to protect you, if you keep me in darkness, I can’t do anything. Arjun says he knows what it feels like to be in darkness, one who comes of it, never turns back to see it again. Ramesh says success goes soon, and says its beneficial for him to keep Arjun from darkness, and Mission Everest will keep darkness away. Arjun says he wanted to make a new start and does not want his past to come infront of anyone. Ramesh says I promise, infact I already started the process to wipe your past. He says no one can know it ever, my promise, you changed so much, why did you not change name.

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Arjun says its just one thing which is completely his, how to change it. Ramesh says true. A cleaning staff guy sees Arjun, and calls him. He says you are my friend and hugs him. Arjun asks him to be away. The guy says I m Narayan, we used to be in Chandigarh orphan, we were best friends and reminds some incidents. He says you look different in suit. Arjun says sorry, you are mistaken. Narayan says he is sure. Arjun says I told you are mistaken and leaves. Abhiyankar gets a call and says he is still waiting. Anjali asks Akash how is Shikha Maa. Akash says her surgery was successful and I came here. She says great. He says her sister is there with her. She says she can’t believe she is here.

He asks how did her dad say yes. She says no, actually Vidhaan, Maithili made this plan, I m so happy. He says even I m happy. Arjun comes and sees them excited. He taunts Akash and gets his anger out. Anjali says its good you came on time. Arjun says yes, your trip would have got cancelled without me. He leaves. Anjali says he looks worried. Akash reads some exercises list, given by his psychiatrist Roshan, his college friend, she gave exercises for his vertigo and acrophobia. She asks can he get any attack again. He says either me or my fear will win.

Arjun recalls his friend Narayan and their childhood moments. He recalls his orphanage days. Arjun looks in the mirror in the washroom. He cries and bumps into Narayan. He hides his tears and waits for the lift. Narayan stays far seeing Arjun posing with his fans. Arjun goes in the lift. Narayan signs all the best to him. Arjun leaves. Anjali thanks Abhiyankar. He says he should thank her as well, as an incomplete story will get complete because of her. They reach Kathmandu. Abhiyankar meets Chand and hugs him. Chand says I thought a lot how to get you back and scolded Everest.

Abhiyankar says even I tried to forgive it but have to settle old scores. He introduces Ramesh, Arjun, Akash and Anjali to Chand. He says this is Chand Hazarika, he is the best guide I have seen in my 30 years mountaineering, he loves mountains as guys love their GF. Chand tells about the team members to Ramesh. Ramesh says everything is as per plan right, I don’t like changes, which are forced on me on last minute. They all leave.

Abhiyankar tells Akash about weather analyst. They all have lunch. Abhiyankar asks Chand to tell him about trek. Chand explains Arjun, Anjali and Akash the route map and says it will take 10-12 days. Ramesh asks are you kidding, it means we will walk 10-12 days continuous. Abhiyankar says its needed for us, this will make our body adjust with temperature, we will not walk at night, as Chand has done our booking in lodges. Ramesh says thank God. They leave. Ramesh says luck is with me Colonel and smiles. The team smiles to go for their dream fulfillment.

Anjali and Akash have a talk. Abhiyankar says everything will be according to him. Arjun recalls his old moment of facing death and is paranoid in the plane. Akash and Anjali share his worry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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