Satrangi Sasural 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The prospective bride’s mother tries to cover up for what her daughter said. granny asks her not to be tensed, as this is today’s generation, and has the full right to express her views, and that she is entitled to different opiinions. But her mother says that she doesnt have any problems, as she would be loved by seven mothers and not seven mother-in-laws, and the daughter too resignedly complies, though tensed and uncomfortable, relieving all the seven ladies. At the breakfast table, all continue to crib about how they would manage diyas time amongst them, and try to pamper them.

As granny and nirmala are working in the kitchen, diya’s parents come to talk to them. they get tensed but comply nevertheless. Granny

goes to them, and nirmala wonders whats the matter. diya’s mother says that diya has been very pampered, and expresses her concern at her daughter having seven mother-in-laws, and how diya shall have a huge responsibility. She asks granny not to take it otherwise, while she says that she has already taken it otherwise. she says that she picked out on animosity between them, and says that she would have to question this, as they have no issues with them, and they are very happy with each other, despite their differences. She tells about how all the males in their family, deserted them, one by death, the other by sanyaas, and the third by infidelity, fourth by betrayal, and the fifth scared of getting married even. She says that they may crib, but they dont have any scarcity of love and self respect. she then asks the lady if their daughter would be able to manage all the relations. they are tensed. The lady sympathises, but granny says that they dont need sympathy, as they can fight on their own. mini is getting impatient with vihaan gets late in coming back.

Outside, granny asks the parents wish. the prospective bride agrees to granny’s wish, that she would be able to handle all the responsibilites dutifully. They are overjoyed. But then they add, that they shall listen to diya’s wish too, and after she meets vihaan, they would tell them their final consent over the phone. All get tensed, and are sad. Her parents are tensed too. Vihaan comes and apologises for being late. Granny asks him to go out with the girl, and then talk and find out if they are compatible, and then the relation shall be finalised. He resignedly agrees. The girl is tensed too. they leave outside.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi’s mother finds her tensed and lost, staring emptily at the window. As she comes inside, arushi cheers up her mood, and hers too, while her mother understands what pain is arushi actually going through. Tears well up in her eyes, and she hugs arushi, who too gets emotional. Arushi’s father tells his wife that he shall get late in coming back. His father taunts that he would get late as he would be drunk. Her father tries to pretend that he wont understand the pain of a father, whose girl got rejected. His father says that he knows him very well. Arushi’s father leaves in anger. His wife is tensed, and tells dadaji that she thinks that arushi’s fate is bad, and asks if she should show it to a priest. dadaji points out to arushi’s mother that her husband and her son are the reason arushi isnt getting married. Dadaji explains to arushi’s mother, that her daughter’s happiness are being stopped by her own father. She is tensed, and asks why is he saying so, as a father cant want back for his child. Dadaji points out her husband’s callousness. Dadaji is hopeful that one day someone would come from a big family, to marry arushi, to give her the happiness she deserves.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Outside, as vihaan apologises for being late, she asks him to go ahead too. he is baffled, and she asks him to question too. He says amusingly that he doesnt have any, as he is sure that his mothers exhausted all the questions. She gets upset and asks if this is all a joke to him. She is very angry and starts saying that she has never been so irritated all her life, venting out her frustration at him, about the way she was feeling suffocated inside and asks how does he bear all this. he asks how can he have to bear about his mother. He asks her to go and learn some manners. They both get upset. He then apologises again for behaving so rude, adding that he got this anger from mini, and the way he calmed down, he got it from Nirmala, and he got something from everyone of his mothers, and hence they complete him, and not irritate him. He says that he is noone to reject or select her, but they both shall get what they want and deserve. she again starts taunting him that he wont take any descision as his mothers shall take it for him. She says that she can take descision on her own. She says that she doesnt want to marry him. the bride points out to vihaan, as to how difficult it is to find a bahu, who will satisfy the whims of even one mother in law properly, leave alone seven, and insinuates that he might end up as a bachelor forever. Vihaan is tensed, but smiles nevertheless. She storms inside. Vihaan remembers her words, and the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Vihaan finds arushi’s handkerchief, and starts hallucinating arushi standing behind him, waving at him and smiling.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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