Hamari Sister Didi 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The minister say that Kabir is fine, doesn’t mean he was never given the medicine. Amrita slaps him in front of the media. Karan smiles, while Amrita says he must be ashamed as he doesn’t realize what she and her daughter went through. He plays with the lives of innocents, for his interest. There is a sound of silence, minister along with Malika, Mehr and Babay have vanished.
They bind the minister in the OT’s strethcher. Amrita asks Bobby to make a recording. Babay says they will do his operation today, Amrita says that too without anesthesia. Malika asks to hear his voice. They remove his bandage from mouth as well. Dimple looks around for the minister, the media also speaks about it but Karan thinks what Amrita is doing. They all hear the minister, Karan locates him in the OT and knocks the door. Minister pleads while Amrita gives instructions to the nurses about the operation. Dimple comes behind Karan, while the nurses expose minister’s stomach by cutting his shirt. Amrita holds a blade, the minister shouts to leave him. Amrita looks at the staff, and asks what happened. Was he afraid? Why didn’t he think about their children going through this problem. The day the public asks him answer for all this, he will have to suffer such a pain. He accepts that he was mistaken, he involved her daughter into the case only to make his political career. Karan enters the OT, asks Amrita what she is doing. Dimple stops the media outside, and goes in. Amrita goes out of the OT, Karan leaves behind. Amrita asks Mrs. Kapoor that she will get Khushi, Karan goes behind her.
Khushi cries in the room, that this is all because of her.
The minister asks the media to shut the cameras, as he lies naked. Malika shows the media the proofs against the minister.
Amrita’s scooty doesn’t start, Karan comes with his car and smiles he has told her to throw this away. Amrita forbids her, they both smile. He opens the door for her, and she sits in saying thankyou.
Khushi cries.

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Amrita says she told him it wasn’t Khushi’s mistake, she was trapped as her Khushi couldn’t do any such thing.
Khushi takes the glass of water.
Amrita says thank you to Karan, if he wasn’t here she had accepted the defeat. She is thankful to him for the support. Karan smiles, without saying anything. Amrita calls him Kharoos, laughing.
Khushi breaks the glass, asking mama for forgiveness.
Amrita asks him for a leave for a whole day, as she wants to pamper Khushi tomorrow. She will prepare burger for her. Karan asks why will she torture her, Amrita asks him to shut up.
Khushi thinks about her family.
Amrita and Karan arrive at the reception. The inspector says he got the call, they can go inside.
Khushi thinks about the blames on her. Amrita enters the room, and is shocked to see Khushi with the glass. She asks what she was upto. Khushi hugs her, and tries to explain. Amrita says they all know why she did it. The man deterred her. Karan says they have come to take her back, as they know she did it unknowingly. Kabir told them everything. Khushi asks how is he. Amrita says he is alright, and his dad- he cares for that minister more than him and asked her to do this all. She asks Khushi not to hide anything from her. Amrita says she must remember what her papa used to say. Khushi repeats that happiness is to be snatched from life. Karan keeps smiling, missing Avi. They take Khushi along.
At the hospital, Babay hugs Khushi kissing her. Karan and Amrita look at each other and smile. Sooraj comes to her and says he will never fight with her again and will give him his biggest chocolate, but she must not go anywhere. Khushi asks Babay to get it written, they don’t know when the promise is broken. She says sorry to Karan uncle, she apologizes Dimple as well. Karan says before Dimple, that he had a friend named Avi. He used to lie a lot, and Karan was beaten many times because of him. He asks Khushi to ask her dadi, she even locked them on the roof once. Mrs. Kapoor says that after that they never lied. Karan laughs that she couldn’t catch them lying, after that.

PRECAP: Khushi says to Amrita she doesn’t want to go to school, but Amrita says she must go there. Dimple watch her leaving, and thinks she is again in the hospital. Mrs. Kapoor blames Amrita’s business for the reason of children’s negligence.

Update Credit to: Sona

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