Everest 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Arjun asking Rina to live in present and makes her smile, asking her not to worry about future. Rina smiles and they leave. Arjun recalls their life and happy moments with Rina. Arjun recalls their affair. He gifts her earrings. She asks how did he get it. He says he noticed her seeing it. She asks how did you get money. He says I work all day and night, its hardwork, not by theft amount, why do you doubt on me.

Rina gets her dad’s message and says she has to go. She says you come along. He says bad idea, and acts like her, when she introduces him as her live in boyfriend, a simple thing. Rina says I m their only daughter and I want them to meet you, when will we get better time, its Diwali and their mood will be good. Arjun says I don’t think so. She says I m ready to marry you, and spend my life with you. She hugs him. She says she wants to live and die with him. He says me too, but I m afraid. She says everything will be fine, trust me.

Everyone try finding Arjun and dig the snow. Arjun moves some ice layers and says Rina….. Alash sees the torch light from under the ice and goes. He says we found Arjun, and everyone rush there. They bring Arjun out and ask is he fine. Abhiyankar says open your eyes, see us. Arjun opens his eyes and says he is fine. Abhiyankar says you scared us. Arjun sees them and is relieved. He says I was dying, thanks Sir for saving my life. They say they should thank Akash, he found you. Arjun thanks Akash and smiles.

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Akash says welcome back buddy. Lisa says its bad news, all choppers are busy. Abhiyankar contacts Sam and says its good news, we got Arjun, he is fine. Sam says its really great news. Ramesh is glad and smiles. Sam talks to Abhiyankar and the team proceeds. Anjali says I can’t do this, don’t know why I came here. She says it was my luck that I reached here, see my state. She says she was mad to think she is girl but equal to boys, Colonel was right, I was not made for this. Akash says we all were dying, we are also scared, if this thing disqualifies you, then we are also disqualified, come on now.

She says you are right, we see the life in fast forward before marriage, and memories are seen, good and bad. She says she regrets she could not become dad’s good daughter, she is still hurting him, by coming here against his will. She says she should have been there, as she was marrying Vidhaan. She says she had many questions when she was under the ice, how did I think I can do this. After that avalanche, I m numb, I m afraid to proceed. She says I can’t become any mountaineer and can never be, but I m going to die here, and dad and everyone will be proved right that a girl can never be equal to boys.

Anjali says I should go back and marry Vidhaan, my dad won’t be proud of me, atleast I can give him happiness. She cries. Akash asks is it over or anything else is there. He says you don’t know what you are, but I know you, as I have seen you making Colonel agree and topped in NIM, and crossed Khumbu alone by bravery and saved everyone. The team calls them. Akash asks them to go ahead and asks Akash to come with him, she can’t doubt herself. He says he has never seen a better girl than her. He says we all want one chance to get on peak.

Anjali asks if I m amazing, why can’t my dad see this. Jagat sees the news and hears about the team stuck in Avalanche and not able to contact them. He worries for Anjali.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Wow!
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    Akash n anjali rocks

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    this episord is so amazing becose all team members r together

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