Hamari Sister Didi 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mrs. Kapoor opens the door. She tells Karan that he and the trustees wanted to side line Amrita and they did it. Karan asks her signatures on the file, as she signs it Karan looks inside the house. He asks Mrs. Kapoor about everyone, Khushi and Sooraj. Mrs. Kapoor says everyone is here, Khushi comes from behind and asks who is it. She cheers watching Karan, he also meets her with a warm welcome. Mrs. Kapoor looks at him, he asks what is going on. Khushi says just studies, Karan says how boring is it and asks what Sooraj is doing. She says she is also doing homework. Karan says her mama must be behind him. Khushi says mama has gone to hospital for some emergency. Mrs. Kapoor stops her signatures, Karan asks which hospital. Mrs. Kapoor says where she will go other than Muskaan. She gives Karan the file, he looks at Khushi in an alert manner, smiles and says good night to them and leaves. Mrs. Kapoor locks the door.
Mr. Gupta welcomes Amrita into the house, he asks her to sit in the hall. She looks around, while he looks at her. She notices his stare, he says he has something important to do so he called her earlier. She asks about his wife, he says Mr. Singh was right she is really serious about her work. She asks to go to his wife, he says he has everything but no one to talk to. Amrita again asks him for his wife, he takes her inside.
He tells her in front of his wife, that she is his life. The wife lay still, open eyed. Amrita sits besides her and calls her name Sunita. She assures her that she will soon be fine, the lady didn’t move. Mr. Gupta says that her love and service is all he needs for Sunita, as Sunita is everything for him. Amrita asks if she has eaten something. He says she is stubborn and doesn’t eat anything. Amrita says she will make her take juice, Sunita moves then says no. Amrita asks her not to say no, as she is also stubborn and won’t accept it without making her drink the juice. She promises her that the two of them will soon be good friends. Sunita turns her neck, Mr. Gupta smiles at her. Amrita says one must listen to the friends, and asks her to sit up. She helps her sit, Sunita looks at her and drinks the juice. Mr. Gupta says Singh was right, no one has been successful in making her drink juice this soon. Amrita prays that she will serve her whole heartedly, but He must also bless her.
Karan thinks about what he came to know from Khushi, as he drives. He thinks Mrs. Kapoor had said they have nothing else to go but Muskaan.
Amrita breaks the glass. Mr. Gupta comes to the room, and stops Amrita’s hand with his asking her to leave it. She removes her hand back at once. He calls the servant to ask him remove the broken glass. Amrita gets up, shocked. Mr. Gupta says why is she worried, it was just a glass. He says Singh told him that she needs this job, she must not worry and consider it a firm job. He also recognizes a diamond, his wife needed a nurse like her and leaves. Amrita is left worried.
Karan comes to his cabin to find it all lightned with candles. Dimple comes from behind, he asks what happened to light. She says she did it all so that he can relax. He leaves out to complete his work, she stops him for five minutes. He sits down, Dimple comes to his seat and says she wants to talk to him; he won’t get bored. Karan asks if she has a directory of the hospitals here, she teases him if he has to find a new job. He says he wants to see if Amrita has found a job. Dimple gets angry, she says she doesn’t have it, she will find it tomorrow. Before leaving, she lights the bulbs of the room.
At home, Mrs. Kapoor gets worried, and calls Amrita as it is past 2 am. Amrita asks why she hasn’t slept, she must not worry. Mrs. Kapoor asks is everything alright there, Amrita says they are good people. She tells her about Karan’s arrival. Amrita tells her to take care of her and sleep. Sunita pants and breathes hard, Amrita calls Mr. Gupta and asks him to call the doctor treating her. She opens the file and gives her medicine and injection.
Karan leaves the hospital in a hurry. Amrita is shocked to see him, so is he to see her there. Mr. Gupta says she is his wife’s nurse and has joined today. She will look after her at night. Karan observes Sunita. Mr. Gupta tells Amrita he is a well reputed doctor, and places hand on Amrita’s shoulder. Karan watches him. The servant tells Amrita that her clothes have been washed. Amrita says thankyou. Mr. Gupta says he is now family. Karan thinks he must do something, as she is caught in a big problem. Karan shouts at Amrita what medicine did she give him, Mr. Gupta says it was emergency. Karan says he was coming here. Amrita says she watched the prescription, Karan asks what did she see. Mr. Gupta says that the doctor is right. Karan says to Mr. Gupta that he is sending a nurse from his hospital, he must send her home. Mr. Gupta apologizes Amrita that he can’t go against his doctor and will pay her for one week. Amrita is saddened, and leaves the room.
Karan sits on the bed, thinking sorry Amrita but your place isn’t here, your place is in Muskaan. He will get her back there.

PRECAP: Sooraj hears Amrita tell Mr. Kapoor crying, that how she will fulfill the needs of children.

Update Credit to: Sona

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