Sinhasan Battisi 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,vishwa mitra is seen saying wats the matter with vikramaditya y has he not yet arrived and says tat may be he must have got frighten and have accepted defeat and then someone throws a flag there and vishwa mitra gets to know tat vikramaditya has arrived and throws back at vikramaditya and samrat catches it and sets it aside the court battle and comes in to the court to fight and vishwamitra then says tat by coming here u have invited ur death and samrat replies tat he is here to defeat u and then both start fighting whileall the god are seeing this battle from upwards and then god indra says to narayan tat vishwamitra has magical and tantric powers with him then narayan replies tat u should not consider samrat weak as this is the fight to select the representative of god for trilok and then vishwamitra is seen attacking samrat with his tantric powers and samrat is getting weaker and then samrat gets to know the weakness of vishwamitra and attacks him with a gadda and continues doing it and vishwamitra gets hit and becomes weak while god indra says tat yes samrat is the representative of god for sure and then samrat pins down vishwamitra and says tat evenhis powers r of no use now and then vishwamitra gets up goes aside and come into his rishi avtar seeing this samrat reminds tat if he attacks a rishi it will be adharma.
While vishwamitra in his rishi avtar gets a gadda in his hands and starts hitting samrat while samrat doesnot attacks back but stands up and says to rishi vishwamitra tat the result is clear and he accepts the defeat and rishi vishwamitra captures him in chains and takes him to Ujjain. While chitrallekha is seen praying god to help samrat in his fight and their comes a dasi running and tells chitralekha tat samrat has been defeated chitralekha is shocked to hear this and runs to see wat has happened.
Into old fort ambika tells raja bhoj tat this is how vishwamitra played trap on samrat and raja bhoj replies tat vishwamitra is having an ego but selfrespect always wins and then ambika further narrates tat vishwamitra is bringing samrat all caught up in chains in his own kingdom ujjaini and all the people in his kingdom are sad and upset to see their samrat like this and chitralekha comes running and is crying by seeing samrat caught up in this way while vishwamitra says tat as now he is the raja of ujjaini he willpunish samrat here in front of everyone and ties samrat with the poles and chitralekha hugs him crying while samrat asks him to be strong as he has followed his dharma and vishwamitra says to chitralekha tat she should stop crying and get out of his way but then she says to vishwamitra tat a rishi never behaves this way and he should not treat samrat like this and samrat stops her saying tat their dharma doesnot allow to talk to rishi like this and asks her to do as he says and chitralekha does as vishwamitra says and then vishwamitra says to samrat that his punishment tat he has to bend in front of him but samrat politely denies it saying he will not bend and damage his selfrespect he will bend for the sake of god but not for wat he says vishwamitra gets angry and orders soldier to take samrat to jail but no one comes forward and samrat then asks senapati do as vishwamitra says and then he is taken to jail.
Vishwamitra then enters palace and sees singhasan battisi and says tat so this is the gift given to samrat by god and then comes rishi vashishtha and says to vishwamitra tat he should leave his ego as it is not good for him while vishwamitra says tat he will never let go his ego and rishi vashishtha says to vishwamitra tat has he forgotten tat in past he was defeated but vishwamitra says tat this time he will definitely defeat samrat and win .
While varhamirji and senaptai enter the jail and senapati says tat he wont see all this and u will only remain the raja for them but samrat then says tat no u all have to follow his orders according to dharma and then comes chitralekha and says to samrat tat y did u accept this defeat and then samrat tells her tat he has once decided for him tat he will never attack a rishi with a weapon and so he accepted the defeat and chitralekha then leaves tat now she decides tat she will have to do something to save samrat and also says tat samrat is great as he has dedicatively followed dharma.

Vishwamitra asks samrat to bend but samrat refuse to give up his selfrespect and then vishwamitra asks him to leave the village and samrat leaves and then vishwamitra calls all the dasha disha and the 5 tantras and says tat now he is the representative of the trilok.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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