Everest 24th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Anjali recalling Jagat’s indifference towards her as she is his daughter, not son. She recalls how Jagat never came on her birthday. Sarita tells Anjali that Jagat will come in some time, cut the cake, everyone is waiting, they are getting late and have to go their homes. Everyone sing birthday day. Sarita insists. Anjali unhappily cuts the cake for Sarita’s sake. Anjali looks at the door and gets upset. Sarita and Anjali eat some cake. Sarita gives the cake to all the kids. Anjali stays sad and leaves disheartened with her eyes on the door. Anjali recalls jata’s hatred for her. She gets sudden inner strength to break apart his hatred by doing Everest Summit to fulfill his dreams.

She pushes the snow and gets her hand out of the snow layers. She recalls Sarita’s words to do it for her sake, and breaks free. She says I m here. Chand goes to her, and Abhiyankar and Chand remove the snow off her. They bring her out. Abhiyankar asks are you okay. She nods. Abhiyankar goes to find Akash. Anjali takes a breath. Sam is worried and tries contacting Abhiyankar. Lisa asks the team’s last position. Sam tells her. Ramesh tries contacting Arjun. He says we heard the avalanche sound, are you guys okay, give your status. Rina gets worried for Arjun. Ramesh says I don’t know what to do of this guy, he is a fool, he always did this, I call him 25 times, and he calls back just once, is this the way, he should reply.

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He says he is worried and leaves. He asks Sam what to do, they have to do something. He argues with Sam and says we can send helicopter. Sam says its Everest base camp and can’t hire private helicopter, they are at a high 22000 feet place, no helicopter can go there. Ramesh asks can’t we do anything. Lisa answers a call and tells Shikha that Akash is with rescue team, and we are unable to contact them. Shikha asks is he fine. Lisa says yes, don’t worry, she will give the message and he will call you. She ends the call.

Akash is also lying in the show, and recalls his past happy life with Gaurav and Shikha Maa. The FB shows Shikha Maa scolding Gaurav. She asks them to get ready and she will make Aloo parathas. Gaurav says this is Lord’s blessings. They sit to talk and ask for more. Gaurav says lets get Akash’s wife, she will work with you. She says don’t make my bahu work, and pulls his ears. They fight for the parathas. Shikha takes it and says I will decide, it will be 50-50. Gaurav says I m your only son, so I have right on this property. Akash says you know he is just son for name, I take you to doctor, temple and get all grocery. Gaurav says blood is blood, whatever you say.

Shikha says after hearing all this, I decide that this paratha goes to my son Akash. Gaurav says its injustice, can’t you see real and fake, you gave this property to step, and disowned your blood. Akash says the ghee is real, don’t know about blood. Gaurav says its good you don’t have property, else you would have given it to this Akash. Akash says fine, take it. Gaurav says when I die, I will do justice and leave Akash for you in my will. Shikha Maa scolds him, and cries. Gaurav says I was just joking. She says I don’t like this joke, your dad left and now you are talking about leaving me, now you see why I took Akash’s name, he does not make me cry. Gaurav says I agree, forgive me.

Akash says listen to my will, I won’t give you both to anyone, you both are mine and will always be mine. They all hug and smile. Abhiyankar and Chand call out Akash and Arjun. Akash recalls life after Gaurav’s death. Shikha Maa says its 2 months Gaurav died, till when will you stop living your life. She says you have to face your fear, don’t cursing yourself.

Abhiyankar tells Sam about the avalanche, and Akash and Arjun are missing, we are finding them. Akash and Arjun open their eyes under the snow.

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