Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 24th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 24th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sharman takes care for Ishaani’s hand, Pratik scolds her for holding the string. Sharman asks someone to put bandage on her hand. Amba notices that though Ranveer hadn’t come to help, he was saddened at her injury. He leaves the roof. He comes to the study, he asks why she came to flying kite when she doesn’t like it; this is all drama. He recalls the time he used to ask her to come to roof for kite flying. He tried to convince her but she said she isn’t going to get convinced, she said so many people leave their lives while kite flying, the string is really dangerous. Ranveer teased her that he didn’t know about it, she told him she read in a newspaper that the bike drivers wear a special helmet to save them from the strings of kite flying; she won’t be a part of such an activity. He held her hand and told her that no one is going to leave his life with her flying kite, she said her hand could cut. He teased her that this is her real reservation. She said he will realize it someday, he said he will when she will fly the kite. He smiled, then came to a realization of his thoughts.
Dewarsh puts bandage on Ishaani’s hand, she says she will do it but he says how she will do it with one hand. He clears her wound with anti-septic.
RV was disturbed saying why she touched the string when she was so afraid of it. He says she won’t be able to bandage properly. He goes out.
Ishaani says thank you to Derwash, he asks if he must send her meal upstairs but she says she will come downstairs in a while. She thinks RV had left the roof, and wants to show her he doesn’t care watching her in pain. She thinks about a plan and everything is fair in love and war.
Ritika takes Pratik to a side, he was excited that she is going to share a surprise with him. She asks him to tell him about Sharman’s choice for gift. He says he likes antiques. She says they will buy some from mall.
RV watches cotton in the room, filled with blood and gets worried.
Parul makes Ishaani sit on a table. Parul serves her, but she says she wants to know if Ranveer has eaten of not. Parul says only she and RV are left. Ishaani watches Ranveer coming down, she points at Parul to leave. Parul says she is going for something important, she must eat. Ishaani says alright, she can leave. Ishaani held her hand and struggles to eat with one hand. He asks if she couldn’t call someone to make her eat. She says everyone was busy, it is ok she will eat. She struggles again.
Amba and Lakshmi were thinking, the lawyer says she wanted to show her something. Amba says she is waiting for someone to come and free her son from his disloyal wife.
RV takes Ishaani’s plate.
She asks if he is angry too, he may eat it she will bring another plate. He takes her hand and asks her to sit. She sits down. He makes bites and put it in her mouth. She smiles while eating it. He makes another to put in her mouth. Her hair disturb her, he puts them back behind her ears. She asks if he hasn’t eaten, he may eat some. He says he will eat later. He accepts it is because of him what happened today, the person who is afraid of string has been hurt. Ishaani asks if he still remembers this, he says he tried to forget. She says she could also not forget anything, their childhood or youth.
Someone comes home with a drummer. It was Chiraag, he recites a poetry. Amba takes the lawyer along her. RV asks to end this drama, the drummer stops beating. Everyone from the house gather there. RV asks what this all happening is. Chiraag says this is all what he is doing to get his love, he is the one and only boyfriend of Ishaani. He comes to Ishaani saying here you are, he loves her so much. She came to him on karwa chot, and he came for utrain. He says she used to see him on the kite flying and is afraid of the string. Ishaani calls firmly on him to leave, he says this is just about the restrictions of the society. She has to say this because this family is against him, but he knows she loves him still. She has worn a black saree today, she is mourning today to celebrate she is living with a man whom she doesn’t love. He says he has brought red saree for her so that her Ishaani celebrates this event with him. Ishaani asks him to stop his mouth. He holds her hand and says he is tired now of meeting her in privacy. He says he wants to take her from them, she asks him to shut up but he says he doesn’t need to say this all to them. He says they will live together from today, tied in a new relation. He turns to go and get a red saree, a dress of their new relation, a shagun.
Amba comes forward to Ranveer. Chiraag gives the red dress to Ishaani. Amba says Ishaani now dares a lot, Chiraag is confessing his love in open today. They both are shameless, but they are respectable family. He must let her go with Chiraag, she was never his. Ishaani stops Amba, comes to RV and says Chiraag is lying. He wants to set them both apart, he must not listen to him. Amba says now everything will be done by lawyer, he will get divorce from her because of this illegitimate relation.

PRECAP: Amba asks the lawyer to get divorce papers ready, as they won’t even need to call Chiraag. He will come by himself.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. quick sona……plsss…we r waiting

  2. i love this episode
    it so nice

  3. Today’s episode was good until Chiraag entry.. I thought Ishaani will get her love back soon as some positive changes are shown but Chiraag spoiled everything.I hope Ranveer will know about the truth and Amba Chiraag plan will reverse and make a patchup of Ranveer Ishaani.waiting for a patchup episode.

    1. ishaani’s first instinct after hearing chiraag’s lies should kick his “thing”, maybe that can wake him up from his being too arrogance.

  4. Hahahhahah funny

    1. hahaha it’s really funny to think that amba invites a lawyer just to show him that ishaani is unloyal wife accordingly, and i can say that the lawyer is the dumbest of all among the lawyers if he believes and just base his judgement with this rubbish scenes.

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  6. what all this stupid dram .how long you will run this kind of nonsence .every day we are watching from starting you are showing to us in different dram & no logics in this .plz keep the serial in proper way and make happy to audience .we are 50 to 60 mumbers friends everday we are watching .Now they are force to stop the see this serial .kindly understand and consider audience comments.

  7. RV has taken bullet shot beoz of Ishaani’s stupidity ……
    Ishaani’s small thread cut cannot compensate RV’s true love & loyalty
    at least for some time, Ishaani will feel the pain of loving someone but not being loved back….just like Ranveer felt in past…
    evert time Ishaani’s is making poor pity face & trying to gain sympathy ….
    Ishaani’s small thread cut pain is nothing in front of RV ‘s pain & sorrow …..

  8. See the difference between Isaani & RV today RV is deeply hurt & doubt still Rv is following all rituals & are 4 Isaani …… but when Isaani was in Doubt, did she ever care for Karvachauth Ritual ? on country she went to Chirag house instead of learing her doubt with RV

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