Bigg Boss 8 24th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 24th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 125
Weekend Ka halla Bol
Farah comes on stage, she welcomes all in bigg boss halla bol. there are statues of all inmates on stage, she says ALI, that what a way of provoking, he can send anyone out of house, can make people leave task, she then looks at Rahul’s statue and says he doesnt know what he have or what not, she says then Dimpy, Naasa called us that they want to research dimpy’s mind. Farah says Dimpy’s best friend is Sambhavna, how much close relations they share, she looks at Sambhavna’s statue and says she is fire and water both, nobody can fight with her, she then goes to Karishma’s statue and says she ought to say no to Upen but said yes to him only, she then goes to Gautam’s statue and says his six packs have many things, calmness, furious, naughty, teary etc, she says and Pritham, as he is rj, he raises his vouce against evrything but changes party four times every day. she says yesterday was silver jubilee of house, as is was day 125 lets see what happened ysterday.
clip plays, Dimpy says to Pritham that Sambhavna is back biting me. in garden, Sambhavna says to Ali that Dimpy and Rahul are in other relationships, Rahul’s girlfriend is Aparna, i met her, Rahul said to me that Dimpy’s bf called her and asked him to take care of Dimpy in show and dont create angle with her and now what i see in house that they are all lovey dovey in house.
Farah says now i will take their class. call is connected to house, Farah says all are looking nice, she says you all fight and then make up too, she ask Rahul why you were shivering when hugged Dimpy? all laughs, Dimpy says he is worst hugger ever, all laughs, Farah says Rahul you should take class from Upen, Karishma laughs, Farah ask Upe to show to how to hug by hugging Karishma, Upen hugs Karishma, Farah ask RAhul did you learn, she ask Rahul to hug dimpy now, he hugs her. Farah says congrats to Pritham, Karishma, Gautam for going to finale, they say thanks. she says RAHUL, SAMBHAVNA, DIMPY, ALI are nominated, she says Karishma witness box iws calling you, she says really? Farah says not you, you were good this week, what love did to you, Karisham says i should thank Upen, she laughs, Farah ask Dimpu to stand in witness box, she ask Dimpy why you always go to Ali to discuss your problems,l Dimpy says i give benefit of doubt to ali all the time, Farah says that but how can you believe him when its his nature to use it, Ali says its my game, Farah says you know that Ali will broadcast your talk so do you deliberately tell him things? Dimpy say Ali always listen to me so i tell him, Farah says you know make camp fire of things and burns people in it, Ali nods, she ask Dimpy why you overreacted that Sambhavna didnt save you? Dimpy says Sambhavna was affectionate for me,so i thought she would save me, Farah says you could have saved her too? Dimpy says but i had to save.. Farah says you saved Rahul, Rahul saved you but why Sambhavna should save you? Dimpy says she used to say that i am her best friend, Sambhavna says i had more good equation with Karishma, its my choice whom i want to save or not, she said that i was affectionate with Dimpy for image correction but i am caring person and dont care for people to show it off, Dimpy says you done? it happenedd there but why did you abuse me in task? Sambhavna says i was build up, i was caring towards you to rectify my image, you think i am fake caring? you are saying dirty things that if i say you do everything fro money then you will slap me, Dimpy says why you got so abusive to me, Sambhavna says i reuquest you to not speak like this, Dimpy says dont scream, Farah ask them to clam down, you people are saying so much on Tv, remind you you all have to come out too, Dimpy why you think Sambhavna is doing image correction? Dimpyu says Mahek told me that Sambhavna said to her that she is coming in house to change people’s perception about her, Farah says but she threw shoe at you in first week itself, Dimpyu says in second week, Sambhavna was so much caring, she used to give shoes, clothes, working for me etc, Farah says Sambhavna you line was nice that i should have strangle your neck instead of messaging, all laughs, Sambhavna says Sana and i were nomianted so i thought to give my things, clothes to inmates, i didnt tell about it to anyone but Dimpy showed it other way that i am showing off to everyone, i messaged Pritham too in task, she said that i have opened Aasta channel, i will not open **** channel for her, all laughs, Farah says Sambhavna never talked about that she gave you things, if she wanted to show off then she would have told everyone, Dimpy says friendship is tested in nominations but she backed out there, last week Sambhavna said many things about Karishma then how it all changed in a week that Karishma is close to her, Farah says in this house everything changes day to day, Farah says to Sambhavna that you should control your tongue too, Sambhavna says i said abusive words once but Dimpy uses slangs many times, Alisa sy yes she said to me SAale, Sambhavna says she alleges me that i used friendship, i faked frienship, but it was she who came to me and extended her hand for frienship, Gautam is bored in fight. Farah ask others who think that Dimpy uses people to get benefitted, ALi and Karishma raises their hands, Farah says i will not ask Ali, she ask Karishma, Karishma says Dimpy ususe peopel, provoke them first then cry to other people to gain sympathy, Rahul says that i dont think she usese people, if she is so intelligent then she would not discuss with people, she gets hurt and cry. Sambavna sys Dimpy’s voice just itches me, i cant tolerate it, it feels like that when she speak, i will blast, Farah says Dimpy, Rahul has become your strength from weakness, people are unable to accept it, Dimpy says people think that two people who are divorcing cant be friends, we have problems, its not possible to say that why we are not together, even if we want to speak about our relationship but cant, we ave positive and negative vibes both but we are projecting positve vibe of our relation so people are thinking its our game, wasnt i in game before Rahul
‘s entry? call ends.
Farah says lets see what happend yesterday inside. clip plays, Rahul and Dimpy are in bed, Dimpy ask Rahul to no disturb her, Rahul says i am not sleepy, Dimpy ask so what should i do? he ask her to sing, she sings tera mujhse hai pehla ka nata koi,.. jaane tu ya jaane na, he hugs her and sleeps, Rahul gives water to Dimpy, she drinks, Rahul says our photo of kissing on your cheek is famous on net which is on our bedside too, Dimpy sings. Pritham says to Sambhavna that maybe Rahul will be evicted, Karishma says Dimpy said Rahul will not go. Rahul and Dimpy are sharing blanket, Rahul says i will put my hands in blanket. Dimpy beats him. Rahul says lets become strangers again, he hugs her. Sambhavna says Rahul have Dimpy angle so might not go. Rahul and Dimpmpy sleep together. clip ends.

Call is connected to house. Farah ask Gullu to come in witness box, he comes, Farah says you look nice when you smile, he says thanks, she ask Gautam that when Ali said to you that he will provoke you then he tried to provoke you but how you got provoked? we all were disappointed, Gautam says i was tired, my fight was not with Pritham but with button i was holding, Ali do this everytime, he uses bad words to provoke others, it was hurting me but i was silent, i was calm to not react, when he used bad words for Mahek, i said to him that dont hurt people for game, when he caught in his act then he says it was his game, what was hurting that no one was there for me, all were supporting Pritham. Gautam says that when Ali was abusing me, all were silent, there is no himanity, Pritham says i also said to Gautam that Ali always do this, dont react, we all said Ali is doign wrong, Sambhavna says Gautam didnt leave the task right there, he left after 30mins so i thought he got tired and wanted to go to washroom, i didnt know he was provoked by Ali, i went to see him so he was all angry and alleging me that i was not in his support, Gautma says when Rahul was said bad things by Karishma, all were feeling bad for him but then Ali did this with me, so all were silent, Ali says you also said many abusive in fight, Gautam says so you are not sorry for what you did? Ali says its me who voted for you, who has made you go to finale. Farah says to Gautam that when Dimpy was Provoking Pritham, you wore your hoodie and slept, why you didnt take stand there? Gautam says that time, i knew it was a long task, i wanted to hide my expression and concentrate on task, then after task, i said to Dimpy that she was wrong using slang, Farah says but you didnt take stand that time only? in anger you think that all people are against you, Gautam says maybe i got conscious that all are against me, Pritham says he always say that he corndered, he alone, i get hurt by all this, Farah says maybe he feeling cornered in his mind, but you all are in bigg boss so you all are alone, Farah says to Gautam that you wanted to go to washroom so left the task and alleged people for it, Gauam says i didnt go to washroom after leaving task, you can see that, Upen says Gautam is very strong, he would have not left the task for going to washroom, he was really provoked by Ali, gautam says it was my mistake taht i thought all were against me, i am sorry, Farah ask him why did he take Pritham’s wife’s name, Gautam says i justed wanted to prove my point that you get hurt when people get personal with you, Pritham says what was logic in it? Farah says your reaction did actually prove Gautam’s point, logic was that when people say personal things to you, then you get reacted, Upen says Gautam wanted to prove that you get provoked when other use your perosnal life, Farah says exactly. Farah says in last nominations, you nominated Karishma, in next nomination you saved Karishma only, Gautam says when Karishma do task, she is alwasy involved in task, she doesnt think about anything, when she was standing with me, she said to Ali that you are not doing right with Gautam, even if she was lying then atleast she talked for me, Farah says that Karishma says your one comment made you go to finale, Karishma says to Gautam that i was genuinely with you, i said to Ali and i was not lying but saying truth, Gautam says thanks, Farah ask Karishma general knowledge question, she answers right, Farah says love has changed you, Karishma yes as living with smart person (Upen). Farah says to Gautam that every 10 minutes you take off your shirt, why not after 5 mins. she ask Ali to come in witness box, she says so Gautam was right that you fight from onday to wednesday and say sorry on friday, Ali says this is my game, all laughs, Farah says we cant say anythng to shameful person, Farah says it is all game for you, you not feeling bad that you provoked a person so much that he had to leave the task, Ali says on serious note, before my fight with Gautam, the house was like one big family, all were taking care of Gautam and Pritham, Farah ask to speak fast, Ali says let me take some footage, editor will edit out, all laughs. Ali says i told Gautam that i will provoke him, then i provoked him, i justed wanted him to leave the button, which i did, it was my task, farah says your house, your family must be seeing you, arent you ashamed saying all that, Ali says thats why they have thrown me out of house, all laughs, Farah says why did you save Gautam in nominations? Ali says he said many things to me too, Farah says yeah, Gautam where is that phone which you think that Ali stole? Ali asys he think 40 people have beaten m, Farah says they are waiting for you outside, Ali says thing is that Gautam also created story in fight, Farah says your story and his story way apart, Alisa says so what you expect that i would say to Gautam that you are a great person, you are saint, please leave the button, will he leave the button? he has strengh, he is very fit, he will not leave button for 10 days, Gautam says he say abusive words then in end say sorry to end things. ali says i thought that i did go overbroad, he is deserving, Farah says you played a dangerous game in end by saving Gautam for finale, she says Pritham also saved Gautam, Pritham says Gautam always think that he is cornered, there is no friend of his, i never support him, but i want to see Gautam in finale, Farah ask do you think that you got anything in return? Pritham says Puneet once said that once a man tried to save a Scorpio, Scorpio used to bite him but he would keep saving him, other man ask why you are saving him as he is biting you? but person said that its scorpio’s habit to bite but its my habit to save. Gautam is like my younger brother, Gautam says there is communication gap between us, i said to Pritham that dont go to too close with Ali but he became too friendly with Ali, so i used to feel that he will go wrong, i said to him that we wil not anyone come inbetween us, its all fine now. Farah says to Ali that just by saying in camera that you will create a story to provoke someone, you can say anything to Gautam? Ali says no. Farah says iamge in industry is very delicate thing, it can break in a minute, Ali says why you are bringing industry here? Farah says because i am from industry. Ali says it is always said that i from bad family, i was also tortured here, i was provoked too, i get angry too, its not only me who provoke in this house, in museum task, Gautam provoked Pritham too, why i am always said that i am prvoked, i am not not dirty only in this house. Farah says you said you have speech of 45 mins which you can say on Tv, what was that? Ali says now you talked about it so you read that speech only, now you say it, Karisham says you are talking to Farah ma’am, Farah says there is very fine line between comedy and abusive, dont cross that, atleast not with me, i am not contestant that you are talking with me like that. ali says no i like you, Farah ask Dimpy you remember that Ali said he will do speech on a inmate, Dimoy says yeah, he said eh will do speech on Karishma. Karishma to Ali that you are cheap, why you want to do speech on back, say it on my face, you are just cheap, why you are talking about my personal life, keep one hand distance from me now. farah says SAMBAVNA YOU ARE SAFE, SAmbhavna sys i really cant believe this, Farah ask Why? Sambhavna says many times i think people find me negative, i am really thankful to everyone. Farah says now time for snapdeal caller. caller says i have bought a pan for Pritham, Snapdeal customer says to Pritham that you said to Gautam that Ali was wrong then in bedroom you said to Rahul that Ali always do this, its his act but Gautam’s reaction was new, Farah says to Pritham that in bedroom you said to Gautam that ali was wrong in saying you all that, then in bedroom you said to people that why Gautam is reacting as Ali is always like thi but i dont understand why he bought pan for this, should have bought dholki. Pritham says thank you for sending this, i just wanted to tell Gautam that Ali was playing game to provoke you, i said this openly to Gautam, then i said to others too that Ali plays this game, Farah says whats your stand? Pritham says its confusing, Gautam is my friend and Ali was my team mate, Farah says this is problem with you that you dont show clearly whom you are with, call ends. Farah says now it is last week, so clear your stands, dont hide, show up on Tv, we will tell tomorrow who will leave. call ends. she says we will see tomorrow who will not play last week of bigg boss. dont forget boss is always right.

PRECAP- all inmates are wearing costumes. Rahul is acting like Gabbar, Ali is acting like mogambo. Gautam is chulbul pandey the officer, he says to Ali that will create so much holes in your body that you will forget from where to breath and from where to fart. later Malika sherawat comes in house, Ali flirts with her, Gautam says you are cute more than i thought, Malkia says you have to impress me, Gautam takes off his uniform and shows off his body. later Karishma says to Upen that if you take me on date then i will express my feelings for you, you are really very sweet person, you take care of me, you are like a perfect man for me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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