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The Episode starts with Ramesh introducing everyone to Sam. Sam says I know Abhiyankar very well. He shakes hands and says after many years. Abhiyankar says Major Khanna. Sam says Khanna is just fine, Major days are left behind and I avoid seeing back. Abhiyankar thanks him for joining the team. Sam taunts him about their past. He says he will get his equipment and reach their camp. Ramesh thanks him. Arjun tells Ramesh that its good Khanna agreed, else we would have gone back. Ramesh says fate is favoring us. Arjun says he does not need three days to practice, I have experience, relax. Akash comes to Anjali’s tent. She comes out. He says I was not feeling sleepy, so I came, I just want to talk.

She asks him to say. He says nothing imp, and asks her to sleep. She says I was reading this and shows the book. He asks do you feel all this is not happening in actual. I mean, like Everest, base camp, Colonel and you…. Is this all real? She says I m real, but sometimes I can’t believe that I m here and Everest is infront of me. He smiles and jokes. She laughs. He says NIM was fun, it was fun to fight with Kabir and Pari, as we were together. He asks did she think of dying. She asks what? He says I thought many times to shut my old life and enter new life, but not now, this time I said yes to this assignment, this is my new life and I love everything. She sleeps as he keeps on talking. He says Anjali…. And sees her. He switches off the lights says goodnight and zips the tent door.

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Anjali opens her eyes and realizes Akash is gone….. Its morning, Pemba makes tea and serves Akash. Akash asks how do you I like this type of tea. Pemba says I remember everything. Arjun exercises and Akash records him. Arjun sees Akash shooting mountains and gets irked. Akash takes black coffee for Anjali and she comes out of the tent. Their hand touch and they look at each other. She takes the coffee mug. Sarita sees Maithili at the gate and smiles. Sarita signs her to come in as Jagat is not at home. Maithili rushes inside. Maithili says my dupatta saved me. Sarita says if he knew we lied to him, what would he do. Maithili says she was thinking she will go somewhere till Anjali comes back.

She says she will become Jogan and stay in any ashram. Sarita says no need to do anything, as Jagat is calling Anjali back. Maithili asks why, and jokes. Sarita says Jagat wants her to come to fix her wedding date and then go back. Maithili says then fine, not fine, if she comes, how will she go Everest. Sarita says Jagat is not listening. Maithili says tell him the truth. Sarita says he will be very annoyed, all hope will end, and he will get her married. Maithili says its good, Vidhaan knows everything. Sarita says what? Does he know about this? Maithili says yes, Anjali told him everything before going. Sarita says it means Vidhaan helped in postponing engagement. She smiles and says he is a very good guy. Maithili says yes, he is very sweet.

Sarita asks does Anjali like Vidhaan, did she change her mind going there, maybe she likes someone. Maithili says no, and laughs. She says Anjali can’t make new friends. Sarita asks who is Akaash. Maithili says Akash…… who is Akash? She did not tell me about Akash. She acts and says I have to leave, uncle will come anytime. She leaves. Akash sees Anjali. Chand sees Akash looking at Anjali. He says you can’t do it this way. Akash asks what? Chand says anything. Akash asks what do you mean? Chand says you are my friend, so I m saying. He says you can’t cheat Everest as she knows everything. Akash asks what? Chand says you are doing toughest work to climb Everest and you have to love her with full heart, if your focus is somewhere else, Everest will be annoyed.

Akash says nothing like that. Chand says Anjali is a very nice girl, and I will be happy if you both are together, but this is wrong, your focus is divided, you should talk to Anjali. Ramesh talks to other tem member who tells him about a rich guy Nasir, whose passion is Everest. Ramesh meets Nasir Siddiqui and is privileged. Nasir asks did we meet before. Ramesh says I have a common face. Sam and Abhiyankar have an argument. Sam says you need me and you think you are doing a favor on me. Abhiyankar says he was just asking weather report from Lisa. Sam says I the weather expert and asks him to tell him that he still doubts his capabilities.

Sam says he won’t let Abhiyankar get the chance to ruin him again. Ramesh tries to convince Khanna. Nasir talks to them. They are worry thinking what if Ramesh could not convince Sameer Khanna/Sam.

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