Sinhasan Battisi 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,maharani vallari takes raja bhoj to show the state of women gone through such pressures seeing the ladies raja bhoj asks wat is this all maharani tells tat these are the ladies who don’t talk to anyone and no one is ready to listen to them raja bhoj then thanx maharani for showing this and then maharani takes a promise from raja bhoj tat he will fight for the respect of women
The next day morning raja bhoj,maharani and brahmdat hear the bell of justice is being rang by a group of people he then asks brahmdat to go and call all of them in the hall and he will talk to them
Into the hall raja bhoj asks people to tell them their problem and a rushi muni tells tat wat will people do if raja only doesnot follows the dharma according to dharma the lady who is not pure should not stay in palace she should be living out of the kingdom to this raja bhoj replies tat it is not the lady who is wrong but the man to whom u all are supporting has done the mistake while the rushi muni says tat this system is being followed from ancient times and he could not break this maharani vallari asks wat should the lady do according to them even though its not her mistake raja bhoj agrees to it the rushi muni gets angry and say tat if he supports such a woman then even he has to leave the palace then raja bhoj says tat he will standby ad if it is required to leave the palace then he will do it too listening to thid gautami decides tat she will not let raja bhoj suffer and runs from the palace raja bhoj and maharani vallari run behind gautami to stop her maharani stops her and gautami says tat their is no reason to live the life and so she wants to die but maharani asks her to live her life for herself raja bhoj then asks gautami tat he needs her support to give justice to woman power and then gautami promises raja bhoj tat she will live to support him.
Raja bhoj then asks brahmdat tat wat are the rights tat are not given to a women accosding to masmriti and brahmdat tells tat she lives with the name of her father and after marriage with the name of her husband their is no such a special power to women other than to suffer and follow raja bhoj then decides tat he will give the women equality as man in the society and decides tat gautami will do the pooja in mahakals mandir next day
Rushi muni from dharm sabha are seen worried about the decision taken by raja bhoj and they decide to kill gautami to maintain the dharma the mahraj says tat do whatever u feel rit to continue the dharma raja bhoj ,maharani and brahmdat make an a nnouncement about the change in the society raja bhoj declares tat here after every woman will be treated equal to man every female will get the part of wealth as given to man and the woman will also have the right to remarry and also to leave the man if he is troubling and being violent to her a rushi from the dharma sabha listens to all this
Next raja bhoj along with maharani brahmdat and gautami reaches the temple and sees tat the doors are not yet opened while brahmdat tells tat the dharm sabha is not happy withu r decisions so no Brahman came to open the door raja bhoj then says tat a Brahman is the one who is polite and has no negative thoughts wat if a Brahman doesnot opens a door today gautami will open the door and gautami comes ahead and opens the door near the idol of mahakal wen gautami starts prayers she asks raja bhoj tat are they doing all right raja bhoj then explains tat definitely they are doing right and then suddenly gautami is attacked by an arrow she misses it and everyone is stunned and shocked raja bhoj searches for the one who attacked and he also gets hit by arrow raja bhoj then orders his senapati to search for the one who attacked . a soldier comes nad tells tat women from all the kingdom have arrived raja bhojis surprised and shocked to hear and goes to palace to see wat is the problem.
Maharani vallari asks raja bhoj who must have attacked raja bhoj tells tat the attack was not on him but on devi gautami.raja bhoj reaches palce and asks the ladies tat wat is theri problem and y are they here the ladies then tell raja bhoj tat because of their new change in the society their family has denied to accept them and asked them to leave the house and they start blaming raja bhoj tat because him they have no option left but to die raja bhoj then asks them to not consider ur life so less and asks the ladies to support him and he then declares tat here after all the ladies will stay with them in the palace he then again makes it clear tat he will do his kartavya and will defiantely bring the change in the society.

Raja bhoj is doing a yagya along with gautami to call the head of the system inventor.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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