Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poorvi telling Tanu that she is sure that her BF will not ditch her and she hopes her to be husband also does not do this. Tanu says no, he has a line of girls after him, but I will keep an eye on him, I won’t give him chance to cheat. They wish all the best to each other. Poorvi comes to Arjun. Poorvi leaves with Arjun. Tanu says Arjun came with his GF to shop for his engagement, who us this girl, I have to find her and kick her out of his life. Arjun is ready for the sting operation. Poorvi asks where did he keep cameras. She asks him not to get close to girl, else she will kill him. She hides behind curtains. Arjun opens the door as Sarita comes. She wears a short dress and flirts with him.

Arjun acts sweet as well and flaunts his business. Sarita gets closer to him and says lets dance. Poorvi gets angry seeing her. She says she will just come and goes to washroom. Poorvi scolds Arjun and beats him for dancing with her. He says she was flirting, I m just acting. She says don’t become her customer. He says I have to win her truth, go and hide. She hides. Sarita comes home and removes his coat. He says whats the hurry, lets have some drink. He says he remembers he has seen her in newspaper, about some rape blame.

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He says he can’t trust her, she can send him to jail too, even after paying money. She says no, you are my customer. He says that guy would have become your customer too. She says never, he was my prey, but don’t tell this anyone. Arjun says no, I don’t have this bad habit. He asks was he your enemy. She says no, I was asked to do this, Lakshya did not even touch me. She says but you can touch me and gets closer to him. Poorvi gets angry as Sarita gets very close. She says stay away from my BF. Sarita is shocked. Poorvi says I m Lakshya’s sister, this was just acying to bring out your truth, I recorded everything and this truth will be out. Arjun shows the mini camera.

Arjun says I m Arjun Singh. Poorvi says you will come to police station now and takes her. Sarita accepts her mistake. Lakshya gets freed and hugs his family. Neelima says she is sure that Sarita is not alone in this plan and she is paid to do this. Sarita says no, I did this myself for money. She thinks if she takes Bachcha Soingh and Bhanu’s name, they will kill her, its better to get punished. Lakshya thanks Poorvo. Even her parents are happy. Poorvi says her friend has helped her in this. Neelima asks who. Poorvi thinks its time to tell them and Arjun’s image will be cleared. She says he is outside and does not see him. They decide to go home. Neelima says she has a imp work and goes to Bachcha Singh’s home, while he is talking to Bhanu. He laughs and thinks she came to beg us to free her son from jail.

Neelima scolds him and says she is happy that her son is free from jail. He is shocked. She says truth always wins, and even they tried to harm Lakshya, he is fine and freed with respect. She asks them to do anything they want and gives sweets. She leaves. Bachcha Singh asks Bhanu how did Lakshya get free. They get angry. He says we have to kill them. Bhanu says no, don’t lose temper, we will see them when the right time comes, first lets finish our children’s engagement, then kill this Neelima.

Arjun talks to a chaat stall vendor and eats chaat. Poorvi comes and Arjun asks her to have it. She says no, you have it. He asks where is Lakshya. She says he went to hospital. She asks where did he go from police station, she was about to tell her parents that he helped her and they would have got impressed, as they will like you when I would tell them about our love. He says no, I don’t want this, my dad has did all this and its wrong. She says you are a very good person. He smiles and says lets go and talk in play hall. Tanu comes there to meet Arjun.

Gauri looks for Arjun and Poorvi and thinks to take their pics and videos. She sees someone in their getups and takes pics. Arjun and Poorvi see her doing this, and call his friend Vikas. Gauri is shocked seeing them confront her. Arjun sends everyone out. He says I had this idea that you were ruining our name and showing the video to our family to make our families fight more. He says I m not a fool, and made my friend dress like me. He asks her to tell the truth.

Neelima sees Arjun’s sister doing suicide and saves her. She cries and says leave me, I m pregnant.

Update Credit to: Amena

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