Everest 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chand saying Nima knew the risk and everyone here knows it. Akash says I wish we could bring the body for his family to do last rites. Chand says its impossible, the mountain can slide. Abhiyankar says many lives can go to get his body. Tashi says we have dream and wish that Sherpas die here, let Nima sleep here in the lap of mountains. Abhiyankar says we have to decide we have to move on or go back, I m the leader but I want to know from everyone. Sherpa says we have to go ahead, we have to save the people stuck here, else Nima’s death will go waste. Lisa says when I told my husband that I want to work on base camp, he felt I m mad, we fought and then divorced, he said that’s the need to get on mountains and risk life, just to show we are something, he used to hare this attitude, and that moment I fought a lot, and we were young and who cares for anything, who thinks so much.

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She says but now, when I get anyone’s death news, I miss him a lot. She says I feel maybe he was right. Rina says I don’t know right or wrong, but its smart to be away from this, if we think we are higher than nature, then universe does something to make us know we are smaller, it ruins everything in one shot. Why do we need to climb mountains, I don’t understand, so much training and risk, there is one life, how can they be so careless. She says what can we get, just a view, that will they do by this, buy what?

Sam says its individual’s point of view, its true that one can’t win over nature, but its not about winning is losing, but its difference, winning aim has taught so much to learn, people invented things. Rina says I m fine here and I can see all views on any channel. Pemba says I m get tea for everyone. Abhiyankar contacts Sam and says Nima died for a mission, and we decided to go ahead. Ramesh is glad. Sam says we salute the team spirit, all the best. Ramesh says we salute you, great. Abhiyankar says its team’s decision. Ramesh asks is Arjun fine. Abhiyankar says he is upset like everyone. He says we have to move now.

They start their long walk again. Sam checks systems and gets a call from Jagat. He asks about Sarita calling Anjali and there was not answer. Sam says sorry, she was busy, I will ensure she calls. Jagat says ask her to pack her bag and come back. Sam says fine. Sam asks Lisa did she see Anjali. Lisa says I will find her. Anjali sees Everest. She crosses the mountain gaps by ladder. Jagat asks Sarita to fix next month wedding date. She says let Anjali come, we will talk to her. He asks what, is any other lie remaining, my family fooled me, its enough now. He calls Vikram and asks him to come home, to fix the wedding date, we should not postpone it much, Anjali will be back in few days. He says inform Vidhaan too and ends the call.

Vidhaan meets Maithili and says why so hurry. She says its much work there. He asks what was she saying, lets go and have chaat. She says not anymore. I will leave now. He asks can he drop her home. She says I will go, we will meet after Anjali comes. She leaves. Pemba tells Sam that Anjali is not found, her room is messed and climbing pack is also missing. Raghu says base camp is small, she should be either here or gone. Sam asks where can she go, how can she go home without telling anyone, why will she do this, we should inform her father and Colonel too.

Ramesh asks are they finding Anjali, she was playing in ice and looking worried, she might be crying as they did not take her in rescue team. Pemba says I did not see her there. Ramesh says she was there, I saw her. She wanted to be alone, so I did not talk. Sam asks are you sure. Ramesh says I have perfect vision, I m sure, no need to inform Colonel, give her some time, she will cry and come back. Anjali comes at the glacier break and sees Nima’s dead body. She sees the ladder hanging. She cries and recalls Abhiyankar’s words if they are left alone and lost supplies, then only their mind and intelligence can help them. She removes her bag.

Arjun asks Akash did he record Nima falling. Akash asks how can he ask for footage when someone died. Sam asks Ramesh about changing system data. Abhiyankar says we can’t trust Ramesh. Lisa says Anjali is not at base camp. Anjali pulls the ladder by rope and cling, and fixes it. She crosses the gap by ladder.

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