Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the inspecting apologizing to Bachcha Singh and leaving. Bachcha Singh asks Lakshya to not use mind against them, as he is sure that he has gone mad. Lakshya gets angry. Bachcha Singh says you are doctor, do your treatment yourself. Lakshya says I will not leave Arjun and holds his collar. Watan comes in between and saves Arjun, asking him not to touch his brother else he will kill him. Lakshya sees Nisha and says all are cheaters here, if anything happens to my sister, I will not leave anyone here. He leaves.

Arjun gets worried and tries finding her by asking his friends. Nisha heats this and cries. Arjun sees her and she asks did he find out. He says no, I have to find her, if anything happens to her, I will die, this happened because of me, you can find

her, where can she go, you know her very well. Poorvi is not weak to hurt herself, she is sad but not a fool.

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He says I have hurt her a lot. She asks him to do something that she hates her, I did this with Lakshya so that he hates me, else he can never forget me and stay happy, he is still sad as he is waiting that he comes to know why I married Watan. He says yes, I will end love in Poorvi’s love and make her hate me, I will make her live her life. He leaves. He comes to Watan and Nirbhik. Watan asks about his suhaagraat. Arjun asks did they kidnap Poorvi. Nirbhik says why will we, she is mad, she might have run with someone. Arjun shouts on them. Watan asks is hhe mad to shout on elder brother. Arjun says if anything happens to Poorvi, I will not leave anyone.

Watan says whats this, Lakshya and even Arjun are threatening us. Tanu stops Arjun and asks is he going to find Poorvi. He says no need to know it. She says I m your wife, talk to me with respect. He scolds her. Sujatha hears them. Arjun leaves and tries finding Poorvi. Poorvi sits somewhere and takes a blade. Arjun comes and sees her being shocked. He stops her from cutting her wrist. She scolds him and asks why did he come, he is married now, you have insulted and hurt me. He asks what is she doing here, come home, if anything happens to you…. I don’t care. She asks why is he worrying now. He says Lakshya came with police to blame on me, so I came to clear my name.

She says their love can’t be lie, was it never true, it was not lie. Arjun says it was lie, this is the truth, you have to believe this. She asks why did he do this. Arjun reminds her that she has slapped him, she scolded him, and called him cheap. He holds her neck and hurts her. He says I had done this to take revenge, I will kill you. He says this is the answer, now leave me, I did not love you, I did acting to take revenge, would I love you. She cries. He calls her a fool who thought he will leave his family. He leaves and cries thinking her hatred will make her live. She breaks down and sits crying. Aag ka darya hai…………….

Arjun stands far and cries. Yeh dil sun raha hai………………plays……………….Poorvi comes home and Neelima hugs her. Gauri thinks she is safe again, I thought they will scold her, but they love her a lot. Neelima says I was so worried, I m sorry to scold you. Neelima says it was Arjun’s mistake, not yours, whatever happened was by a wife. Lakshya comes and asks what happened. Neelima says nothing, and changes the topic. She says Arjun should be ashamed who cheated Poorvi and married someone else. Poorvi cries. Lakshya asks her to be strong, he knows he was very angry that time and then he understood he loves her a lot.

Arjun comes and Tanu’s friends are present. He acts sweet to them and they compliment him. Arjun comes and spoils their clothes, insulting them. They get angry and scold Tanu. They leave. Tanu gets angry and Arjun argues, saying I will decide about my life. Bachcha Singh hears this. Tanu comes to room and says Arjun she won’t be scared if he insults her, this make me try more. He says you are mad and don’t have self esteem. She says you don’t know me. She says you ignored me, it was challenge for me, and I married you, if you were after me, I would have not married you. Arjun says this time your ego won’t win, its nothing infront of my love for Poorvi. She laughs and says your love wound is fresh, your love will be after me, I m beautiful, smart, attitude, everything. He says you are not Poorvi. He leaves.

Tanu says you have to leave this city, Arjun will be mine. She turns and sees Arjun.

Update Credit to: Amena

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