Humsafars 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sahir bringing Arzoo home after their Nikaah. Maulvi Saheb asks them to congrats the newly weds. Nausheen cries. Anam says how she got her legs burnt and got married too. People start gossiping that Arzoo is helpless or might be greedy. Sahir takes Arzoo inside the house. Anam says she is Arzoo was ready to walk on the fire to reach the wealth. Kurti Apa thinks Sahir was not like this before and was waiting for Zeenat. She says Arzoo might have done something on Sahir. Anam asks her to forget Zeenat as she is in USA for her treatment. Kurti Apa says she won’t forget her and won’t let Arzoo forget her. Nausheen calls Dadi and tells her that she is aware of her unhappiness over Arzoo’s decision. She says she doesn’t know why Arzoo agreed to become second wife of Sahir when she saw her mother crying. Zara tells Myra that it is good Arzoo selected Sahir over Zaki as he is more handsome, rich and hand working. Myra says reason is something else. She loves Sahir. Zara says then why did she accept Zaki’s proposal first.

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Alvira tells the guests that Arzoo has chosen Sahir. Sahir too has the right to be happy and Arzoo’s decision is right. Zaki is seen sitting in the dargah and is completely devastated by Arzoo’s acceptance to marry Sahir. Alvira thanks the guests and asks them to leave. Anam thinks something is fishy and thinks to find out. Sahir brings Arzoo to his room and makes her lie on the bed. Arzoo gets up from bed. Sahir says I told you that you will marry me. Arzoo says I also said that I will die, but won’t marry you. Sahir says you proved to be wrong. Arzoo says I am also not wrong. She says old Arzoo is dead and she is new Arzoo who agreed for this business deal. She tries to keep her legs on the floor and gets pained. Sahir rushes to her. Arzoo asks him not to show fake concern. Sahir asks her to sleep on the bed. Arzoo says she will sleep on bed itself and asks him to sleep on the couch from now on. Sahir is shocked and rests on the couch. Arzoo turns as he looks at her. Arzoo thinks everyone is wondering why I agreed to become Sahir’s second wife. She says I will tell you.

A Flashback is shown. A function starts for Arzoo and Zaki’s marriage. Zara tells Myra that Zaki is looking cute and she didn’t see any groom like him. They bring Arzoo to the marriage altar. Banno Re Banno plays…………Nausheen looks happy. Arzoo comes and sits to marry Zaki. Maulvi Saheb comes and introduces himself. He asks Arzoo, do you accept this Nikaah? Before Arzoo can speak, Sahir shouts to stop this Nikaah. Everyone gets shocked and look curiously. Sahir proceeds towards Arzoo and tears the curtain to reach Arzoo. Everyone is shocked at his doings. He holds Arzoo’s hand and takes her to his room.

Arzoo asks him to leave her hand and says she is getting married to a honest man. He says you are getting married to Zaki as he is honest. I accept that I betrayed you, didn’t tell you that I am already married. I have the courage to face the truth. He shows the fake DNA report proving Zaki to be Samaira’s child father. Zaki comes and is shocked to see it. Arzoo is shocked and sees the report. Zaki tears the report and says I don’t know that you will stoop so low.

Sahir says truth will not change and the reality is that you are Samaira’s baby father. He asks why you are marrying Arzoo. He will make Arzoo, new Samaira. Zaki asks him to stop it. He tells Arzoo not to trust him. Sahir says it is true. He calls the lab technician who made the first report. He tells them that Zaki bribed him and gave 2 lakhs rupees. Zaki says he is lying. Arzoo asks him to stop and says I hate you both. She goes from there. Zaki goes following Arzoo. Sahir looks on. Zaki comes to Sahir. Sahir says Arzoo refused to marry you. Zaki says I can’t believe that you can stoop so low. Sahir says everything is fair in love and war. Zaki says wrong. I won’t let you win. I will tell the truth to Arzoo and she will believe me. Sahir says Arzoo will never believe him. Zaki is shocked.

Sahir asks Arzoo to marry him else he will set the outhouse on fire. Arzoo refuses and slaps him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. So annoying cos zaki such a nice guy

  2. See friends, I told you they will show some flashback as how and why Arzoo accepted Sahir as humsafar. I feel sorry for Zaki to but on the same note happy for Sahir and Arzoo being married. Sooner or later Arzoo will know about Zeenat’s coma state from last 7 years then she will realize Sahir’s Love for herself. And then they will be true Humsafars. 🙂

  3. Soon zeeneth will b out of coma.,.

  4. Soon zeenath will b out of coma…

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