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The Episode starts with Tashi telling Anjali about the colored flags and tells the meaning of all colors. Anjali says five elements. Akash says some mantras are there. Tashi says for our wellbeing, it has more than 400 mantras. They reach the tents. They all take some rests. Lisa greets and hugs Abhiyankar. She jokes that he got fat. He says he got retired, it really does not matter how I look. He says she is Lisa Adams, our base camp manager, she is really the best and has been working since 15 years. He introduces everyone. She says everyone calls me class teacher here, they lie, I m the principal here, and what you all ate, where you go, when you breath, I will decide this. She says Abhiyankar and Ramesh will also have to obey these rules. Abhiyankar says ofcourse.

She asks Arjun is she clear.

Arjun says ya. She says I heard a lot about you, happy to meet you. Arjun says nice to meet you. Abhiyankar says this is Pemba, he makes great food. Pemba realizes about Tara’s death and Abhiyankar gets sad. Lisa says Tara will be very happy as her fav food is made and you are back home, Everest missed you a lot. Chand tells about medical camp. Arjun explains along with him. Akash jokes about the dining hall. Chand shows their tents. Arjun asks Chand why is his tent not like rich guy’s type. Abhiyankar and Ramesh to come.

Anjali asks can she call home. Chand says sure, and takes her. Anjali calls home, and talks to Sarita. She asks guess from where I m talking. Sarita says you really reached, is everything fine. Anjali says I m at Everest base camp. Sarita says very good. Anjali says I pinch myself as I can’t believe I m here. Sarita laughs. Jagat asks is it Anjali’s call. Sarita says yes. Jagat says tell her about the program, its sure, Vikram and I spoke about it. He takes the phone and tells Anjali to come back for 2 days. Anjali says no, Maithili’s marriage. He says it does not mean you forgot about your marriage, Vidhaan’s parents are coming to fix wedding date and they want you to be here. He leaves. Sarita talks to Anjali. Anjali asks how can I come. Sarita says I will talk to him.

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Anjali asks what will you tell her. Sarita says you leave it to me. Anjali says have to lie again, why don’t we tell him the truth. Sarita says yes, I will tell him, you focus there. Anjali says yes, it’s real start of my life. Sarita asks is everything fine. Anjali says when I come back, will I have to do this marriage. Sarita says not after coming, but we can’t wait for long. Anjali ends the call and looks out of the tent. Akash sees her and clicks her pics. Sarita talks to Jagat.

She reminds him about her college friend Kiran, its been many years, Anjali was 7-8 years old when she met her, she can’t meet old friends after marriage. He says if she comes for two days, her friendship will not break. She says what if she does not come, we elders will decide the date. He says she has to come, if she goes in Maithili’s marriage, they will feel she is not interested in this marriage, if I can feel this, won’t Vidhaan and his family not think this, they will think we are forcing her. She says yes, its not wrong, we are forcing her to some extent, did we ask her whether he likes Vidhaan or is she happy with this marriage. She wanted us to wait, but you…

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He says I m not so bad as you think, I m not doing this to get free of this duty, but we can’t get a guy like Vidhaan, I like his qualification and his family, I like him, he is perfect. She asks about Anjali’s likes. He asks why are you making it an issue, Anjali is an ordinary girl and she is getting such a good guy, why won’t she like it, the wedding date will be fixed when she comes, make arrangements for engagement. He leaves. Sarita cries and says she is not ordinary, my daughter is special, she will fulfill your dreams and make your words wrong. Akash takes some pics of the mountains. Abhiyankar comes to him. Akash says its great place, so beautiful.

He says we can’t see Everest from here. Abhiyankar says we are leaving for Kala Pathar and you can see Everest from there. Akash asks about the Dr in their team. Abhiyankar meets Dr Balan. Dr. Balan says you came after many years, how did you stay away. Abhiyankar says I was annoyed with Everest and realized I was punishing myself, but I m back. Abhiyankar introduces Anjali and Akash. Akash goes to make a call home. Abhiyankar tells about Anjali, who jumped by his window to meet him.

Akash talks to Shikha and laughs telling about Everest. She says she is fine and not missing him. She laughs by his jokes. He asks when is she going home. She says soon. He says that’s great. She coughs and hides her health matters again. She asks about Anjali. He says she is very nice and looks at her. She asks did he tell her anything. He says not yet. She asks why, is he waiting for any mahurat, you should not get late for any day. He asks is her doctor handsome. She says yes, joke, when she goes with someone else, then sit talking to me. Akash says you got filmi, fine, I will tell her, and ends the call saying I love you. She says love you son. Akash sees Anjali through the tent and smiles.

Jagat sees Maithili and tells Sarita. She is shocked. Anjali sees Everest and says we have to go more far. She tells Abhiyankar that she is not doing well like Akash and Arjun. Abhiyankar says they are boys that’s why. Ramesh asks about weather man. Abhiyankar says the expedition can’t be completed without weatherman.

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