Fanaah 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avani is standing away when Rose comes and acts like Vivan. She says that I know a lot about boys and they are very different. Avani says that he hates me while Rose says that you don’t know anything about this. Avani says that it’s nothing like that she adds saying that Dr.Vivan is struggling with something as he wants to do something but can’t. She says that I see a side of him which he appears sometimes while the rest of the times he keeps me confused. Rose says that this time I will fix your problem permanently. Avani agrees with her and says that I won’t talk to Vivan Sir from now on.
Sarthak is taking checking the patients when he gets a text from Mr.Malik and he leaves. Ranbir is taking Saher to meet his friend Samir. Samir comes and asks for Room 50, he is about to meet Saher and Ranbir when Rose comes and meets him. Ranbir and Saher look at a patient who faints while Rose leaves with Samir for coffee.
Avani is working in Vivan’s office and doesn’t talk or shows any reaction. She says to herself that he is looking at me again and again but I won’t talk to him this time. While working the bump into each other again and again when Vivan comes and sits down. He says that what happeded to her today as I have never seen her this quiet in two lifetimes. Noise comes from the outside and Avani closes the door. Vivan finally says to her that it’s good you followed my instructions but from next time ask my permission before coming to my cabin. Avani just nods and then remembers what Rose said to her.
Vivan goes to the door and the lock goes free and he scolds her again. Avani says enough and says that I am disgusted here to be with you. She opens the door and says that what they think about you is right and I quit. Vivan says to himself that Avani I am sorry as I had to do this as I couldn’t stay close to you. Mr.Malik tells Sarthak that he knows all about him and the things he has done. He says that the only reason I am telling you this is so that you may never betray me. Sarthak says that you still haven’t told me what the job is and Mr.Malik tells him to inject himself with the syringe on the table. Sarthak asks of what it is while Mr.Malik says that only think about you needs and nothing else.
He tells Sarthak to pick it up and do it, Sarthak says that it would be to my benefit to follow the trusty as he knows everything. He injects himself and starts to feel pain and smashes the table with a single blow. He says that I feel as If I can do anything, Mr.Malik says that this is only the beginning and now we are a team.
Rose is with Samir in the café while Ranbir is with Saher in an elevator. Saher says that you thought that you will get a kiss so easily while Ranbir says that he has seen many Indians films and the lift is the best place. Saher says that you will move from one phase to another and then you will disappear. Ranbir says that he is not a criminal and starts to propose from the beginning. Saher says that this flirting you should be banned as you… are good. Ranbir stands up and says that you finally cared about me and says that at least give me a hug.
Samir brings coffee for Rose while she tells him stay a little back and he also can’t touch her. She starts to talk about violence at international and domestic level of which Samir can’t understand anything. Ranbir and Saher are hugging in the elevator when a dozen people come inside and they stand up instantly. The hold hands when Saher says that we are not old fashioned but you are the first guy in my life. Ranbir says that I am very lucky as I have never met anyone like you and though I have dated girls before but I am a completely different person now.
They decide to go the café and Saher sits to the table right behind Samir. Samir thinks that it’s Saher but then thinks that it can’t be her as she wears a hijab. He then calls her when Saher moves to another seat on Ranbir’s request. Samir calls her and Saher says that she is in the class and when he turns around she is not there. She sees him after hearing his voice and hides instantly.
Sarthak collides with Vivan and he calls her several times. When Vivan asks if he is Okay Sarthak says yes. Vivan asks of what he is doing here at this time and Sarthak replies saying that if this hospital is yours and I come to the class on time. He says that what I do outside the class doesn’t matters. Vivan holds his arm when Sarthak says that you are my teacher in the class not outside and leaves. Vivan says that Sarthak has never talked to anyone like this something is wrong and whatever this is wrong. He says that this must be stopped before he destroys Sarthak.

Precap: Avani goes through Vivan’s Cabin and finds her photo there. Ranbir and Saher are going when they collide with Samir.

Update Credit to: Sona

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