Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-17)


In Car:-

Vansh and Kabir were driving while Aryan shouted

Aryan- Angreeeeee………..

As he shouted both stopped the car with a jerk and in that shock Kabir’s car got a bit crashed with Vansh’s car but everyone was alright and then Vansh looked at Angre who was perfectly alright but even he was in shock…..

Vansh- Angre are you alright?

Angre- Yaa Vansh, I’m perfectly fine

On Call:-

Kabir- Angre, are you alright?

Angre- Yaa… Kabir… I’m perfectly fine

Kabir- Then, Why the hell you shouted like that Aryan?

Angre- Yaa, Aryan I’m absolutely alright…. Then what was the need to shout like that

Aryan- Actually I remembered something related to Angre…..

Angre- I’m completely innocent child… I hadn’t done anything….

Vansh- We know that Angre… Then what was the reason to shout like that Aryan….

Aryan- Angre, I just now remember that you hadn’t completed the dare

Vansh- Total rubbish…….. Aryan are you kidding me? Idiot…. Just guess if we got into accident…..

Aryan- Sorry Bhai…. Sorry Angre…. Sorry Kabir

Vansh, Angre, Kabir (all in unison) – It’s ok…..

They started driving their cars and then

Vansh (teasingly) – Btw, Aryan what would be the punishment for Angre?

Angre (shocked) – Vansh??

Aryan- Yaa…. Let me think…

Vansh (teasingly) – Btw….. Aryan… Dare was on me, so I’ll give him the punishment…Am I right or Am I right?

Aryan- Yaa…. Bhai you are right so tell what punishment will you give to Angre?

Vansh- So Angre… After we reach Darjeeling, You need to crack a tough nut?

Angre- Only a nut…. I will do that easily

Kabir- Angre, Don’t you dare to stay close to this Aryan

Angre- Why??

Kabir- Because you are getting influenced by him….. It’s a phrase Angre….

Angre- Ohh Yaa…. Sorry

Kabir- Btw… Vansh, what’s the tough nut which he need to crack….?

Vansh- So your dare is that after we reach Darjeeling you need to impress Sejal….She is tough nut you see

Kabir (shocked and shouted) – What the hellllllll?

Vansh- Yaa…. That’s the dare…. (Smirking) If you guys can him the dare to make me kiss Riddhima, then why can’t he only impress her…? What’s wrong in that?

Kabir- But…But Vansh that’s completely illogical, we asked him to make you kiss Riddhima and you… you are asking him to impress her directly…?

Vansh- So what do you want that I ask him to kiss Sejal?

Kabir- No way….. I mean he can give her anything like ice cream, chocolate…. What’s the need to directly impress her?

Vansh- What’s the need of the dare…. He can directly give her… At least now they had this much trust to us

Aryan- Really Bhai… After they’ll know that we had kidnapped them would they trust us?

Vansh- I had a pan for that Aryan, Anyway tell Angre…. Do you accept it or not?

Kabir- Wait Angre…. Vansh, Forget about impressing why only Sejal…. why not Riddhima, Siya or Ishani??

Vansh (smirking) – Why not Sejal… Kabir… What’s the issue? You tell me the reason and I’ll not give him

Kabir- Because I l……… Forget it…. Change the dare….

Aryan- What this Kabir… you aren’t telling the reason.….. And…..

Vansh- Ok… We will discuss this later… Because we are now about to cross the border of Mumbai, Check post is arriving….. Compose yourself and be calm… Don’t anyone dare to panic….

They all agreed and headed towards check post

In RV Mansion:-

Sooraj and Veer entered their Mansion and directly went to Veer’ room

In Veer and Ruchi’s room:-

Ruchi was resting on the bed while Sandhya was giving her medicine

Ruchi- Mom… Don’t worry they’ll we alright, Veer and Dad had gone to search them…. They’ll come soon

Sandhya- Hope so….. All four come

Exactly at that moment Veer and Sooraj entered their room

Ruchi- Dad, Veer?

Sandhya- Sooraj…. (searching outside the room) Riddhima?? Ishani? Sejal? Siya?……… (Coming inside) Where are they? Oh… They must be in there room…. Right… Let me make something for them…

Saying this she was about to go but Sooraj caught her hands and then shook his head

Veer- Mom… Actually they weren’t in the mall but there car was there only….

Sandhya- What the hell Sooraj….. Could you find your daughter…? God forbade if anything happens to them…. Had they even eaten anything or not?

Sooraj- We tried but…

Sandhya (holding him by his collar and shouting) – What you tried? What? Your daughters haven’t arrived home from last 5 hours… What you tried? Huh? (Looking at Veer) What the hell you tried Veer? Where is your sisters when you tried?

Veer- Mom….

Sandhya- What mom?? Huh?? What mom?? (Holding her head) If anything happened to anyone of them…. I won’t leave you two? I swear I won’t leave…..

She fainted and before anything could happen Sooraj caught her

Sooraj (patting her cheeks) – Sandhya? Open your eyes Sandhya….

Sandhya (opening her eyes) – I beg Sooraj bring them anyhow

Sooraj- No need to beg Sandhya, they are my daughters as well… We will bring them back anyhow….. Veer call the doctor

Veer- No need Dad… Ruchi is here…. Till then make mom rest on the bed

They made her lie on the bed

After a while-

They were waiting outside as Ruchi was examining her

Sooraj- How is she Ruchi?

Veer- How she fainted all of sudden

Ruchi- Everything is alright, I guess because of tension and even today due to function she hadn’t taken anything and that’s why her blood pressure has become low…. If she will rest she will be alright till then Veer please bring these medicines… And I will make her eat something

Saying this she left…..

Sooraj- Ask anyone to do that and you come with me we need to search Riddhima

Veer- Ok dad

They moved towards study….

In study:-

Veer- What happened dad?

Sooraj- Veer ask all the check post if they found anything and yeah track their phone and print their picture now and gave on all check point….

Veer- But what’s the need dad may be they had went somewhere and they might arrive after sometime…

Sooraj- It’s not looking like that Veer….. And if they are not in any problem…. Then that’s good… but if they are…. We need to search them…. How much will it need?

Veer- Ohk Dad… Dad if we look Mumbai is big city so almost 5-6 hours to reach all police station

He left to work and Sooraj went to check once on Sandhya but she was sleeping and Ruchi was sitting on couch in tensed

Sooraj (caressing her hair) – Ruchi Child? What happened?

Ruchi- Dad… Woo actually mom is sleeping due to medicine and any news about them

Sooraj- Yaa…. Veer has went to check on them… And yeah had you eaten something?

She shook her head

Ruchi- No dad…. Actually due to tension…. I forgot

Sooraj- What’s this Ruchi…. You’re pregnant and you need rest… Go and eat and yaa…. No need to run on marathon ….. Take rest …. I’m there for Sandhya

She nods and left for her room

On Check post:-

They arrived there and Vangre was fourth on the queue and Karyan was fifth…

Vansh- Good luck guys…. Be calm

Two officer came and beat the glass pane of there car with their stick

Officer 1- Open the window…

Both the cars did

Officer 2- Are you all together

They nod

Officer 1- Ok…. Actually we are searching someone…. So…We need to check your cars…

Vansh- Ok… You may… But please check both cars quickly

Officer 1- Sharma and Patel….. Do check their car…. Open your car’s dickey…

They did and Officers bend and looked at girls

Officer 2- Girlfriends?

Vansh- No Wives…. Any issue

Officer 1- No no….. Newly married??

Vansh- Yup….

Officer 2- Doesn’t seem so…. Actually no sign of marriage…

Aryan (mumbling slowly) – So What do they mean suhagraat bhi yhi maney (Do we need to celebrate nuptial night here only)?

On this Kabir, Angre, Vansh chuckled slowly

Vansh- (slowly) Shsuh…. (a bit loud) Excuse me…. What do you mean I didn’t get you

Officer 2- We mean no vermillion, no nuptial thread…. Doesn’t seem so

Angre- Modern world….. they aren’t interested

Officer 1- Hmm…. Where are you going?

Vansh- On honeymoon….

Officer 2- All four couples together

Vansh- Yaa…

Officer 1- Really??? Are you sure…. We caught you?

They gulp down

Precap- Police station

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