In Sunny’s car

Sunny’s POV

Sunny reminisces whatever happened in Purab’s office. He starts thinking about Kiara.

“ Why did I get a feeling feeling on touching that girl? Who is she? Why did I feel that I have been knowing her since ages? Who is she? ”

His mind gets occupied with Kiara’s thoughts.

In office quarters

“Shahan I will be late tonight. Tmrw is the program so I have to look after everything so…”

“ it’s ok Prachi. It’s office quarters so I will be safe.”

“ I am worried about something else.”

Shahana understands what Prachi was about to say.

“ Prachi,  I know what u are thinking. But there is something more important than this. Don’t u think it’s time to tell Sunny bhai…”

“ yes, I agree with u.  I was scared thinking about Disha maasi. But as now Ranbhir and Aryan also know about us they would have definitely revealed everything to our families so they know about us so even i think it’s time to reveal it to him. But he is also quite busy with tmrw’s program . we will reveal it to him as soon as tmrw’s program gets finished. And..what is this?”

Prachi picks a sheet of paper titled resignation letter.

“ Are u resigning your job?”

“ Prachi, u know what happened yesterday night? After that I don’t want to work there.”

“I understand. Ok see u tonight.”

They hug and Prachi and Shahana leaves to their respective work places.

In Purab’s office

Purab tends to Kiara’s wounds. Ranbhir and Aryan gets shocked seeing everyone in hurry or tensed. They run into Purab’s cabin and gets shocked seeing Kiara’s state.

“ Di, what happened to u? ”

“ Nothing Ranbhir. I am fine. Aryan , u also came?”

Kiara’s eyes gets filled with tears looking at Aryan and then she looks at Purab. Purab signs her no. But Aryan observs and asks “ what happened, di?”

“ well, I was bringing some files and I slipped.”

“ u should have been careful di. U are supposed to perform tmrw. And what happend outside? ”

“ it’s ok Ranbhir . I am fine. and outside…”

” it’s nothing. our staff was having some fun before I came that’s it.”

But Aryan understands that they both are  lying but thinks that it will not be good to force Kiara or give her any stress before competition so he keeps quiet.

“Ranbhir, I don’t think we should be searching for Prachi and Shahana today? ”

“ what? Why Aryan ?”

“ Di, u are not fine and we must help dad for tmrw’s program. So..”

“ I am absolutely fine Aryan and…..”

“ what ? u guys are searching for Prachi and Shahana?”

“ yes, dad/uncle”

“ Listen, I appreciate your efforts but if u do mass search for them then they will know and they will escape from here. That’s the reason I didn’t reveal the truth at the first place.”

“ what, that means u knew, dad/uncle?”

“ s, I knew. Disha told me.”

“ Disha, that woman who has come to meet u that day,dad.”

Kiara gets surprised knowing Aryan knows Disha.

“ yes, she is the one. She came to her house to tell us that Prachi was alive. But I stopped her in revealing the truth for the very same reason. I appointed some people to search for her. As Prachi and Shahana doesn’t know them they will get caught easily. But If u get involved they will know that we are searching for them.”

Aryan feels bad for misunderstanding Disha and his father that day.

“ ok dad/ uncle.”

“ ok, that’s great. Now Arya, I want u to go home and take rest.”

Kiara leaves.

“ Ranbhir and Aryan ,wait, I have got a plan to discuss with u.”

“ regarding the program dad?”

“ no regarding Prachi and Shahana. To find them.”

Ranbhir and Aryan look at each other and looks at a grinning Purab.

In taxi

Kiara is listening to songs. Her car gets stopped at the signal. King who is waiting for the cab at the other side sees her. He runs towards her to reach her. But he misses her as the car leaves.

“ so my guess was right. She is in Mumbai. But where is she living, I have to find out.”

At home

Aliya leaves to meet the man she appointed to find out about Kiara.

Kiara comes home. She sees Meera staring at her. When she tries to ask her, Meera leaves from there.

Meera’s pov

“ I don’t know anything about Arya. She might be a victim of this man or she might be a cunning girl. But until I find out the truth about her I will not reveal anything to anyone not even to Arya.”

At café

“ so did u find out anything about Arya?”

“ yes mam. She was born in London. She is Mr. King Singh’s daughter.”

“ what? Rockstar king? Biological or adoptive?”

“ yes, mam  she is his biological daughter. King has always kept his daughter in secret. It is  said that twenty years ago King’s wife met with an accident after that in fear of losing his child he had grounded her.”

“ what? That means she is King’s daughter. Do u know her name?”

“ no, mam . king was so cautious about his child that he didn’t let her name also to get revealed to the world. Infact other than King and few acquintances of his, none others has seen her, But before having this child the world was knowing Kiara as his daughter, who in reality was your brother’s daughter.”

“ listen, do u know anything about her mother?”

“ no mam. Not only me nobody knows about her.”

“ what?… ok listen. This info will not be enough to expose her. I need more. I want her real name and why did King has kept her her hidden? Everything. Ok, make it quick.”

“ yes mam.”

The man leaves.

Aliya’s pov

“ If she is King’s daughter then why didn’t King introduce her to the world? Is she really his daughter? What is the story of this mysterious girl?”



  1. Jasminerahul

    Hope sunny will realize soon why he finds kiara familiar.good that aryan realized that he was misunderstanding disha.shocking that king saw kiara.will he find out ?what will he do if he finds her?hope meera comes to know kiara’s truth.will aliya find out that arya is kiara?

  2. Aldy

    Nice update..what will be Aliya doing after finding out about Kiara? Waiting for next.

  3. pranbir_lover

    Update soon🙂🙂

  4. After soo long….Amazing episode……at last Prachi and Shahana thought of telling the truth to Sunny…..How will they react when they will know that Disha is Sunny’s mother…..and for the programme Prachi and Shahana are also working with Ishaan so how will everyone react when they will come face to face…Hope that real reason of Prachi and Shahana leaving the families come out soon hope they know about the truth that Rhea had given them choice that if Prachi wants Abhigya’s marriage then she should leave the city…….waiting for next episode….when will u post next episode….?

    1. Spch

      Prachi and Shahana know Disha is Sunny’s mother.

    2. Ohk…..Please post next episode soon waiting for next episode….

  5. I know alot of you will disagree with me on this but in all honesty king is not the bad guy here, pragya did him dirty by just throwing him out of kiaras life like he did father her from the moment she was born, he’s just scared to lose her and that’s why he kept her away from the toxic Mehra clan, in my opinion he did the right thing because none of those kids are really safe in that house. Please do not make king out to be the bar guy because he’s a father who loves his child more than anything here

    1. Samaila

      I agree

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