#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 78 – Vansh’s Fear!!!

Episode starts with…

Doc: Mr. Singhania she’s fine but I guess she’s in trauma. Though her wounds would be healed soon she needs love, affection, and care to get her out of that trauma.

Rudra: Doc she’ll get all that even if you didn’t say

Angre led the doctor towards the exit while the whole family left to see Riddhima who was in sleep due to the anesthesia effect. Rudra and Chanchal sat near her caressing her hair and face with tears making their way to see their little daughter in those wounds.

Rudra: I couldn’t save my daughter from this. Maybe I am not a good father. I don’t deserve to be called a father!!

Sejal: Enough Pa! We know what sort of father you are. You are the best. Whatever happened with her was my fault I couldn’t save my sister, it’s my mistake!

Anupriya: It’s not yours in fact it’s my mistake. I couldn’t be a good mother because of which my sons are behind the innocent soul trying to harm her every now and then. All the problems started the day I entered the family! Kaash I didn’t then today…

Amar: Then today neither I would have been alive nor we would have …

Ishani: Have me!!! If you didn’t enter Pa’s life then today maybe I would have not been in this world speaking to you all or maybe I’d have been born in some other household where they’d be loving me less than you all!!!

Ishani: Now enough of this blaming game! We all have been blaming each other for all that happened with Riddhima. But that doesn’t mean we forget that she needs us so, I think we need to stop this and stand together to heal her! She needs us, she needs our support not who’s responsible for her state. Because that’s not the priority now, what’s our priority is she!!

Chanchal: She’s right! I think we need to stop this and concentrate on her well-being

Angre: Ishani, Siya take everyone home, they all need rest. Everyone’s tired. They haven’t had anything so make sure they eat something. I have arranged security there and no need to worry

Siya: But Jeeju how can we leave her alone!

Dadi: She’s right we can’t leave her and go our way. We’ll be here until she gets well and

Ishani: Dadi, Angre is right! I agree you all are worried for her but that doesn’t mean you’ll neglect your health, it’s important too right! Vaise bhi Angre & Sejal are going to be here to take care of her and if needed anything else he’ll call us and we are just a few meters away.

After much persuasion, Rai Singhania’s agreed to leave and Angre was dropping them till the gate when

Ishani: Angre, where’s bhai? He didn’t even come to see Riddhima

Angre: Ishani he left towards home after the doctor left, I tried to stop him but he said he needs time and left and am not sure what’s running in his mind. I think there’s something else for why he was behaving oddly since she’s back

Ishani: Seems you are right! I’ll speak to him, you take care. If there’s anything just call me. Vaise bhi I’ll come to visit her in the morning.

Angre nodded and they bid bye and left their way. Angre reached Riddhima’ room to find Rudra and Chanchal still sitting there

Angre: Uncle, Aunty I think even you need to take rest

Rudra: No Angre am not going to go anywhere leaving my daughter here.

Sejal: Pa, you both need rest. Am here bhai is here to take care of her, you both go home and take rest.

Rudra: No Sejal am not going. In fact, I was wondering if I should take her home

Angre (hurt): Uncle do you think your daughter isn’t safe here?

Rudra: Am sorry Angre! I didn’t mean that. I meant I want her to be in front of my eyes after all that happened, I don’t think am going to get any relief until I find my daughter smiling, laughing, and lively once again.

Angre: Uncle if that’s the matter, then why don’t you stay back! You need not go home, even this is your house so why not stay back until you want. You’ll be with her and even she’ll be happy. Sejal, you go and get their necessary items!!

Sejal nodded and was about to leave but Angre held her wrist and stopped her confusing Rudra, Chanchal, and Sejal herself.

Sejal: Bhai what happened?

Angre: You won’t go alone. I am accompanying you. I can’t commit the same mistake of leaving you alone.

Rudra smiled seeing the care Angre has for his daughters.

Angre: Uncle you both stay here and take care of her we’ll be back soon.

Rudra nodded and they left towards Pant Mansion, making sure the security is perfect.

Its 4:30am, RS Mansion,

Vansh was in his Piano Room, pacing around with many thoughts rendering in his mind and heart. With many negative vibes. His eyes were red in anger, hands folded into a fist with nerves popping out of his muscular body. Suddenly he shouted on top of his voice, venting his pain, his anger, his frustration, and all his emotions.

Vansh: Why!! WHY!!!! Why couldn’t I save her before they hurt her to such an extent! Why couldn’t I keep my promise of protecting her! I failed! I failed!!!! How do I face her now! How do I tell her what she means to me! Will she once again believe me! NO!!! I lost her! I lost her trust. I don’t deserve her love. I don’t deserve an angel like her. With me, by her side, she’d face troubles always and after today I don’t think I can give her any pain more. But what do I do!!!!

He starts throwing things in the room, breaking many artifacts, trying to vent his anger and pain but in vain.

Vansh: But how do I stay away from her!!! She’s mine! I love her but…. but I don’t want to lose her forever. Am afraid of what she’s thinking about me and Ragini after all that she blurted there. How do I tell Riddhima that Ragini was my bitter past and now I have nothing to do with her!! Riddhima is my present and future but will I be able to win her back again! Will she be able to trust me once again!!!

He collapsed and was literally crying and he didn’t realize that a pair of eyes were observing him and a small smile crept on that person’s face. The person backed off before being noticed by Vansh.


So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

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