Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-16)


Near Mumbai Border:-

Vansh- I won’t leave you three….. It was a prank

They get up and ran from there while Vansh was chasing them, while all were running and laughing Vansh noticed something which shook him, he saw Riddhima was moving her head….. He shouted

Vansh- Kabir…. Riddhima….

Without listening what he was saying or showing Kabir says

Kabir (while running) – We know she is Riddhima, don’t befool us to catch us…… After all you can stare at her rather than us

But as they saw him still in shock they moved towards him and followed his eye direction they saw Riddhima’s moving head they were in complete shock

Aryan (clapping while jumping) – Wow!! Bhai she got her consciousness… Let’s party!!!

Angre (whispering to Aryan) – Here!!…. Where???

Vansh (hitting Aryan’s head) – Duffer!! If she got her consciousness than that’s the thing to worry….. Kabir Now??

Kabir- Am I your Mehta sahib….. Each and every time why you always ask a solution of your problem

Aryan- Haw!!! Bhai…. Your Mehta sahib…. (Crossing is forefinger on his cheeks) Oh God…. I wasn’t knowing you are a…..

Vansh- Am I going to kill you …… How can you even think like this?

Aryan- Then who is this “his” Mehta Sahib?

Vansh (pissed) – He is not mine Aryan… mind it

Kabir- Array TMKOC remember Jethal…..

Vansh (cutting him) – Wow!!! I should five your name in show best award show where you will perfectly resemble the title of “Best Idiot of the World” you will surely get the first prize….. Idiot!!

Kabir- What did I do?

Vansh- What did you do… Huh… See… There she is about to get her full consciousness and you are telling him about some Mehta Sahib and that TMKOC….. Are you kidding me?

Kabir- No I’m not kidding you…..

Vansh- Kabir…. Forget it…. (Looking at Angre who was busy in thinking about something) Angre…

No response

Vansh- Angre…..

No response

Vansh (shouting) – Aaangreee……

Angre (jerking) – Haan…. Haan….Haan…. Vansh…

Vansh- Good Morning Angre…. What would you like to have tea, coffee or cappuccino?

Angre- Black Coffee…. But Vansh will that be available here??

Vansh- Huhh….. God……. (Looking above) What was the time and date when I befriended these three idiot?

Aryan- When we didn’t remember how he will remember….

Kabir- Yaa….

Vansh- Guys…. Now stop it and Aryan, Kabir and Angre…. Keep your finger on your lips now….

Aryan- Are we kids?

Vansh glares at Aryan at them kept their fingers on their lips

Vansh- Angre where is the chloroform?

No response

Vansh- Angre where is the chloroform?

No response

Vansh looks at Angre and saw him looking at his finger which was on his mouth

Vansh (pissed) – Angre ji remove your finger from your mouth ‘only Angre’ dare you two to do that and you tell it…

Angre does and say

Angre- It’s in the car

Vansh (serious) – Go and bring it and hide behind the car …ok?

Angre nods and after taking it hides behind the car

Vansh- Now you two come with me

Aryan- We don’t follow anyone

Vansh (glaring at him) – What?

Aryan- We follow you bhai everywhere… Even on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat…..

Vansh- Good…

Aryan- Bas you don’t follow us back

Vansh- Shut up Aryan…. Now come with me

They follow him and moves towards the car and opens the door of Riddhima… who opens are eyes and looks at Vansh

Riddhima- Vansh…. You?

Vansh- Yes me Sweetheart….

Aryan, Kabir looks at him in shock

Aryan, Kabir (teasing) – Sweetheart?? (Whispering to Vansh) When it happened??

Vansh (Whispering back) – What??

Aryan (Whispering back) – This Sweet-heart one

Vansh glares at Aryan and gives him the look of shut-up

Riddhima holds Vansh’s arm and comes out of the car and looks here and there…. And Vansh signs Angre to wait

Riddhima- Vansh… Where we are….. I remember I was in mall…

Riddhima notices watch in Vansh’s hand and says

Riddhima- Vansh, Give me your hand

Vansh- What??

Kabir and Aryan look at each other and say

Karyan (in unison) – Isn’t it too early

Riddhima (confused) – For?

Aryan- His hand… I mean we met just a day before and you are asking for his hand…. Aren’t you too fast?

Vansh glares at Karyan

Riddhima- Array Idiot…. I want to see the time…. So I’m asking for hand he is wearing watch

Aryan- Ohh… Ok… Bhai de doo

Vansh- What?

Aryan- for now only hand…

Vansh- Aryan… It’s enough now shut up

Riddhima- Ok… Kabir… What’s the time?

Vansh (complaining like child) – Why Kabir… I’m telling Na…

Riddhima- Why are you complaining like child? You were busy scolding him so I thought to ask Kabir

Aryan (Whispering to Kabir) – from now only Bhai is complaining like a child, after that…

Kabir (Whispering to Aryan) – Shut up…. Be serious

Aryan (Whispering to Kabir) – That’s the only thing in which I can’t be

Kabir (Whispering to Aryan) – Ok then just Shut up…

Vansh- Ok… Btw it’s about to strike 5 pm…

Riddhima (shouting at top) – What???

All four boys keeps their hands on their ear

Riddhima- Vansh… Take me to RV Mansion…. Now

Vansh (shouting at top) – What???

Aryan- Bhagwan ne vocal cords bhar bhar ke diya hai…. Sher aur sherni ki tarah daharte hai…. (God has completely filled their vocal cords, they roar like a lion and lioness)

Kabir chuckle at this and Vansh signs Angre to come and he does

Vansh- No you can’t go to Mansion

Riddhima- Why?

Aryan- Ohh… We forgot to congratulate you…..

Riddhima- Congratulate?? Me?? For What??

Aryan (clapping) – Congratulation Miss Riddhima Mathur…… You have been kidnapped

All three boys hit their head in disappointment and Riddhima shouts

Riddhima (shouting) – What??? Who the hell is that halfwit who even dared to do that?…. Call him now… I want to beat him blue and black..

Vansh pats on her shoulder and she turns to him

Vansh (smiling) – You have been complimenting me till now…. I’m that great halfwit

Riddhima- Hatt… jhutta… (Hatt… Liar…)

Vansh- I’m not lying

Riddhima stand in shock meanwhile Angre comes and puts the handkerchief on her face and she faints in Vansh’s arms

Aryan- Waah Bhai…. You caught her just like heroes do in daily soaps

They chuckle while Vansh glares at him

Vansh- Aryan What was the need to inform her that we have kidnapped her

Aryan- Bhai You only told us that we will tell them about the kidnapping

Vansh- Aray after reaching Darjeeling, still 40 hours are left to reach there we even haven’t crossed Mumbai border just because of you guys…. Anyway let’s go now

Aryan- Sorry Bhai….

Vansh made Riddhima sit in the car and they started driving

In Car:-

Vansh- Ohh Shit…. I forgot to tell you guys we will go from NH- 27, so we will leave these cars after we reach Indore we will change these cars with a single new one which will be on the route I had asked one of my men to park there

Angre- If they woke up at that time

Vansh- According to my calculation, we will reach Darjeeling by day after tomorrow at around 9 am and will reach Indore by 12 pm tomorrow and as the dose is of 24 hour these three won’t wake up till 2 pm and Riddhima till 5 pm…. So no worry of them

They all agreed and drove to border

At Mall:-

All were searching for them meanwhile Veer slowly went to see the CCTV footage but he didn’t have got anything as CCTV isn’t available in Parking lot and they just saw them leaving the mall. Veer asks Sooraj

Veer- Dad let’s see in Parking lot may be they are about to leave

Sooraj and they came to Parking lot

In Parking Lot:-

They just saw their car but they weren’t there

Getting disappointed they drove back to RV Mansion

Meanwhile In car:-

Vansh and Kabir were driving while Aryan shouted

Aryan- Angreeeeee………..

Precap- Mumbai border

Do comment and tell me your guesses about what made Aryan shout

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