Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 7th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Bittu and Panchi are exposed

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 7th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti telling Bittu that the passport officers get fever in the name of enquiry and tells that she is upset. Bittu says passport enquiry will be done and asks if his photographer clicked their pic. Shanti says yes. Kudelal comes to Mishra’s house indisguise and asks where is Mishra ji? Shanti asks if he is charity collector. Kudelal says he is passport verification officer. Kudelal tells Sakina that her Abba Zafar Mirza haven’t given her name. Sakina says Zafar Mirza is her husband. Kudelal asks Shanti about her children and notes down the details. Sakina gives him samosa. Kudelal eats it and asks if they practiced about foreign language etc. Sakina says the languages. Noorjahan comes there and scolds Prakash Panchi. Kudelal tells that their passports will be made. Bittu gives him money to make passport early. Kudelal tells Shanti that he will get the passport made and asks for money. Bittu gives him money. Kudelal takes the money and leaves.

Mirza and Mishra are on the terrace. Mishra tells Mirza that passport officer came running, just I called. Mirza says I just messaged him. They hear Bittu and Prakash talking about their conspiracy over the fake passport. Prakash says if this secret comes out infront of them then? Bittu says just we know about this, if you tell them and warns him. Prakash says I will not betray you. Bittu says he will make them dance. Mishra says Bittu has shown his true colors. Mirza says he has backstabbed us.

Sakina tells Shanti that she brought some stuff and tells that a neighbor was telling her about the clothes to be worn in America. Sakina taunts her back and asks if she brought the cream to be applied to her face. Shanti says I don’t need make up. Sakina tells that she has to pack her bags and taunts her. Shanti asks what do you mean? Mishra tells Mirza that Brij says right. Mirza says Bittu is taking revenge on us through Prakash and tells that he had read that they can break the conspiracy. Mishra says they are not Arjun. Mirza says we are good times enemies and bad times friends. He says we shall handle Bittu. Mishra tells a poetry. Mirza says we shall pierce the thorn in their foot.

Mishra calls Bittu and invites him to party. Bittu says how can I refuse? He asks him to ask Shanti to put more dry fruits in kheer. Mishra requests him to call Prakash Panchi as he helped them too. Bittu agrees. Mishra then asks Mirza to call Panchi. Mirza calls Panchi and tells that your Baji has made arrangements of dawat for you. Panchi says he has heart relation with her. Mirza thinks he will tell the name of this relation. He asks what he would like to eat? Prakash Panchi says kabab. Mirza says ok and tells that he will make arrangements. Later Bittu and Prakash come to mirza’s house. Mirza says my wife has made these delicious food for you both. Bittu whispers to Panchi that he had delicious kheer in other house. Panchi says Bittu said that he is feeling full with the smell. Mirza says if it happens, then all the money would have been saved. He says your Baji is going to foreign with just two clothes. Bittu says she shall go and buy. Mirza says we don’t have money, we can’t ask anyone. Panchi says you could have asked bittu as he is old. Mirza says we didn’t want to trouble you. Bittu thinks Mishra already taken 15000 Rs and thinks Mirza also doing the same. He gives him money on credit and asks him to return it fast. Later Panchi tells Bittu that he knows that he will recover the money anyhow. Bittu scolds him. Panchi then takes selfie with him.

Later Bittu comes to Mirza’s shop and asks Aashiq to give tea. Mirza calls Mishra and asks if he can deliver a big order of Al bukhari etc. Mishra says surely, I will come. He takes newspaper and reads, that Prakash Panchi is arrested and the leader is searching. Bittu reads too. Mirza asks Mishra if this news is published in foreign too. Mishra says yes. Bittu asks them to take all the copies of BBC. Mishra asks why are you afraid. Mirza says we have spend 15000 each given by you and got this matter resolved. bittu thanks them for thinking so much about him. Mishra asks him to get underground for few days. Bittu says ok and goes. Mirza and Mishra laugh.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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