Mere Sai 7th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Chandra and her husband reach Shirdi

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Baba hands rail tickets to Chandra. She looks at him in confusion. He shares that he asked for help for her from Allah and he gave her this. This is what he wants. Chandra says my husband is here. Our ancestral home is in Vile Parle. Why should I go there? Baba says Maalik does not think ill for anyone. Leave asap. She says I respect your help but I am bound by duty. I cannot go anywhere without a reason right now. I must find him here only. Baba says not accepting Allah’s wish is like ignoring His blessing. Chandra says I would have run there barefoot if I knew he would be there. He does not know anyone there. Forgive me and thank you for your help. She returns the tickets to Him. She walks away with Savitri when Chandra says henna’s fragrance made me feel as if it is a sign from Sai but it turned out to be a coincidence. Baba says you cannot lose your path till the time this thread (Rakhi) is on your hand. The ladies turn but Baba has disappeared. Chandra touches her Rakhi. They find the tickets where Baba was sitting. Chandra picks them up. Savitri says we cannot ignore what we saw and heard. He disappeared suddenly. How can it be? I believe it was no one else but Sai. He came here to guide you. Chandra wonders how it could be Sai. He wouldn’t have changed His avatar. Why would He tell us to go there? Savitri says I don’t know but let’s follow our faith and go there. Chandra nods.

Sai is still meditating.

Chandra and Savitri reach Daund. Savitri says we checked every corner. You were right. Why will Ram Chandra come here? He should have a reason for coming here. Chandra says I felt that we might find something here. Savitri says you are not in the condition to think straight. Let’s go back home and wait for Ram Chandra . He will come to find you. Chandra asks her what if that wont happen. Savitri suggests going to Sai for help. He wont say no to you. We have some time before the train arrives. They head to the waiting room. They decide to take the next train home but they hear Ram Chandra’s voice the moment they enter in the waiting room. Chandra’s eyes fill up as she notices her husband standing there. Where did you disappear? Do you know how much I was worried? How can you leave me alone when you know you are everything for me? He apologizes to her. They made my anger their weapon and got me out of their way. I couldn’t change myself or control my temper even though you tried to hard. I thought I don’t deserve you. You will be in pain because of me so! She asks him how he can think so. This life and God has given you to me. I know you cannot control your temper but would you have left me alone if I fell ill one day? He realizes his mistake. This wont happen again. He cries as he apologizes to her. She tells him to calm down. He asks her how she came here. Chandra shares that a Fakir Baba gave her 2 tickets to Daund and told us to come here. Now I am sure it was Sai. He is surprised. Chandra says I know you wont believe it but Sai is my brother since many births. She tells him everything. Ram Chandra asks her how Sai looks. She tells him. Savitri says I got a sketch made in Shirdi to keep in the temple. I still have it. Ram Chandra is shocked to see Sai’s sketch. He looks at his wife and at the sketch in disbelief. Chandra asks him what happened. He says He is the same guy who came here sometime ago. She is taken aback. What? He says I was sitting here sometime back when He!

Flashback shows Ram Chandra thinking about the argument with Bade Babu. He looks furious. He begins to go when Sai tells him to stop. Ram Chandra looks at Sai. Who are you? When did you come here? I was the only person in this room earlier. How do you know my name? Sai says my questions are more important than yours. Answer them first. Who were you running away from and till when will you run? Where will go after ignoring your responsibilities? Ram Chandra begins to say something when Sai says I know you are fed up of selfish people. Have you thought of your wife? How will she live without you? You got angry as your superiors weren’t doing their duty properly? You have responsibilities towards your wife. How can you leave her alone? How will you be different from your superiors then? You wont be able to live in peace by acting cowardly. There is only one person who has always supported you. She has followed her dharma under every circumstance. How can you leave her alone like that? Don’t do this or you will never be at peace. There is still time. Stop. He asks Sai how He knows so much about him. Who are you? Sai says I am Chandra’s brother. Some relations are there from births which we must fulfil. Chandra and my relation is like that and so is your relation with Chandra. That’s why I am alerting you. My sister is on her way. You wont leave from here till the time she reaches. Understand that I will still be here even after not being here even if you try to leave. Very few people get the second chance to rectify their mistakes. You are getting this chance. Don’t lose it. Sai leaves. Flashback ends.

Chandra thanks Sai. You did your duty as a brother. I wouldn’t have been able to find my husband if you weren’t here. Ram Chandra says I would have committed the biggest mistake of my life. She says everything will be fine now as we are together and Sai is with us too. She wipes her tears. Let’s go. Ram Chandra nods. We will go to Shirdi. Chandra and Savitri smile. Ram Chandra says even I want to meet Sai now. Chandra hugs her husband and smiles. Om Sai plays. A smile appears on Sai’s face in Dwarkamai.

Next morning, Keshav greets Sai. Sai asks him to bring something. Keshav asks Him who He needs it for. Sai says for Chandra Tai’s husband. Keshav smiles. It means everything is fine now. Sai says may Ram ji bless everyone. It is bound to fall into place. Keshav says your blessing is also required with that. You don’t accept your contribution though. Sai smiles. Keshav goes to bring it.

Chandra calls out to Sai. Sai turns around and looks at Chandra and Ram Chandra.

Precap: Sai blesses Chandra (to be a mother). Chandra and Ram Chandra say we are not destined to become parents. We have done everything but nothing worked. Now even Chandra has turned 51. It isn’t possible now. Chandra requests Sai not to bless her just for the sake of it. Sai says a true prayer can reach Ram ji anytime. Nothing is impossible for Ram ji.

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