The jubilantly alive city shone under the moon rays and the sparkling lights of the high rose building made it seem more like fairy lights being laid across an otherwise black wall.

Whilst the hustle and bustle of the city a car stretches in the roadway.

Shivaay shaking Anika’s shoulder: Anika, wake up we have reached.

Anika: Shivaay please let me sleep na.

Shivaay chuckles looking at her cute pout but continues: Anika, you can go and sleep inside.

Anika in lazy tone, doesn’t realises what she is saying: You can take me inside too.

Shivaay smirks: Fine then.

He goes and opens the door of his house the beautiful big magnificent house was arched in New York fashion with black painted roofs, with quite a touch of greenery. As Shivaay opens the door nostalgia seems to run back as his tear up. That’s when he feels a hand wrapping around his torso and a face being placed on his shoulder, in less then microseconds he knew who the very person is, none other then his son, his sole support in the years back then. He pats Atharv’s cheeks who kisses him lightly.

Atharv: I really love this place, papa.

Shivaay: Me too, Atharv.

Atharv with a pretty smile on his face: You remember how we use to mess up in the garden while watering the plants.

He says pointing towards the garden, while Shivaay chuckles and nods. What days were they. But nothing close to what they are today. The time has changed but only for the best.

Shivaay holds Atharv’s hand in his and walks to the door that opens to the main hall and taking out his key he opens the door only to reveal more of their beautiful past, yes, that was beautiful though they were incomplete as a family yet they supported each other through all the thick and thins of their life. As the warm and cosy, welcoming air hits their body they realise that “once a home, is always a home”. The walls, the hanging pictures, the vases, the showcases and even the furniture is welcoming and as if elated with their homecoming.

Atharv plops on the sofa with a bang taking in the essence of the place, while Shivaay sits besides him.

Atharv: Remember dad, how we use to play here in the living room and always end up sulking on the sofa after our master chase games.

Shivaay chuckles remembering those beautiful moments: And I even remember how you would always stay up waiting for me on this sofa and when I failed to show up at night and come late in the morning you would be all red boiling in anger and frustration.

Atharv chuckles and lays his head on his father’s shoulder: You have messed up so much but still I always use to love it when you tried making it up for me and always kept following me through out the day.

Shivaay wraps his arm around Atharv pulling him in side hug as both become emotional.

Atharv: Papa….

Shivaay: Hmm….

Atharv: Mumma and Suk are out in the car.

Shivaay’s eyes shoot up to look at his son who is trying to control his laughter by biting his tongue.

Shivaay: Oh no. You go in and get freshened up. I will get the duo.

Atharv giggles and nods and walks away.

Shivaay goes out only to find Anika trying to wake Sukanya up. Shivaay approaches the duo.

Shivaay: Anika….

Anika looks up at him and flares her nose: Thank god, you are here. I thought both father and son have abandoned us.

Shivaay chuckles, and slightly rubs his temple with his thumb: No it’s just that Atharv and I got nostalgic coming back here.

Anika rubs her hand on his chest trying to soothe him: It’s okay, I understand how it feels.

Shivaay wraps her in a tight embrace and she places herself on him.

Shivaay taking her away from her face: Let’s go in.

Anika nods and points at the sleeping beauty of the family seeing whom both chuckle.

Shivaay: Don’t worry I will carry her in.

Anika nods and hold the luggage to carry it in but is stopped by Shivaay.

Shivaay: Let it be Anika, I will get it in.

Anika: It’s okay Shivaay I just have to drag it in, you get Suk inside.

Shivaay nods and smiles at his beautiful daughter who looks no less then sleeping beauty, he carries her in.

Anika gasps seeing the interior of the house, seeing the exteriors nobody could actually say that the house will be so big and lavish from inside. Shivaay chuckles seeing her open mouth.

Anika: Don’t laugh Shivaay, this is par excellent.

Shivaay: I am glad you like it.

Anika looks around trying to take in the beauty of the house. The living room had walls and ceiling painted in light greyish colour. The furniture was a combination of grey, blue and black giving it the most authentic look. The ceiling had a huge shimmer with light balls falling down to half the height. The long glass windows were covered with light blue curtains.

Shivaay asks huskily to Anika: Want a tour around the house.

Anika smiles at him: Not now, I think we all need some rest.

Shivaay nods: I will put Suk, in her room and come back.

Anika: I will come along.

Shivaay nods and both walk to a room. Anika gasps once again and now she mentally prepares herself for gasping at every single thing while Shivaay just chuckles. The room is so adorable that she couldn’t take her eyes off it. The light blue coloured walls with clouds on it and and among them was a huge portrait of Sukanya by looking at it only she knew it was from the recent function that ended up bringing havoc in their lives but her daughter looked so pretty just like an angel. What made the room more of eye capturing was the highlight of the room, the bed that wasn’t placed on the floor but it hanged vis ropes from the ceiling and with every rope there was a big bird attached. There was a walk in closet attached to the room, a study table and on side lied a beautiful miniature house as decoration. One of the room’s door slided open facing the pool.

Anika turns to Shivaay who had already laid Suk down and covered her with a duvet and was looking at her calm face.

Anika: Now don’t tell me you knew that one day Suk will come here so you got this room ready.

She really had to ask this because the room was apt, completely according to Suk’s liking and a lot like her room both back at Mumbai and Dehradun.

Shivaay chuckles and nods in disapproval: Actually, a year back Suk had promised Atharv to come meet him and Atharv became so excited that he forced me in making a room for her although she had very well cleared it to him that it won’t be any sooner but Atharv made me run for full four months to make this room perfect for his doll. So credit should be given to Atharv not me. It was his present for his doll, I just helped in getting this room ready.

Anika smiles hearing him, how much did Atharv love his sister. She could just wonder. What a bond they shared.

Shivaay snapping Anika out of her lala land: Don’t you want to get freshened up.

Anika smiling at him wraps her arm around his arm: I do want to. I was just wondering how deep and beautiful their bond is.

Shivaay: Yes, it is. Now let’s go.

Anika: First, tell me where Atharv is.

Shivaay: He is in his room. I asked him to get freshened up.

Anika nods: Then take me to his room.

Shivaay: Come.

They both enter the room next to Sukanya’s room, which belongs to Atharv.

The room is simple just portraying Atharv’s simple taste. A king size bed in the middle with simple yet authentic architecture. A picture wall that has all the family and friends picture.

Atharv comes out of washroom after freshening up and looks at his parents, his mother is admirably looking around the room, while his father is looking at him mom, he chuckles seeing the duo, making both to turn.

Anika: Atharv, did you freshen up?

Atharv: Yes, mumma. Just going to bed.

Anika smiles nodding at him lovingly, she kisses his forehead and wishes him night and so does Shivaay and he reciprocates back.


Both Shivaay and Anika enter Shivaay’s room and Anika is mesmerised by the beauty of the room, it’s quite similar to the one back in Oberoi Mansion, but seems to be more authentic. But this one is just not the way Shivaay likes it but more like the way Anika would like.

Shivaay lightly kisses Anika’s hair making her hitch her breath.

Shivaay: Get freshened up. I am going to other room. Get comfortable till then. I will be back.

Anika nods and Shivaay leaves.




Abeer and Meher were helping Devika set her room with few servants.

Devika coughs as some dust irritates her. Both Abeer and Meher rush to her and make her drink water.

Abeer: Are you okay, Ayi.

Devika nods: I am fine, just a little dust.

Both nod.

Meher: This is almost done, so I will go see Manik. Abeer you just need to get the last carton from the truck out.

Abeer nods and both walk out of the house. A while later Abeer comes up with the carton and opens it by keeping it on the table opposite which Devika is sitting. Soon the carton is emptied and only a few albums are left. Devika is looking at them with moist eyes and rubs her hand over the album, Abeer becomes curious and looks at the pictures. The pictures are of Devika’s wedding.

Abeer: You look beautiful.

He says looking at the pic of Devika dressed as a bride, Devika chuckles and nods.

Devika: Rajeev (her husband) also used to say that. They were such amazing days.

She flips through the pictures to come across little Ragini and her fingers trail over her daughter’s face making her eyes tear up being unable to hold on.

Devika: I always thought I can make her a better person but I was so wrong.

She says with hint of desperation, pain and hurt in her voice

Abeer rubs her shoulder and side hugs her: You are amazing, it’s not your fault that she went on wrong path. Believe me.

Devika nods and looks back at the pictures.

Abeer while looking at the pictures doesn’t finds the person he expected to be there and that’s because Devika was introducing him to everyone but a person was missing.

Abeer: Umm…. Ayi, where is your husband’s family?

Devika smiles looking at him: Rajeev was an orphan. He was brought up by the nurses of the St. Paul’s Orphanage. He grew older there only till he became 20 and then he began his on business and after a while he met me and we got married.

Not even a single word went in Abeer’s ear after he herd about Ragini’s father being an orphan. For him it was all stormy now, he felt as if he will blackout after taking in the information. But stabilising himself somehow and fighting the moments of brainstorm he congers’ up courage to try to figure out the situation.

Abeer: Maybe, your husband had a best friend or somebody whom he considered as a brother.

Devika after thinking for a while: Umm… Yes, there was his best friend Armaan. But he left years back.

Abeer trying to control his overwhelming feelings: Where is he now?

Devika clasping her palms on the album: Ahh… He shifted to United States some 30 or 35 years back. He had lost his family in the same accident in which I lost my husband.

She sighs being emotional.

Abeer: I am sorry, Ayi.

Devika comforts him by rubbing the back of his hand: Not big deal, Abeer. It’s quite late why don’t you go and rest now.

Abeer nods to a smiling Devika. As soon as he left the Oberoi mansion he felt his brain banging in his cranium. All the recent events storm back making him go crazy. He huffs and takes enough oxygen for himself to control his breathing. By now one thing was clear something is going to happen, something that may bring the past rushing back and destroying the future. His mind bounces to the other day in Dehradun when Nitya wanted to talk to him. He sighs and walks in search for Nitya.



Anika had changed into comfortable night clothes when Shivaay enters, he passes a smug look looking at her and snakes his arms around Anika. He places a kiss on her shoulder, making her hitch her breath.

Anika with her flattered breath: Shivaay….

Shivaay: Shh….

He bows down and scopes Anika in his arms and huskily whispers: Ready for your second date.

He winks making Anika blush.

Anika: But now.

Shivaay: Yup!!!

Anika: Okay, but put me down.

Shivaay starting to walk: No.

Anika: Why?

Shivaay winking at her: You only wanted that….

Anika gets confused and is reminded of the car incident earlier and red colour rushes to her face, Shivaay chuckles seeing her blush.

He places her on the couch, it’s then she realises that they have reached their destination. She looks around and is spellbound with the location and beautiful destination. She turns and looks into his magnificent oceanic blue orbs, the intensity in his eyes sends shiver down her spine. Both lock their eyes and their eyes do the talking. The love. The respect. The dignity. The loyalty. The faith. The feelings. Everything is transmitted within seconds from one’s eye to the other’s. They kept drowning into each others eyes and the time comes to a stand still. Slowly Shivaay sits besides her moving her to rest on his chest, with their eyes still locked. After a while Anika diverts her gaze to the darkening sky, resting her head on Shivaay’s chest and intertwining their fingers. They laid near the pool, that extended more than 30 yards, the still water, plants with entangled fairy lights, fragrance of fresh flowers, scented candles and the arms of their loved ones reincarnated heaven on earth.


Hye peeps!!!

All those who have been asking about Manik and Sukanya’s relation, I am making it very clear that they are best friends and nothing else. They are just fifteen and I don’t want to complicate their life with a relationship right now. I don’t know about future but presently they aren’t hooking up. So chillax and stop cooking imagination ???….

How did you find Shivaay and Atharv’s moments?

Sukanya is still the sleepy panda, how did you find her room to be?

Bang on another revelation, Roop isn’t Ragini’s Chachi?????

Is Ragini connected to the AWASTHI’S???? How???? Any guesses????

Is Ragini and Anika connected???

Shivaay and Anika, how do you find them to be????

Is somebody missing AWASTHI’S or OBEROI’S???

What do you want in the next chappy, I will post what you guys want???

Keep smiling
Stay blessed
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