Kunj didn’t take this conversation ahead after see twinkle condition he keeps quiet.
While crying kunj and twinkle sleep..

Next day in morning twinkle and Kunj wake up together kunj was hell angry on usha.he wanted to clear everything as soon as possible with his mother.twinkle went in washroom take shower and get ready soon kunj just doing time pass he takes leave from office for one week to spend sometime with his wife.he went for jogging till than twinkle arrange his all things after medicines she is okay.she went downstairs niki come there and apologised twinkle genuinely.twinkle forgive her immediately she asked her for friendship whatever happened in past let’s forget and starts new.happily they both become friends niki tell her to stand she’ll make all breakfast twinkle smile she went and see outside work arrange dinning table.Kunj come from jogging back he went directly in his room and get freshen quickly.after everyone come for breakfast they all sit and have their breakfast kunj just looking at Usha and all words said by him echoing in his ears anyhow he had his breakfast all having their breakfast nicely.. after ladies busy in house chores works usha sitting kunj went towards her..

Usha: kunj come.. didn’t you went office today..

Kunj: no MAA I take leave from office for some days..


Kunj:for twinkle..

Usha:why for her Kunj..

Kunj:what do you mean MAA why for her obviously I’ll take leave for her only she is my wife.

Usha:acha.. leave about her Kunj..

Kunj: why MAA you tell me why you tell those words to my wife that also in front of everyone kunj said in loud voice usha get shocked and get up..

Usha: what..

Kunj: tell me MAA did its suits from your mouth (all come there and stand in side)
Talking about your son and bahu personal life that also in front outsiders who give you this right it’s so shameful MAA how can you talk Like this that also about your own son. It’s our personal life whatever we wanted do it’s our right none of them have right to point out their fingers on our personal matter.. how can you say bacha upar aayega when you know good what’s the need of to speak this all in front of those ladies haa MAA..

Usha: is this twinkle fills your ears against me haa.:

Kunj:no why’ll she you answer me.. I tell you anytime about me and Twinkle marriage life what’s going between us did we have husband and wife relationship or not. Not na MAA still how can you so sure whatever comes in your mind and you speak haa.. MAA at least think before speak those words whom you were talking about.. I never thought my MAA did this.. it’s so shameful when I talk about this I’ll feel so shame.. its my right whether I have interest in her or not not yours understand this.. next time if I heard this MAA swear of your MAA I’ll leave this house.. I know you didn’t like twinkle MAA okay fine. If you didn’t have any hope from her.listen MAA without twinkle I’ll not give you anything she is my wife if you like her or not.We are one not two think next time.

Usha look at twinkle who standing in side having tears in her eyes..

Usha: what did you tell my son haa tell me..

Twinkle:I didn’t mummy ji.. Usha tell her so much again she just went in her room back kunj scold Usha Manohar too.. Bebe tell usha she tells kunj each and everything not twinkle. Twinkle in her room crying slightly Kunj went in room and went towards her sit beside twinkle see her.. twinkle see him.. why you tell mummy ji this all..

Kunj:it’s needed to tell her twinkle what MAA told you that’s so cheap.. I’m really sorry whatever she told you. Twinkle hugged kunj tightly and crying in his embrace loudly Kunj caressing her back.

Twinkle:kunjjjj I feel so bad when they all talking about me like this I’m not good wife I didn’t let you touch me..

Kunj: let them na twinkle..

Twinkle:even you too said I didn’t have anything you didn’t die to touch me even you too didn’t like me.If you like me you look at me like others but not.. Kunj just smiling her speak..

Kunj:acha ji I didn’t like you really.. now stop okay I just said in anger I’m dying to feel you twinkle.he cupped her face and wiped her tears and kissed on her forehead.

Twinkle:huhu..she rested her head on his shoulder.Kunj caressing her hairs.. Why you didn’t went office..

Kunj:aeshi hi I work so much.. so..

Twinkle:okay.. what about naman..

Kunj:woh saala he went out with his wife.

Twinkle:what type of languages you both used most you kunj didn’t expect from you.

Kunj:hmm he needed.. after they all have lunch together happily.. at evening mahi and yuvi about to go for movie Bebe think let’s send kunj and twinkle too.She tells Yuvi book kunj and twinkle movie tickets too.He said yes.Bebe tell kunj take twinkle out she feels good kunj to agree he told twinkle get ready they are going for movie.twinkle get ready nicely they went separately with their partners.. soon they reached to theater they take their seats kunj Oder popcorn for twinkle their seats in corner.. soon movie starts movie was romantic one for adults.. had some really intimate scenes.. kunj holding twinkle hands while all others romancing kunj see them and thinking about himself his wife busy having popcorn ? romantic scence coming turn anyone.Mahi and yuvi share kiss in darkness good for them.Kunj control on himself later last and deep kissing scene comes twinkle feels awkward..

Twinkle:Kunj why we come for this movie.

Kunj:this Yuvi choose this movie to romance her it’s flop movie..

Twinkle: hoo I get bored..

Kunj:I’ll make good.Winked her..

twinkle:ho kunj stop.. soon movie get end they went for dinner along with mahi and yuvi together having fun.Kunj make Twinkle have ice cream.. after movie kunj become so aggressive hard for him now..

After they left for home went in their rooms get freshen up and lay down.

[email protected]

Twinkle talking to chinki on phone kunj look at her feels so Helpless.He went near her keep his face rest on her shoulder.. Kunj playing with her hairs.He nuzzles his face neck in her neck and kissing her slowly twinkle feels this while talking to chinki..
he gives her love bite..


Chinki:what happened twinkle..

Twinkle:nothing chinki.Kunjj please. Twinkle knows if she stops him he did more so he let him do. While kissing twinkle Kunj sleep in her neck on only.. after sometime twinkle end the call and look at Kunj who sleep..she smiled and place his head on pillow..Kunj open his eyes and look at her. Goodnight..

Kunj:hmm good night.Twinkle sleep her side Of bed while Kunj too.He went near twinkle and place his hands around her waist twinkle feels this and smile.. twinkle I want to say something to you..

Twinkle: bolo.. she turns towards him..

Kunj:since from many days I wanted to tell you something twinkle that I love you very much like anything twinkle get shocked after Listen this she is happy as well. Like mad person I’m crazy about you twinkle don’t know when I fall for you but yes I love you..

Twinkle:even I too love you kunj.. they both get happy family they confessed their love for each other’s.Even I’m too crazy about you can’t live without kunj. They hugged immediately crashing their bones, make this hug long and passionate.Both feeling each other’s warms their new feelings.. after 15 minuets they break the hug and look at each other’s twinkle see kunj and blushed kunj tucked her hairs and caress her face. He come top of her and kissed on her forehead twinkle closed her eyes and than on her both cheeks he about to move to lips twinkle open her lips..

Twinkle: save something for later kunj.

Kunj:no more I wait so much Twinkle you don’t know how much I wait for I can’t wait for some seconds he went near her eyes now let’s make love she blushed so hard hit on kunj face..


Kunj:what chii it’s natural everyone did don’t you know even we didn’t come.. without before he complete more twinkle put his palm on his mouth.

Twinkle:chii stop.. I don’t know anything..

Kunj:achi ji you don’t know till now you were having grasses.. ???. Asked me how I control in movie..

Twinkle:hoo I know your face expression telling very much how you rub your hairs..

Kunj:still you teasing me.. ??.. now give me kiss after confession it’s needed twinkle.

Twinkle: ho aesha hai kya. You kiss me so many times..

Kunj:ho lair when that time to save you..

Twinkle:in my house what about this..

Kunj:I did it even you too give me same response.why you count kissed now it’s just a start..??.. he offs the lights he went closer to twinkle face she closed her eyes and give him approval their lips connected kissed for some times.. after they broke.. twinkle see her lips on kunj lips slightly she removes it..

Kunj:kiss is the best solution to remove lipstick.They both laugh out. And sleep in each other’s embrace finally they become one not from body but from their hearts meet today.their hearts beating for each other’s that they know now.2 days went kunj want to romance with her but ishaan didn’t leave her at all even he sleeps with them in their room at night.Kunj think something and smirked it.. he went to Bebe let’s go to farm house to enjoy somedays.even Bebe to like his idea.
Whole family get ready to go their farm house kunj did all arrangements he already tells servant to clean each and everything.they are coming.. twinkle pack their clothes while Kunj entered in room.

Twinkle:finally you come see what you needed..

Kunj: why you packing so many clothes take less clothes??in naughty way..

Twinkle: why didn’t you wear clothes haa.

Kunj: Arey we going for fun others too do their fun in their way and he went closer to her and we did in our way winking ? at her.

Twinkle:kuch sharam karo..

Kunj:whatever don’t you think I’ll let you stay in peace there don’t dare to do any thing..

Twinkle:acha ji let’s see.twinkle get busy in their packing.she saw something and put in bag too.while usha asked kunj to forgive her she sees all eating things..after they all set to go.They all sit in their cars.left for farms house.Kunj play music twinkle was sitting in back kunj make pouty lips for her.Their journey was amazing laughing cracking jokes and all’s.Soon they stop to have something near some dabba they all come out of the cars and Oder their foods they all sit together.Soon their Oder will come they all having food.. after food they again sit in their car. After so much they reach to farm house there weather was very cold. Twinkle who sleeps in car only servant comes and take all luggage’s inside kunj lifts twinkle take inside its night. Kunj take Twinkle in their rooms. All went in their respective rooms. Rest for sometime Kunj get tired after long hours drive.He immediately jumped on his bed and sleep.Twinkle went in washroom and get freshen up and come out see kunj and smile.She come and sit beside him and remember that night how they confess their very simple way.. later twinkle went down and see all servant prepared all dinner twinkle asked them they tell her kunj sir already told them each and everything.Twinkle make tea because Bebe wanted it.she makes tea for everyone to lessen their tiredness at least.She gave each and everyone all come and sit together in living while farm house is wooden very elegant and classy.They chit chatting with each other’s.

Bebe:where is kunjj..

Twinkle:woh Bebe he sleeps.. nicely he arranged everything.

Yuvi:yes Bebe.,let’s enjoy here..

Ishaan:yes Yuvi chachu..

They all sit for dinner all like food it’s so yummy.After dinner all feeling sleepy while Yuvi along mahi and twinkle they went in garden for walk.they walk and enjoying the weather very much. Later they went in their rooms.. twinkle see kunj still sleeping she wakes up him. And bring dinner for him in room. Kunj is still in sleep he sits and his eyes were closed twinkle feed him food with her hands..

Kunj:Twinkle let me sleep na..

Twinkle:first have your told me we didn’t come here for sleep what about you.he open his one eyes and raise his eyes brows.

Kunj:yeah I remember today I’ll complete my all sleep than ?..

Twinkle:neendh me ho still how nicely you can talk your cheap talks. From where you learn this haa I never thought I’ll see your this side too I thought you are so boring,

Kunj:acha I didn’t learn from anywhere it just come from your heart when you have such a beautiful wife.. soon I’ll clear your these thoughts too I’m boring.. should I show you..

Twinkle:no have your food.Kunj completed his food.They both sit holding each other’s hands kunj kissing on twinkle fingers.. I didn’t like it..


Twinkle:think.. now let me sleep..

Kunj: has sleep as much you wanted after.

Twinkle:let’s see Mr. Sarna.. they both lay down twinkle cuddles kunj tightly.soon sleep took over them.

A beautiful morning happens all wake up together all mens of the house make breakfast for all ladies they are so happy first time their husbands make something for them.they all sit in garden and have breakfast in garden birds tweeting making ambiance more beautiful little bit dew going food in cold weather that’s awesome for everyone.. after breakfast they went to see their farm house other side many trees is there twinkle wanted raw mango which on tree Kunj Climb and bring raw mango for twinkle.Twinkle get happy she started having raw mango. Bebe looks at Bebe and gesture to her. Twinkle understand in what way Bebe telling her kunj too see their actions. Twinkle nodded her head in big no.. they all roaming here and there while Kunj hold twinkle hands take other side they both sit under dress..

Twinkle:what is this anyone will see us than?

Kunj:a hundred times I told you let them.. twinkle busy in mango.. Kunj snatch from her hands what is this twinkle and what Bebe saying you..

Twinkle: nothing just..

Kunj: I know she thought you are and he stop.Kunj tucked twinkle hairs went closer to her don’t you think let’s true this twinkle.Twinkle blushed and make faces.

Twinkle:I don’t know anything.. you went from here..

Kunj:Arey without me it’s can’t.. ??..

Twinkle:shut up sadu,whole day went like this:. Kunj plan romantic date for twinkle he decorated whole terrace. In very romantic way..candles balloons,Red rose all type of.Kunj left nice s*xy red colour saree for twinkle in their room on one know about what kunj doing.. twinkle see the gift and read note and smile she immediately started getting ready.did light make up with dark lipstick.. her blouse hardly covering her body very thin lines..
she all set she come out of the room everyone is in their rooms twinkle went to terrace lights was off she scared calling kunj names spotlight comes on her kunj come but twinkle didn’t see him due to darkness Kunj clap and all lights on twinkle turned and see the view she is out of the words.. than she looks at Kunj who standing in front of her in black tuxedo ? suits he looking hell hot.. twinkle give him smile:: kunj went towards her.. he sits on his knees twinkle get confused..

Kunj:I’m late still. Kunj forward his hand twinkle give him kunj than he open the box in this two couple rings is there.. m I have pleasure.

Twinkle:yes..Kunj make her wear ring twinkle happiness has no boundaries today. Kunj get up and kissed on twinkle back palm while twinkle to make him wear ring.. what is this mr Sarna..

Kunj:to celebrate our time.. how’s it..

Twinkle: awesome love it.Kunj take her to chairs they both sit and drink champagne ?. And talk for sometimes..Kunj lost in twinkle beauty she looking killer tonight.

Kunj: you look s*xy..?twinkle blushed they both stand for dance did romantically dance. Kunj hands rubbing twinkle bare back this make Twinkle crazy.Kunj look at her lips.. before he kisses her twinkle grab kunj lips he shocked but happy as well they both started kissing each other’s Kunj taking twinkle near wall pinned her against the wall. Both lost their sense after lost in each other’s lips.. just than rain started there they didn’t care both drenched in rain Twinkle whole body seeing.. than they broke the kiss and Kunj look at twinkle body.. he smirked.. thank to babaji.. he placed kissed on twinkle neck about to open twinkle blouse dori twinkle stop him..

Twinkle: Kunj not here.. please..

Kunj: hmm.. he lifts her in his arms and went to their room. Kunj lock the door and put the twinkle down. Now..

Twinkle:what sleep??..

Kunj:acha ji.. go and change you’ll catch cold Kunj face drop down twinkle can see this.. she smirked and went in washroom till than Kunj remove his shirt he just in plant.. just than twinkle come out of the washroom Kunj turned and looking at washroom door twinkle come fully Kunj see her get shocked.yes twinkle wearing short nighty she look boom.Kunj he’ll shock hardly covering her thighs.. Twinkle is hell nervous kunj on the dim lights went towards her.. What is this twinkle I mean I don’t have words..

Twinkle: woh.. I just wear for you..

Kunj:good.. Kunj take her near dressing table he stands beside her back twinkle open her eyes and than look at herself blushing hell. Kunj hands around her waist he kissed on her shoulders give her love bites twinkle moaning his name he did same with her another shoulder.. he Turned twinkle towards himself and kissed on her neck and jawlines make her whole neck red and sooth the pain too. Than he place her on bed and come top of her.. didn’t Leave single place on her body he leaves his mark.. Kunj connect their lips kissing each other’s deeply and playing with each other’s tongue and twinkle hands moving on kunj back.. twinkle dying in pleasure..
Twinkle kissed on kunj faces and chest..
Soon they become naked kunj looking twinkle fully this make her blush.. he bites her back.. he come top of her and kissed on her forehead and I. Love you her and she too him back.. than Kunj gesture twinkle she said yes.they both become soul twinkle screaming on pleasure.Kunj giving her pleasure her Moan making him crazy.. finally they make love ?..whole night their sweet torture is going on..
at morning, they leave each others when they sleep..

End.. episode

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