Endless love ff 15

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Hai guys i hope all r fine. Surbhi di ur ff is so awesome mindblowing i can’t resist from reading so awesome and haritha,adhya,maya,all other writers sry guys i don’t know ur names all ur ff r so awesome i love to read ur ffs. Kb by the moon is one of my favourite. No wala wala. Lets go to story.
The next week passed by, basically uneventful. I went to the orientation, and you could barely tell you were going into a vampire school. Everything was essentially the same as my old school. I got my schedule, and attended all my classes.
Ammu tried to cheer me up, tried to get me to do something with her everyday after we were done school. It didn’t work, but I appreciated her effort. At least I had one person I could count as a ‘friend’ here… which brought me around to the problem that had been in my mind for awhile now.
I hadn’t seen Abhi once since that… incident. And to admit the truth, even though I was still angrier than ever, it worried me. Had something happened to him?

“Pragya? Did you hear what I asked you?” Mr. Suresh, my new english teacher, asked me kindly.
I zoned back in to the lecture, and nodded before answering him quietly. Half of my attention had been focusing on the lecture while I thought about different things at the same time. It was nice to have all the thinking space I didn’t have before –I could be concentrated on many different things at once and still work at my peak. That was in essence the only thing I got used to quickly. Everything else didn’t have such a good impression on me –such as the burning, gnawing sensation at the back of my throat that would simply not go away.
Everyone’s gorgeous faces turned to look at me as I talked, much like they always did. That was just one of the things that bothered me. It got better as the days progressed, but still a few people looked back and it was agitating.
This semester I would be taking gym, english, sciences, and ‘the basics’ as they called it. We always had ‘the basics’ no matter what semester, and then we got to pick the electives. The periods were a little short, but we picked up a lot of things more quickly so there was really no need for a long, dragged out lesson. English was my second last class.

Next, I had the basics.
What we’d learned so far was what we were capable of, dangers, what we should stay away from, and the rules of the school. I wondered what was in store for today.
As soon as the bell had rung, I was out of my seat and walking hastily down the hall to my next class. A few people upon my first day really seeing me came up to me, and talked to me. As I rushed down the hall, I felt someone’s presence walking beside me. I sighed as I turned my head to see Nikil. He was in ‘the basics’ next too… he also had science with me.
N:”Hey Pragya!” He said brightly.
P:”Hi Taylor…”
N:”So how are all your classes going? Mine are going fine… but I think I’d rather be doing other things, you know?”
I sighed, nodded, and closed my eyes.
N:”I guess they’re fine.”
He nodded, over enthused as he tried to keep up with me. And as a cause of that, we entered the class seconds later. I rushed up the stairs up to the top row in the far right corner. This was basically the back of the classroom.
I saw Nikil hesitate before he made the decision to climb the stairs and take a seat next to me. I rolled my eyes behind the cover of my hair as I brought out my books.
Suddenly people started appearing out of no where, filling up all the seats fairly quickly. The last person to enter the room was the teacher –Mr. Bennett. He had a very serious stature and was extremely solemn about his work.

Teacher:”Good afternoon class. Let’s start off today by reviewing yesterday’s notes quickly, and then we are starting a new topic –hunting.”
I don’t think it was possible for my face to go any whiter, but it did. My eyes widened and I was momentarily frozen in shock and horror.
N:”Pragya –are you all right?”
Nikil asked anxiously after a moment. I glanced at him from the side of my eyes, and nodded marginally. It took me a moment for my muscles to melt out, but then I began to flip through my notes. I had been keeping this very subject off my mind purposely. Now that I had to face the ugly, awful truth I wanted to shut it. What would he teach us exactly? Where on the throat was the perfect spot to bite? I shivered, petrified.
Nikil continued to throw worried looks my way as Mr. Bennett began to speak. But when he began to talk about hunting, I think I may have started to feel uncomfortable. I wanted out of the room, to get outside and clear my head… it felt like I couldn’t breathe. It seemed to my great pain, that he began the speech about that evil desire a few seconds later.
Teacher:”Hunting, class, is an essential part to our life. We prey on humans, but we still have to remain very careful about how we go about it. Some of you that needed blood right away, because you went mad with the burning sensation at the back of your throat, have already experienced the thrill of the hunt. Most of you have not, and needless to say I know you all have the itch in the back of your throats right now. You need to hunt soon, and I planned this class at the perfect date. Sometimes, if you let it get out of hand, you lose your mind. So that is why you need to hunt tonight, or in the next few days. Do not hunt during the day. It makes you more vulnerable.”
I had literally started to shake now.

Nikil laid a hand on my shoulder with wide, frightened eyes. I remove his hand away violently.
N:”Pragya? Pragya, what is happening?” He whispered frantically. His voice sounded distraught, I knew, because he really had no idea what he could do. There was no nurse’s office he could take me to because vampires never had any medical problems. I was glad everyone else was paying specific attention to the teacher. I might have caused a little panic.
Teacher:”Now, when you’re hunting you need to be in a secluded spot, and try if you can to pick a person who looks like they won’t be missed. You should be mostly separated from one another so that it won’t arouse too much suspicion in the humans. You’re allowed to go as far as the east coast, and the border, but just make sure you’re back before the sun breaks over the horizon.”

That was it. I couldn’t take it anymore –I stood up and ran out of the class faster than anyone could see. I could not listen to another word of his teachings. We were talking about how to kill people. How could they possibly listen to the awful things spelling out of that man’s mouth? He wasn’t even really a man anymore… none of them were really people. They didn’t have sympathy for humans, though they didn’t know it, and they used to be one. It was scary being around people who didn’t have values for weaker beings. We just take lives whenever we need sustenance, and it was not right.
A minute later I was back in my dorm, only to find Ammu sitting on the couch cross legged, reading a large book. At my entrance, she looked up, surprised. Her classes usually ended a little before mine, and Purab’s so she was alone for the moment. It turned out she only had gym and sciences with me this semester.
B:”Pragz! What are you doing here so early?”
I plunked down onto my bed, taking deep breaths to calm myself. In the next instant she was sitting beside me, her arm around me.

B:”What is it now?”
This was probably getting a little annoying for her, seeing me like this a lot of the time. But she definitely didn’t show it. I sighed, and let my tense posture relax.
P:”Have you been hunting lately?” I blurted out before I could stop myself. She smiled, and looked at me.
B:”No… not recently, but I’m getting thirsty. I was planning on going tonight… Why, is there a problem?”
I tried to keep myself calm as I spoke again.
B:”Doesn’t it bother you even a little bit that you’re taking an innocent person’s life to provide yourself with the blood you need to live?”
Her eyes popped open wide in realization before she looked at me sadly.
B:”Pragz… I’d never thought about it. I never knew myself to be a human before, so I didn’t think much of it. But now… I don’t know. How else are we going to live, though?”
B:”We don’t. We shouldn’t be alive. Those who’ve given up life for this or didn’t have a choice in the matter shouldn’t be alive. There should be no second chances at life.”
She looked away almost as if she were ashamed.
B:”I… I don’t know. I’ve tried to see how long I would last without blood. But I only managed to last a week and a bit. It’s very trying to deprive yourself of it. I can’t imagine anything more excess pain”.
P:”Being changed into what we are now was one of the most agonizing things you could ever imagine! You’re lucky you don’t have to remember it.”

Ammu just stared at me with gloom and frustration in her coal-like eyes.
B:”I don’t know what happens when you don’t feed for long periods of time. But I do know that it won’t be pretty. You’ll lose your mind –snap. Then what happens?”
I shook my head, noticing the unbearable scorching in my throat. My whole body ached for what I didn’t want to give it.
I felt her grip my shoulder tightly.
B:”Just go with me and Purab tonight. We will support you, help you through it.”
I shook my head, my face scrunching up. The pain was extending.
B:”I can see how much pain you’re in. Come with us tonight. See how it goes… it may not be as bad as you think.”
I could hear the uncertainty in her voice. She was also having second thoughts. But as the pain became worse, I nodded. I couldn’t believe it, but it seemed… instincts were taking over? And I just couldn’t take the pain anymore. The monster in me had taken over.
B:”All right –we’re leaving as soon as the sun sets and we’re going to Gangtok. Her voice was extremely grim. Well one thing was for certain now. A small part of me was scared out of my wits, and screaming at me.

Well one thing was for certain now. A small part of me was scared out of my wits, and screaming at me to not go. The other larger part was ferocious, restless, and was going to get what it wanted no matter what. I got out from under her arm and curled up in a ball on my bed, the need eating me out. Ammu left me in peace until I saw the sun setting outside. I’d been watching it in revulsion the whole time.
B:”It’s time.” She said quietly. I stayed still; staring out the window until I heard Purab enter. I got up slowly.
B:”You’d better go change. I think you may know why.” I looked them both over. They wore casual clothes –nothing too fancy, just jeans and a t-shirt. He wore a light grey t-shirt and black jeans and she wore dark blue skinny jeans with a small red tank top.

I nodded and walked over to the wardrobe silently. This was reserved for me while Ammu had a giant walk in closet on the other side. I picked out some acid washed black jeans, a black tank top and a huge baggy sweater. Ammu hadn’t been able to keep me away from that. Quickly I changed, only stopping to see how I looked, where I noticed my once green eyes were onyx black, and then I was at their side. He had his arm wrapped around Ammu’s shoulders, a little tense which was not normal. Ammu was probably really nervous, but it didn’t look like she was. She had a slight smile on her face, like she almost always did.

B:”We have to inform the office that we’re going now. Then we are assigned our supervisor,”
P:”A supervisor…?”
B:”Yes –we are not old enough to go out on our own. We have to get an older person to come with us.”
I smiled slightly and nodded. I could guess as to why –there were a few reasons… We exited quickly, and ran down to the office.
J:”Hello Pragya, Ammu, Purab…..” Janki acknowledged us as we entered. Ammu smiled widely.
B:”Hello Janki. We’re going to go out now –to Gangtok as was planned before.”
Janki turned her eyes on her computer, and began tapping away on the keyboard. A few minutes later, her face illuminated by the monitor, she turned and nodded with a smile.
J:”All right, it’s confirmed. Let me see… oh! You’re supervisor is Yash. He should be here any moment.”
And in the next moment a tall, thin man with copper toned hair and a grim, beautiful angular face appeared beside me. I jerked away, but he didn’t seem to mind. He looked very concerned and distraught over something.
B:”Hello Yash,” Ammu said jovially despite his apparent despair. He looked over us with sad, blood red eyes.
Y:”Hello…?”Ammu reached for his hand, and he shook.
B:[email protected] And this is Purab and Pragya.”
Y:”Hello Pragya and Purab. He shook my hand, and then Purab’s
Y:”Well I’m going to be supervising you while you hunt so you won’t slip up in any way shape or form. So we are going to…?
B:”Gangtok.” Kathy answered quickly. He nodded, eyes still dejected.
Y:”I guess we should get going now then.” We all nodded, said our last goodbyes to Janaki, and left the office, school, and then the grounds all together.
So sry guys. I thouggt to upload but sterday i went to chennai for some verification but they sent back to get some certificates so i couldn’t upload it. My phone is low battery. Hav a nice day. God bless all with all happiness. Stay happy and make others happy.

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