Beyhadh when love turns into obsession (episode 7)

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Guys if u find this ff boring or dislike anything about it then pls do let me know through ur comments. I find 2 or 3 comments every time and believe me its very discouraging. I would like to thank my two regular readers, Anshita and Jasminerahul. Thank u both for ur support right from the first episode. I would love to dedicate this episode to u both. And if there is any Ishqbaaz fan reading this then pls read my Ishqbaaz ff ” Ae ajnabee apna mujhe tu laaga” . Now let’s start…..

Arjun and Saanjh are walking after the college. Their talk continues;

Saanjh: So u have proposed her?
Arjun: Noo. What’s the hurry? We even don’t know each other well.
Saanjh: Do u think she is interested in u?
Arjun: She is mad for me.
Saanjh: Oh really!
Arjun: All the girls are interested in me except u chashmish.

Ha says these words hitting Saanjh’s head in friendly manner and moves on. Saanjh stops. She gets lost in a thought looking at Arjun who is walking alone and talking to air. Saanjh thinks ” no one can love u more than me Arjun”. Her eyes are somewhat wet.

” kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega jaise main karti hun…”song plays.

Arjun looks back and sees Saanjh standing behind. He comes to her;

Arjun: Where r u lost chashmish?
Saanjh: Nothing.
Arjun sees a flower vendor. He holds Saanjh hands and runs to him with her.
Arjun: Bhaiya! Give me those white roses.

He take the flowers and walk to Saanjh romantically. He sits on his knees and offers the roses to her.
Arjun: I love u.
Saanjh: ar…ar…Arjun!
Arjun: why are u so nervous. This is for Maya. I will propose her today.
Arjun leaves. Saanjh looks on.

Maya is thinking about Saanjh and Arjun convo .She fumes and take out her tablets. Arjun comes just then and throws the tablets away.
Arjun: Do u still need it?
Maya(pushing Arjun away from her): Go away. What do u think I m weak? I don’t need u. I don’t need anyone. I don’t want sympathy.
Arjun: But Maya…
Maya takes the roses and throws them. She walks away over the roses.

Arjun tells everything to Saanjh and say only u can make everything fine. Saanjh agrees.

Saanjh goes to Maya who is sitting on the steps. Maya doesn’t pay heed to her. Saanjh sits beside her while Arjun looks from a distance.
Saanjh: I know u r upset. U don’t want me between u and Arjun and I will never come.Its true that we r friends. Its also true that we were in a relationship once but its over. Arjun left me and I don’t have any complain. But Maya he loves u. I know him, he never had any concerns for anyone but he is concerned for u. U think that he has pity for u but that is his care and where there is love there is care too.

Maya stands up and walks to Arjun.
Maya: Arjun, I…I…
Arjun: Happy b’day in advance.
Maya: But how do u know?
Arjun shows her the diary and smiles. Maya smiles too and says ” Arrrjunnn”.

Saanjh looks them from distance and smiles.

Precap: B’day special episode.

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  1. U can be the next javed akhtat
    Keep it up??

  2. Babe,
    Just stop with this.
    Sheer waste of time and energy.

  3. Jasminerahul

    Shocking that saanjh live arjun n once they were lovers until arjun left her.but I did arjun break up with her n remain friends?sad that seeing arjun saanjh proposal drama Maya misunderstood them.but glad that saajh cleared the misunderstanding. Loved the last majun scene.sweet. Waiting for the birthday special part

    1. ARK

      Sorry dear,
      Have decided to stop it.
      Thanks for ur support.

      1. Jasminerahul

        why r u stopping it?why don’t u understand d feelings of d readers who read ur ff n commented?at least 4 us u cant continue it?if u cant continue it atleast give it a decent ending n stop d ff.but plz hurt us by discontinuing it

    2. ARK

      Sorry Jasmine!
      But happy to inform u that I have submitted the next episode. U can read it today.

  4. Awwwww….an episode especially dedicated for me! Thank you soooo much dear!
    And, I heard that this all wonderful stuff has come to an end! NOOOO! Don’t you dare end this wonderful creation! I simply love it! Besides, the story is sooo interesting and kinda like on the peak now and you’re thinking of stopping it! No way!
    This was superb and really commendable!
    If the reason behind your discontinuation of the FF is the low number of comments, then don’t worry, we’ll comment twice or even thrice if you want! But please don’t quit this!
    Hope you accept my request! And if not, take care my dear friends and hope we encounter soon!

    1. ARK

      Thank u Anshita.
      Can we meet at my Ishqbaaz ff. I mentioned it here.

      1. Well, I’d have loved to, but you see, the thing is that I don’t follow Ishqbaaz. Frankly, I haven’t really ever even watched a scene. Hope you write for Beyhadh soon! And, hope you can follow me on Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi!

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