Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 21)

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Swara and Sanskar were talking when a truck approaches them and he is unable to control the speed. Swara asks him to stop.
Sanskar: (before he could stop the car, truck approaches their car and suddenly Swara comes in front of Sanskar. Her back is towards the windscreen. Truck collides with their car and windscreen breaks. The broken piece’s pierce into the body of Swara. Her back is covered by the blood. Sanskar gets some minor injuries. Swara! Swara! What have you done. Are you injured? Tell me, speak something!
Swara: (tears rolling down her cheeks. She couldn’t control her pain and screams. She finds difficult to speak) Ah! Ah! Sanskar! Thank God you are safe. I paid my duty of becoming your shield. Now I can go happily.
Sanskar: (weeping) no Swara! Nothing is going to happen with you! (hugs her tightly. When he touches her back, he senses her clothes wet completely. He sees blood and different pieces of glass pierced in her back. He is shocked and tries to remove them. After removing the glass pieces, he tries to talk to her)
Swara: Sanskar! (fondly touches her face) I love you more than my life!
Sanskar: Swara! Don’t worry, we are going to hospital right now!
Swara: (tries to keep her eyes open forcefully but can’t see anything clearly. She breathes heavily) Sanskar! I can’t breathe (falls unconscious)

Sanskar: (tries to wake her up but in vain and shouts) Swara! Swara! (he gets off the car immediately and holds her in his arms inspite of his injuries. He forgot his pain seeing Swara in the pool of blood. He tries to call DP. After he picks the call:
DP: hello my son! You are missing me this much that you can’t wait. Wow!
Sanskar: (anger at its peak) stop it dad! we had an accident and Swara is injured badly. Please send a car to take her to hospital and fast.
DP: what? Accident… but how? Where?
Sanskar: I cannot tell you on phone. Just note down the address. (dictates address)
DP: ok! (asks driver to drive him to the spot)
Sanskar tries to walk but fails due to injured legs but still he tries to reach the hospital nearby but it is very far away. After some time, DP reaches there and sees Sanskar badly injured sitting under a tree with Swara’s head in his lap. He rushes to them.)
DP: what happened? How it happened?

Sanskar: this all is because of me! Her situation is just because of me.
DP: (hugs him) calm down Sanskar! This time you have to be strong, for Swara, please?
Sanskar: how could I be strong? My strength is deteriorating by seeing her in this condition.
DP: Sanskar! We have to take her to hospital. You are injured badly, come!
They bring Swara in car. Sanskar sits keeping her head in his lap and continues to talk with her. DP feels sad seeing his condition. They reach hospital and Swara is admitted.
Doctor: Mr. Maheshwari! Please leave her hand, she needs treatment to be fine.
Sanskar: (holds his collar) do anything to save her and if not then I will myself kill you at the spot. (DP comes and separates him from Doctor. Doctors ask him to dress his bandage. Nurse does bandage to his wounds. He insists on seeing Swara but doctor does not allow him. He informs that much of her blood is lost. Moreover, she got wounds on her back and head. There are very less chances for her to survive and even if she survives, it will not be possible for her to lead normal life. Due to injury in head, she may lose her memory. For the time being, she needs blood. He asks DP to arrange for blood. Sanskar panics imagining Swara’s condition. DP asks doctor to give him sleep injection for at least one day. He does so and Sanskar sleeps in next 2-3 minutes.

Swara’s condition is very bad. DP is worried for her. When blood arrangement is done, DP goes to doctor and asks him to save his daughter. He says she is just like my daughter and I don’t want to lose my daughter. Doctor says that this time is very critical for Swara because she is injured badly. I cannot say anything but prepare yourself for any type of situation. DP gets worried. After one day, Sanskar wakes up. He remembers Swara saving him and heads towards the door but falls as he is badly injured. DP comes.

DP: Sanskar! Sanskar! Where are you going? Stop it!
Sanskar: where is Swara?
DP: calm down Sanskar (holds Sanskar and brings him to bed) sit here. You need rest! Nurse! Anyone come here please…
Sanskar: (cuts him and shouts) where is Swara? Where is my Swara?
DP: please calm down. She is fine. (with teary eyes) she is just fine.
Sanskar: no, she is not fine. She took all the injuries to herself dad! she saved me. Last night, she promised me that she will be a shield for me and she proved her words. Dad! she risked her life for me. (shouts) she cannot be fine. I had seen her in pool of blood. I am not a fool that you would trap in your talks. Tell me!
DP: Sanskar! She has not gained consciousness yet! She is in ICU. Nobody is allowed to see her.
Sanskar: where is that truck driver?
DP: he was also injured and is in hospital. Don’t worry everything will be fine.
Sanskar: no dad! nothing is going to be fine! I want to meet Swara!
DP: ok, I will call the doctor. Doctor! Please come here!
Doctor: (comes to him) yeah Mr. Maheshwari!
DP: Sanskar wants to meet his wife. Please let him go, he loves her very much. He will die if he does not see him.
Doctor: look, Mrs. Maheshwari is in very serious situation. If she does not gain consciousness till one day, she might slip into coma.
Sanskar: coma? What are you saying doctor?
Doctor: yeah Mr. Sanskar! She has got very bad injuries on her back and head. It is very necessary to bring her to conscious state. We are trying since last night but still she is not responding. Only one day is left. We have transferred her to machines. If these are disconnected, she may lose he life. Are you sure that you want to see her?
Sanskar: (tears roll down his cheeks and he says in broken voice) yeah!
Doctor: ok fine, but you have only five minutes. After that you will have to come to your room because you also need rest and don’t take any stress.

Sanskar: (slowly walks towards the ICU and lifts the curtain with shaking hands. He sees Swara with oxygen mask and other machines connected to her. Her heart beat is very slow. He sits beside her and touches her face fondly) I am sorry Swara! I am sorry! You told me again and again but I was so happy that I neglected your pleas. I know you can listen to me. You are a very strong girl. You need to be fine. Fight with strength. Fight for your life Swara. (holds her hand) I love you and I promise I will never ignore your talks. Please come back Swara. I will die if you not come back to me. (tears escape his eyes and he loses control over himself. He falls down on the floor and cries vigorously. Doctors come and take him from there. They give him sleep injection again and he falls unconscious. Swara does not gain consciousness and slips to coma. Sanskar is still in deep sleep. DP is shattered. Doctor shares his sympathy towards him. DP wonders how to tell this to Sanskar. After some time, Sanskar gains consciousness and asks about Swara. Did Swara wake up? How is she? I want to meet her. DP tries to tell him about Swara’s condition but he does not believe him.
Sanskar: this can’t happen. She is perfectly alright.

DP: Sanskar! Control yourself. She is in coma!
Sanskar: (shouts) no, she is just a little unconscious. She has not eaten anything for two days. She might be hungry. I will feed her this. (takes a cup cake out of his pocket and laughs) it is very yummy! (goes towards Swara) hey Swara! Look what I have bought for you. See, it is your favorite flavor. Have this (tries to feed her but just then DP comes there. He tries to stop him but he does not pay heed. At last DP slaps him to get him out of shock)
DP: shut up Sanskar! Control yourself. She is not in the state to eat anything. (shouts) she is in coma!
Sanskar: (shocked) coma?
DP: yeah! Look Sanskar! If you don’t control yourself, how would I handle all this. I also have sorrow. She was like my daughter but I am not in a position to lose you. Please try to understand! (keeps his hand on his cheek) I am sorry!
Sanskar: (laughs) nothing has happened dad! she is just angry with me. I will explain to her. Don’t worry dad!
DP: (shocked) Sanskar! What are you saying my son? (just then doctor enters and takes him aside)
DP: doctor! Why is he behaving like this?

Doctor: he is in a deep shock. His immense love for Mrs. Maheshwari has become an obsession and he is not able to take reality. If you will try to make him accept the reality, great chances of his nervous breakdown exist. Try to keep him away from Mrs. Maheshwari. In some days, he will recover from the shock but till then, he must not take any stress otherwise his medical condition may worsen day by day.
DP: yeah sure! (goes to Sanskar) Sanskar! She is sleeping. Don’t disturb her. Come, let’s go.
Sanskar: when she will wake up, she would again get angry on me for being not with her.
DP: don’t worry, we will come tomorrow. I will tell her.
Sanskar: yeah dad! I also have to go to university.
DP: wow! that’s great. (thinks that by going to university, he may forget her. The next day, he goes to university and acts all normal. When he comes home, DP tricks him by mixing sleeping medicine in his drink. He sleeps and when he wakes up, he again hurries to university. This routine goes waste after three days as Sanskar refuses to go to university without meeting Swara. DP agrees and takes him to hospital. When he sees Swara, he becomes unconscious again. When he regains consciousness, he recalls the accident and recollects how Swara slipped into coma. He asks doctor to let him meet Swara. Doctor informs that he is out of shock now so doctor leads him to Swara’s room.
Sanskar sees Swara and bursts into tears. He goes near her.

Sanskar: I said that I will never allow you to go far away from me. I will keep you with me. You will have to wake up. You will have to wake up for me. I am sure that you are listening to me. Please respond to me Swara! Just give one sign. Please! (starts crying. Some tears fall down Swara’s eyes and fall on the hands of Sanskar. He suddenly moves his head towards Swara and kisses her forehead) Thank you! I knew you can listen to me. So, from tomorrow onwards, I will come to tell you the whole routine of my day. No no, I will take you to home and when I return from the university daily, I would be telling you my whole routine. Ok? I know you will not refuse. And get well soon (cups her face in his palms) my princess. You are the sole reason for my life and I love you so much! Ok bye! (he gets up and goes out. DP was observing him and is happy that Sanskar accepted the truth. Outside the hospital, Sanskar’s condition worsens and he behaves crazily. He hits himself and shouts.
Sanskar: I can’t see you like this Swara! I can’t see… (falls on the ground and recalls his moments with Swara. He goes in flashback)

Sanskar: (running and poking fun at her) hey Swara! Since you have recovered, you have become like a witch.
Swara: what? Witch? Did you ever saw a witch?
Sanskar: yeah every time when I see you in the mirror.
Swara: (irritated and angry) ok, then… (she turns him towards the mirror) see, I see a monkey in the mirror (acts like screaming and looks terrified)
Sanskar: (looks amused) you witch! If any one sees you, he will be terrified this much that he will not notice me. I am so cute!
Swara: oh really! Then go to any other girl who will be beautiful. What are you doing here? (stamps her feet in anger and goes from there)
Sanskar: happily, accepted madam!
Swara: you will feel my importance when I will not be with you!
Sanskar: and that time will never come because I will never allow you to go away from me. (comes towards her sarcastically)
Swara: no Sanskar! (runs and laughs. At last Sanskar catches her and lifts her in his arms)
Sanskar: so what do you say?
Swara: you are…
Sanskar: what?

Swara: (bites on his hand and gets free of him and runs. He runs behind her) Flash back ends
Sanskar puts whole weight of his body on his two hands and lays down. He says you were right Swara! I didn’t realize your importance when you were with me. But I will correct my mistake. I will not let you go away from me. I know I am the reason for this condition of you and I will suffer because seeing you in this condition is very painful for me.
Every time I see you like this, I get the feeling that I am dying every moment. I am sorry Swara! But I have to be strong in front of you so that you don’t get weak! Yeah! (wipes his tears and goes inside. On the way, he meets DP. On seeing DP, he goes and hugs him and cries loudly. DP tries to console him and says you will have to show strength. He asks DP to bring Swara home.)

DP: what are you saying Sanskar? This is not possible, how can you even think of that? Don’t you know…
Sanskar: (cuts him and shouts) why? Why it is not possible? Why can’t I think of that? Tell me…
DP: because Swara is best in hospital. Who will take care of her?
Sanskar: I will take care. Please do all the arrangements.
DP: but your university?
Sanskar: I said I will manage and I seriously mean it.
DP: Sanskar! She is better in hospital. Please try to …
Sanskar: (cuts him) I don’t know anything. I only know that I love her and I can take care of her. You do as I say!
DP: are you sure?
Sanskar: (irked) absolutely yes!
DP: ok!
Sanskar: thank you so much! (goes from there)
DP: don’t know when he will understand. He is crazy for her and I fear that this craziness will destroy him

Precap: 8 years leap….. and Swara’s condition?

What do you guys think? Will Swara be alive?
How will be Sanskar’s life after 8 years?

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  4. Its becoming very interesting

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    Aww…..plz make her fine soon. It will be really good to see if his anger, craziness reduces in the 8yrs

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    Dun tel me shez is coma from 8years?? Hope shez fine n dey lived happily is dese 8yrs
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    Superb Dr…Nd precap was fully shocking

  8. i am very sad with this development anything but dont dare to give a tragic ending

  9. I know after this she will have memory loss

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