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Hi guys…thanks for your support. ..hope you are liking…
I know this abhi is new..but soon he will realise about love…so lets wait for that..

Pragya runs towards the exit and abhi also goes towards it.And..and..and Thud!!abhi and pragya bumped to each other due to which pragya fall exactly in front of abhi (bad impression on the first meet.only) .Everyone gasps .abhi looks at her,but pragya was too busy to caress her little hand…that she didn’t notice everyone eying her .Finally, getting little relief she take a moment and looked at the people giving looks to her .Her eyes directly fell on abhi… Who was standing, there .She felt butterflies around her but at the same time felt stupid .She actually fall in front of him .She after getting some courage stand up .A bodyguard was about come but abhi shows him his finger,indicating to do nothing. Of course,without anyone’s know .pragya was so..so..so embarrassed.None of anyone was moving. Abhi,he was also standing there…his co-star was gone long back. Pragya fighting with her inner turmoil looks at abhi…I..um..iam..voh..I mean..I am sorry she said looks at everyone and the next moment ran outside .Everyone was almost bashing her badly .But,our abhi smirked,God!knows for what .

pragya was panting badly .She could never imaging her first meet with him,would be like this much embarrassing .She sat in a bench,little far from Airport .A black BMW stopped in front of her.She didn’t bother to look .The glass opened revealing abhi .Be ready he said and looked at her who was now looking at him with surprise .He smirked closed the glassand lefts. PRAGYA’S mouth left open .

Pragya’s POV
What?what I just heard .Be,ready.Oh my Gosh!!abhi he…he..told..me..and talked.. to me unlike with others .I can’t believe.He actually, came to me even after all that on Airport .I,am so in love with him .I just love him
POV end .

It was almost evening .The fans of abhi was waiting to see the climax happened on Airport the very morning .But nothing sort of that happened .pragya was somehow able to chose a jeans and a T-shirt of royal blue. She was looking beautiful .The black hairs reach till her waist was straight. She was thinking,why she actually got ready .How abhi will find her but the poor soul didn’t understand he has powers .The bell of her messy apartment rang .She opened the for to find a short ,wavy haired guy standing in her door with..a warm smile .Abhi sir,has appointed me to bring you to him..please come he said again with a smile .pragya some how didn’t feel secure but agreed .They sat on the car .It started to move .pragya saw the unknown places in Mumbai .She don’t know a single place of this city expect Airport and her apartment .She somehow reached her apartment using GPRS in morning. The more the car was moving,the more she felt alien to the city .She was actually moving to a lavish side of the city .After one hour Journey they reached in front of a lavish hotel.Any random person can’t leave here,she at once got to know .As she entered the hotel,the car drove off .She with fumbling reached the reception .

Please,say the room number..um..;of..abhishek mehra.. she said .Pragya arora,right?the receptionist asked. How you know my name?She asked her .Sir,told us .Its 309 left from here,have a nice day she said with a smile .He knows my name also pragya thoughts,while walking towards the room . She reaches in front of the room .The area was unusual silent .Not even a slightest sound was there.Clean like glass . She firstly thoughts its strange .But knowing his popularity she thoughts its normal.Only richest people can hire this unusual VIP silence .pragya was very very very nervous.And why wouldn’t she?She is meeting with her love..the famous abhi .Most important embarrassed for morning incident .She with her fumbling hands ring the bell .”Come in” she heard his voice .Taking a deep breath she opened the door .As soon as she opened the door she gasped…

Pragya gasped seeing the sight in front of her. She felt bad,she felt broken .She felt the world around her collapse .Hot tear made their way through her eyes. Abhi was lying on the bed bare,blanket was covered in his body .A girl was beside him ,holding him. Both had make out it was clear to her .This was the same girl who proposed him today on Airport.Her tears were unstoppable .No matter how much bad he is,but she loves him .He is five years older than her that also doesn’t matter for her. But seeing the sight in front of her was enough to hurt her,to the core .She wiped her tears and was about to left when .”wait” she heard abhi’s voice .She just stopped didn’t turned or moved from her place. You,now get out He ordered the girl beside him .Yeah,sure she said and with blanket warped in her left for washroom .She wears her dress and abhi gives her a bundle of money.She kisses him on his cheeks and left.pragya was still crying,the girl notices it before leaving .She just smiled at pragya with satisfaction .Sit abhi said .pragya turned and searched for something to sit .

She didn’t find anything so stand still .Here abhi said gesturing her,his lap. This is the place,you will sit come he said .I am okay here she said .Of course she can’t sit in his lap. She is not like those bimbos. She may be loves him but this is not fair .She has some dignity in her self .She just can’t sit on any stranger’s lap .abhi is really stranger for her .She just met him the first time today. OK,then .I called you here and that is why you are here .But I also want something for which I called you he said standing in front of her .Ask me,what is it ?he ordered placing his experienced fingers on her chin to lift it .pragya felt current flowing on her body as soon as his cold fingers touched her .It was the very first time they talked and in their second meet touching started .What is it ?she asked being very nervous and uncomfortable .Nervous cause she was standing in front of the most famous actor and uncomfortable because of the closeness .

I want you for tonight he said caressing her cheeks. Only,for tonight he declared eyeing her lips,eyes and her facial features .pragya was shocked. She never could imagine abhi has demanded something from her. Maybe she loves him but at the same the time she felt disgusted knowing his addiction for this.I can’t she said .But I Want he said and approached towards her .Her back touched the door. Abhi pinned her to the wall. Be mine…only for tonight..just tonight he said warping his one hand on her back and other touching her face. PRAGYA felt disgusted, with his way of touching her. He was rubbing his hands on her hook as if trying to open it from outside. Pragya pressed herself more to the door as abhi has give his whole weight on her .Due to this the opened door got open fully..making them both land on floor. Pragya fell on the floor with abhi on top of her .She in fear was closing her eyes,when she felt a touch on her eye lids .She opens her eyes and saw the most beautiful sight .abhi was looking at her lovingly,and his eyes were soft .Its Lust pragya thoughts and tried to push him,but he was not even moving an inch .Someone will see us she said trying to warn him .

He chuckles and Come on,its my VIP area..no one is allowed here and do you really think anyone will see us he said .Please!!let me go..I can’t give you what you want..I can’t she said and with great difficulty pushed him aside and stands up. He also stands up. Come on…don’t you have crush on me ?don’t you want me to be with you? Isn’t I am your dream boy?he asked her with a smirk .I don’t know she said and ran off from there .She ran outside and saw that wavy haired guy,still standing there but with a evil smirk .She understood.. It was their plan .She just ran from there with her unstoppable tears .Somehow with a broken voice she hired a taxi .The whole long hour to her apartment was painful to her .The memory of what happened with abhi was flashing in her mind .The more she remember,the more tears started to flow. Madam!!is there anything wrong?the driver asked pragya breaking her Terrence of pain .She just wipes her tears and nodes in No. As soon as she reached her apartment she Just falls on her knees leaning to the door. Tears of pain flows through her eyes .The pain of seeing him with another woman, the pain of knowing him as a womanizing was more than stabbed with knife .He..he..is a womanizer ,she said between her tears .I cant…I just can’t accept this..I never thought.. She cried hiding her face between her knees. Why?I never loved this abhi…he wasn’t like this..he can’t she cried and cried for whole one hour. She enters her messy bedroom .She just shifted here today,so the things were not yet set properly .She with her red ,puffy eyes lied on the bed looking at the window .He is a womanizer this thing was running in her mind .Suddenly ,her phone beeped .She thoughts its from her parents but it was a massage from an unknown number..”I am still not over with you .I will get you “? abhi……
hope you liked….let’s wait. ….

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