Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 15th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj goes blind

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 15th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Premlatha holding the diya from setting off and says my son…She cries protecting the diya flames and folds her hand before the God. They are standing till the morning. Premlatha gives aarti to Rani and Rukmani. And then to other family members. Inspector comes there and says Rivaaj’s body is not found. Premlatha drops the aarti plate. Shivraj asks are you sure? Inspector says they found blood stains and says he might be injured and flown in the river. Premlatha asks him to search Rivaaj and cries. Shivraj tries to pacify her. They keep puja to make his soul peaceful. Dadi tells Pandit ji that Rivaaj was her grand son and asks him to do his last rites vidhi. Premlatha comes and says my son is alive, what you all are doing. She asks them not to do the last rites

puja. Shivraj tries to calm her down. Premlatha hugs him and cries. Dadi tells her that this is reality and asks her to agree. Shivraj says he was my son also, I can punish him, but can’t hope death for him. Premlatha cries. Just then the landline phone rings. Shivraj asks Raghav to take Premlatha. Raghav makes Premlatha sit. Rani picks the call. A man tells her something. Rani is shocked.

Shivraj is about to keep garland on Rivaaj’s pic to do the vidhi, but Rani runs and stops him. Shivraj asks what happened? Rani says Rivaaj is alive. Everyone get up. Premlatha hugs Premraj and cries happily. Rukmani comes out of shock and hugs Rani and cries. They all rush to hospital. Nurse tells that the visitors are not allowed in ICU. Doctor comes out and asks them not to make noise. Shivraj comes. Doctor tells him that Rivaaj is resting now. They insist to meet Rivaaj. Doctor says you can go for sometime and asks them not to make sound. Rivaaj is unconscious. They ask him to open his eyes. Rivaaj opens his eyes and rubs it. They ask what happened? Rivaaj says I can’t see anything and asks them to switch on the lights. He asks if they want to make him mad again. He asks what happened to me and calls Doctor. Doctor comes and says I need to check his eyes. He gets the torch and checks his eyes. Doctor checks his eyes and says he lost his vision due to the head injury. Rivaaj is shocked. Others are also shocked. Shivraj says this can be temporary and asks him to do test. Doctor says he can’t see again. Rukmani cries trying to pacify Rivaaj. Rivaaj hugs Premlatha and cries. Premlatha says I will get you treated. Rivaaj says I want to see and asks them to leave him alone. Doctor asks them to go out.

Rani looks at Rivaaj. She comes out and recalls everything. Nurse collides with Rani and she is about to fall. Raghav holds her and asks her not to feel guilty. Rani says we don’t want him to become blind. Raghav hugs her and says we didn’t do this intentionally, this is her destiny, we have to accept it. Rani says all family members are broken. Raghav comes to Premlatha and asks if she is fine. Premlatha says she wants to see Rivaaj and goes to see him. He calls Nurse and asks to give water. He tries to get water and the glass falls down. Premlatha offers to give water, but he refuses. Doctor tells Shivraj that Rivaaj wants to go to recovery home. Premlatha refuses to let him go there. Shivraj says he needs to go there and comes out of his bad past. Premlatha says now he has lost his vision. Rukmani says she wants to take care of Rivaaj and regrets for not keeping fast. She asks Rani to forgive Rivaaj and says he saved your life. Rani is tensed. Rukmani pleads infront of Shivraj to take him home and says he will not do anything. Rani looks at Raghav and thinks everything will be fine.

Precap: Rivaaj washes his face in the bathroom. Rani comes there and tells that she will not give him easy death by giving poison and says she has understood that he can see everything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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