Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Amma catches Happu and Rajjo in the movie theatre

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu and Rajjo coming to the theatre to watch film. He asks if she is happy. Rajjo says she is happy to watch film with him. He asks for a kiss. Rajjo says she feels ashamed to kiss him in public. She asks him to watch film. Happu asks him to use purse and kiss him. She asks him to kiss her. He holds purse and kiss her. Amma and Mausi come there while Happu and Rajjo are busy kissing. Mausi sees Happu and tells Amma that he is like Happu. Amma says he must have reached home by now, he is unwell. Mausi says today’s sons are very clever. Happu says if Amma comes to know then? Rajjo says I am very clever and she will not understand. Mausi sees Happu and tells Amma. Amma is shocked. Happu and Rajjo kiss holding the purse infront of them. Amma couldn’t believe that happu

lied to her. Happu asks them to stop talking and sees their face. Happu is shocked. He asks Rajjo why she told that she is clever. He says she will scold us. Mausi asks him to make happu sleep in her room, so that he stay away from Rajjo. Amma scolds Happu and says she will squeeze his lemon after going home.

Kat calls Kamlesh and asks him to come home fast. Malaika asks whom is she talking to? Kat says I tried to steal Papa’s purse, but couldn’t. malaika says you couldn’t steal Papa’s purse. Kamlesh comes there and asks her to steal purse. He says the person keeping purse is intelligent, but will do some mistake then you have to take advantage and steal purse.

Kat says she tried to steal the purse, but he is very intelligent. Malaika stamps on his feet and asks him to steal Happu’s purse and see. Kamlesh says I am not heroine.

At the dining table, Amma asks Chamchi to give chutney bowl. She says you have it in your plate. Amma says she wants to put on her father’s face and asks why didn’t you take me with you to watch film. Hritik and Chamchi say that he should have taken them too. Malaika says you would have taken Dadi. Happu asks why are you getting upset, you also went to watch film with Mausi. Amma says I didn’t go to watch film, but to catch you. Happu says he met Rajjo in the market and they went to theatre. He says tell me once when you get fine. Amma says you wanted to watch film with your wife. Rajjo asks what is wrong and asks if he shall watch film with me or with someone else wife. Amma asks shall I watch film with neighbor’s son. Kat comes there and calls Happu, calling him lovely father and hugs him. Happu asks if she is hugging him or checking his pocket. Kat couldn’t get purse and goes upset. Happu assures Amma that he will take her to watch film. Amma asks him to sleep in her room as she is afraid to sleep alone. Happu asks what is wrong in my room. Rajjo asks her to make Chamchi sleep in her room. Amma says Chamchi is a little girl and will get afraid herself. Kat comes calling Happu. Happu hugs her. Kat checks for the purse and thinks she can’t become heroine without stealing purse. Happu tells Amma that she is hugging him as if he is going to teerat yatra. Malaika thinks she wants to steal your purse. Amma asks Happu to change his clothes and come to room. Happu says he will have pan and meet Beni.

Beni asks Happu why he is upset and asks if Vimlesh went to mayka. Happu says if Vimlesh go to mayka without marriage. Beni says Rajesh. Happu tells that Amma is ruining their romance. He tells him that he went to watch film with Rajesh, but Amma was there with your nargis Mausi. She says whenever your mausi comes here, she fills Amma’s ears. Beni says I called her, but she doesn’t do my work and is after others. Happu asks him to help him. He says he wants to do gutar gu with Rajjo and says she will get upset. Beni asks him to be with Amma until she sleeps and then go to Rajjo’s room.

Precap: Amma pretends to sleep. Happu goes to Rajjo’s room. Amma is awake and gets angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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