RadhaKrishn 15th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Ayan To Defame Krishna

RadhaKrishn 15th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna thinks he will call Golok friends for dance/raas and not Barsana or Vrindavan friends. He goes to golok and does not find gopi’s there, so he calls them. Gopis come in front and says nobody will dance with him as this dance with defame Krishna and separate Radha and Krishna. In Barsana, Ayan informs Jatila about Krishna’s raas leela plan. Jatila says he should use this opportunity to defame Krishna and uplift himself in Vrishbhan’s eyes. Ayan meets Ugrapath, Kirtida and Vrishbhan and asks them to accompany him to see Krishna’s shameless acts. Radha cries thinking she cannot see Krishna defaming himself.

Krishna waits for Gopis in garden and thinks when will they come. They emerge and say they cannot see him being insulted, only he can do his leela and make

them dance. Krishna says nobody can see him crying except Radha and dances with them playing bansuri. Radha hears Krishna’s bansuri and cries. Ayan takes them all to jungle and shows Krishna doing raas leela with gopis. Vrishbhan fumes in anger and yells at Gopis what a shameless women they are to dance with a man. Krishna calls him by his name and warns him to speak to him and not blame his friends. Gopis walk away. Vrishbhan vents out his anger and asks Krishna if he is not ashamed to dance with stranger women when he loves Radha. Krishna says everyone has their unique hobbies, even he has. Vrishbhansays it is a sin. Ugrapath also yells at Krishna. Krishna reverts him back. Radha confronts Krishna that he cannot misbehave with her father. Vrishbhan says he will let Krishna marry Radha as Radha loves him, but will punish Krishna. Krishna agrees. They all walk away. Krishna cries..

Vrishbhan with Kirtida, Radha, Ugrapath and others walk to Krishna’s house and complain Yashoda that her son was dancing with stranger women. Yashoda does not believe him. Vrishbhan says she can ask Radha. Radha says Yashoda is overconfident of her son, Krishna was really dancing with girls.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that a human thinks he is superior and wants to do impossible and special things, but when it comes to love, he praises his love more than anyone else and smiles when he gets defeated by his love.

Precap: Radha in front of whole village says Krishna that she will not marry him. Krishna says her name is associated with him, so nobody will marry him.
Radha asks people someone is ready to marry her.

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  1. If we want to gain a true we have face many many……..problems.It is not only to humans but also for God we have seen it in this serial

  2. It’s really very painful

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