Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Dadi punishes Premlatha

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rivaaj thinking why he is getting such thoughts. Rukmani comes there. Rivaaj asks why she is scaring him touching him and asks where was she? She says she went to study and slept. She asks what happened to him. Rivaaj says he is fine and asks her to talk less. Raghav and Rani come there. Raghav asks are you fine? Rani asks Rukmani if she is fine? Rukmani says may be he saw a bad dream and shouted. Raghav and Rani ask them to sleep and go out of room smilingly.

Rani wakes up in the morning and calls Raghav. She asks why you didn’t sleep on bed. Raghav says you had already slept so I didn’t disturb you. He says we will sleep turn wise. Someone knocks on the door. Raghav opens the door. Rani goes to washroom and hears Premlatha asking Raghav if something is wrong with his bed as Rani was setting the bed on the couch. She brings carpenter and Dadi with her. Raghav says it is not like that. Premlatha asks him to move and goes inside. They look at the couch, but there is no pillow or blanket on the couch. Rani signs Raghav. Dadi punishes Premlatha and asks her to sleep on floor for a month. Premlatha says I had seen and takes out the blanket from behind the couch. Dadi asks carpenter to go out. She asks Premlatha why she is doing drama infront of servants and asks Rani what is all this? Rani says mummy is saying right. She tells that Snoopy ji loves Raghav a lot so she set the bed for him on the sofa. Dadi asks Premlatha if she wants old Chatai or new. Raghav asks Dadi to forgive her and says punishment is for 1 week now. She asks her to give money to carpenter. They leave. Raghav likes Rani’s intelligent move to take Snoopy’s name. Moh Moh ke dhaage plays…..

Rivaaj wakes up from sleep and thinks someone is suffocating him. Snoopy barks. Rivaaj thinks why I am getting such thoughts and asks Rukmani why she didn’t wake her up. Rukmani says I thought you will feel better with good sleep. Rivaaj asks her to drink his tea and asks her not to take his life’s decisions. He calls Pappu and asks him to hear carefully.

Raghav comes out from bathroom and tries to apply ointment to his back. Rani offers help, but he refuses and tries to apply. Rani applies ointment to his back and says its done. Raghav thanks her and says Dadi and mummy are doubtful on us, so we have to sleep on the same bed if it is ok with you. Rani says ok. He asks did you keep my clothes on bed. Rani says I used to do this from long. Raghav says sweet, but I will do it from now on. She recalls shaving his beard and smiles looking at him.

Rivaaj asks Pappu if he enquired. Pappu tells that he enquired with Anjali’s family, they are so pained that they didn’t do her last puja. Rivaaj thinks if she is dead then why she is wandering in my dreams. He starts driving the jeep and stops as he finds the lemon with black liquid. He calls Premlatha and asks who kept this lemon. Premlatha says she tied yesterday. Rivaaj says black color juice is squeezed out from lemon, but there is nothing there. Rani recalls wiping the floor and signs Raghav. Dadi asks why your face is turning pale, how come you have seen the ghost and not others. Premlatha asks Rivaaj to see the lemon and chilli tied to his jeep. Dadi says your misbehavior increased and asks what does he want and says we will not sympathized with you. Rivaaj says he is not doing this intentionally. Premlatha says black lemon means black soul..and says if she is….Rani smiles. Premlatha spits on him. Rivaaj asks her to stop it. Dadi says both are nautanki and shall be sent to circus. Raghav asks Rani to come to storeroom.

They go to storeroom. Raghav says all important things are kept there. They search something. He says I can’t believe that my own family is doing this with me for the wealth. Rani sees the drawing and asks him. Raghav says it is drawn by me. Premlatha thinks why Rivaaj is behaving strangely and comes near the storeroom. She spies on them. Raghav says my most precious years are lost. Rani says I can understand. Raghav says I will snatch everything from Rivaaj and will take revenge from him. Premlatha thinks they are fighting and goes to inform Dadi.

Precap: Rivaaj comes home and sees the door opening. He thinks there is nothing like ghost. Anjali calls him. He comes near her and attacks with the glass piece on her back. The girl is Rani and she gets injured.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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