Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Happu tells Rajjo about Mausi’s secret

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amma tasting tea and asks how bahu made this tasty tea? Happu says I never drank such tasty tea in my life. Dada ji says he is gone now. Amma says please forgive me for making me drink bittergourd in your childhood. Happu asks what are you saying and tells that your tea is fabulous. Dada ji laughs and says don’t know when and how he gets sandwiched between wife and mother. Happu asks if his father is saying something. Amma says he is asking whose tea you like the most? Rajjo comes there. happu changes the topic. Amma asks him to answer. Rajjo asks him what Amma is asking? Happu reads the newspaper and asks Rajjo to get saved from sunrays. Amma asks him to answer first. She tells that she is going to temple and asks her to make moong dal ka halwa. Rajjo says nobody likes it and asks shall I make something else. Happu says she might want to give it to mausi. Rajjo asks who is that mausi. Happu says I told khausi and asks her to get her ears cleaned. Amma asks him to answer.

Happu gets ready to go to Police station. Rajjo asks what is the matter of mausi. Happu makes stories. Rajjo understands he is lying. Happu says you are Inspector’s wife and that doesn’t mean that you shall spy on every matter. He asks her to give belt. Rajjo says it is in hospital. Happu asks her to give belt else he will go without it. Rajjo asks him to decide that his respect will go. She says I am your wife and Amma’s bahu and asks him to tell. She says I have right to know everything. Happu asks her to sit and says ladies have a bad habit to interfere. He tells about Chatori Mausi getting trapped by a guy for marriage, but she eloped on that day. He says nobody shall know about it. Chamchi hears him. Rajjo asks what happened? Happu asks Chamchi if she wants chocolates. Chamchi says I will expose you first. Happu says duty is done now.

Chamchi comes to Amma and asks her to run. Amma says she can’t run in this age. Chamchi says when your sister can run, then why can’t you? Amma asks who told you? Chamchi says my ears are strong and catches the far away networks also. He says Papa was telling Mummy that your sister ran away with the goon. She says my work is done, I will go. Amma calls Happu. Happu says I have much work in the Police station. Amma taunts him and asks him to listen to their conversation. She tells Chamchi about Happu’s childhood habit to sleep with his mouth open and says frog entered once and since then he is sleeping with his mouth closed. Happu says Chamchi is laughing at him. Amma tells more about him. Happu asks her to stop insulting him.

Amma asks what about the insult which you have done. She asks why you told about my sister’s matter to Rajjo. Happu says Rajjo is a family member. Amma says she is an outsider although she is in family. She asks him to see what he tells. Happu goes to Police station.

Kamlesh drops Kat home. He asks her to come with him to watch move. Kat asks him to tell the name? Kamlesh says lets run away..hindi film is chal bhaag chale..Kat gets happy. Malaika comes there and asks where are they running away. Kamlesh says they are going for extra classes. Kat asks can we go? malaika says why did you come from college now. Kamlesh says professor called just now. Malaika asks him to drop her to college. Kat says we are going to friend’s house first, study there and then go to college. Malaika says I will go by walk and goes. Kamlesh and Kat leave on the bike.

Rajjo comes to Amma. Amma asks what happened? Rajjo asks if I am neighbor’s bahu. Amma thinks my luck is not that good. Rajjo asks why you hide from me? Amma says you people hide 100 things from me. She says we will know after 9 months. Rajjo asks her about Mausi. Amma says Mausi ran away ruining our family respect. Rajjo asks if she is angry with Mausi. Amma says my sister is cow, but I am angry at that bull who made my sister eloped with him. She says she will punish Prakash Jhajhoriya. Rajjo asks about his name again. Amma tells his name. Rajjo gets tensed.

Amma calls Happu and asks him to listen to her carefully. She tells since Chattu’s conversation is going on, the fire in me broke out. Rajjo hopes Prakash Jhajoriya is not my mama. She calls him and gives her intro. Prakash Jhajoriya acts and says money is burnt. Rajjo says she don’t want money and asks what is mami’s name. He takes many names and then says Chattu/Chatori. Rajjo is shocked.

Precap: happu comes to know that Prakash Jhajoriya is Avdesh’s brother and Rajjo and Vimlesh’s Mama. Happu is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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