Patiala Babes 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita’s Confidence

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Patiala Babes 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashok and Mita meet Khatri who congratulate them for accepting his partnership. He offers them sweet. Ashok says he does not eat sweet. Khatri says he will order rasgulla as he knows Ashok’s wife is Bengali, lewdly laughing at Mita. Mita warns Ashok again that Khatri is not a good man. Ashok asks Khatri to be specific . Khatri says they know Babita and Minnie have opened Patiala Babes catering services, he wants Ashok and Mita to handle his catering business and fail Patiala Babes. Ashok says let us start with distributing pamphlets. Khatri says he will get pamphlets within 2 hours. After sometime, Babita with Minnie drives bike and rams it on a man unable to apply brakes. Man turns and pamphlets fall from his hands. They are shocked to see Ashok. Minnie reads Patiala ki Babes catering services and slams Ashok for starting partnership with Khatri. Khatri interferes and laughs that he took his revenge, the order they got he grabbed 50% of it with Ashok’s influence. Minnie slams Khatri next. Babita stops her and says it is waste arguing with waste people and says let them compete, everyone knows when she starts she reaches her destiny without any brake. Ashok stands fuming. Minnie with Babita returns home and vents out her anger. Sukhi tries to calm her down and says Ashok is in financial crisis, so he accept Khatri’s job offer. Minnie says whatever the reason is, how can he be so spineless. Babita says let them do whatever they want, they cannot divert us from our goal. She continues her long encouraging speech and calms down Minnie.

Hanuman Singh/HS trains his police team in camp and excitedly informs Laala today is camp’s last day and they will return to Patiala tonight. Laala taunts that he seems so eager to meet Babita and asks him to help him in his love story as his fiancee is not paying attention to him anymore. Hanman says he needs to get fit to garner his fiancee’s attention and asks him to climb rope. Laala says youngsters can climb rope, not him. Hanuman asks him to run then and makes him run.

Khatri asks Ashok what special dishes Babita prepares, giving him a long list of dishes. Hanuman says Babita prepares excellent, Daal, Biryani, etc.. Mita looks at his face. He says he likes Biryani, so whenever he used to return to India, Biji used to ask Babita to prepare Biryani. On the other side, Babita’s team also sits to decide menu. Nayeem bi says sweets, Minnie taunts her. Kammo says chicken do pyaza, Sukhi is favorite dish. Babita says menu should be unique, they should give a list of options to choose from. Minnie likes her idea. Ashok tells Khatri that menu should be unique. Mita describes foreign dishes. Khatri says he cannot even take names of these dishes, Patiala is a small city and people still like traditional Punjabi dishes, and passes lewd comment on Mita. Ashok asks to select dishes dishes himself then. Khatri asks if he does everything alone, then why are they hired. Ashok says Menu should be very unique and tempting.

After sometime, Mickey designs Patiala Babes website online and shows it to Minnie. Minnie likes it and says he is intelligent. Preet who is watching them says whole college knows that Mickey is intelligent and many are his fans. Minnie says there is one more fan in Preet now. Their chit chat continues…

Precap: Minnie informs Hanuman that Babes daal remedy video has got 25000 hits on social media and still continuing, it will make Babes famous.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Babita and Minee fighting against odds….potrayed very well…

  2. SsiyAa

    well who also think like me that preet is building interest in mickey.. by yesterday’s precap i thought she is watching both mickey and minnie but after watching today’s episode i realised she was only looking at mickey.. may be she is developing crush on him… i want to know others point.. may be i’m mistaken

    1. MeTooPatialaBabes

      I too thought this that : Mini – Bobby and Preet – Micky
      Bobby is truly loving Mini which she might realize after breakup with Micky.
      It’s just my thought.

      1. SsiyAa

        bobby is not in love with minnie… it’s just an teenage attraction.. he likes her… but for whom minnie develop a feeling that is also important… to be in relationship mutual feelings is first step…

  3. SsiyAa

    babita’s words are so true.. aaj ashok hai, kal koi aur hoga, parso koi aur agar hum aese emotional react karenge to hareyenge kise”.. ????… but the way khatri was commenting indirectly on mita was so cheap.. ???… disgusting.. how can they tolerate that even after understanding everything.. that can never be the way to talk someone.. here khatri will fail as babita’s idea is more unique and heartful… well i’m little confused here, babita said they will as theirs customers wish according to that pick common dish in there menue, minnie followed her and said, “yes.. we will make menu list and will ask them to choose from them”… ❔❔❔❔….. HS and lalalaa conversation was sweet…

    1. ashok will overlook kathri’s comments as he needs him . he is as low as ugly khatri and that disgusting hairy chest of khatri can he not wear high collar shirts , vomit vomit. hope HS Minnie BI and Babes they all rock and get successful , yes i think preet likes mickey and if this is the case i hope it does not cause yet another rift with both the girls

      1. SsiyAa

        i doubt so… let’s see

  4. MeTooPatialaBabes

    I think now Khatri will be betrayed by Ashok indirectly. Ashok will get salary or not but he is going to lose nothing this time. He will get money to run his house expenditures anyway. Khatri is going to lose contract and hence his invested money is going to be wasted. Meeta should get out of the business and take some rest. I think that this time Meeta will manage to get money for household expenditures unlike Ashok. She is has that potential and that is women empowerment despite of all taunts from the people.
    Do you agree with it?

    1. SsiyAa

      i feel khatri will cheat babita in their mutual order… how i don’t know… but something will happen for sure… and meeta had already been in business in london…but after joining ashok in india she ruined her career.. even she will have to start from somewhere but she won’t do without ashok.. we know that..

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