Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 12th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Ram throws Premlatha out of house

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Premlatha asking Ram if he called them. Premraj asks why bhanje ji is silent. Ram thinks baigan ka bharta. Tashi comes and asks if some special news. He says he wants to give breaking news and asks Servants to bring. Servant brings jewellery boxes. Tashi says it is of Maa. Premlatha says it is my precious jewellery. Ram asks her to stop loving it and asks Mayura to choose something. Kesha gets angry. Premlatha says this is my precious jewellery, don’t think of taking it. Mayura checks the necklaces. Premlatha says it is of my marriage..Mayura selects a ring for herself. Ram says it is of yours now. Mayura says I have accepted Rivaaj’s proposal, wears ring and shows off. She thanks Premlatha and calls her mummy ji. Ram says you are very sharp. Premlatha tries to slap her, but Ram holds her hand. Premlatha asks him to tell her to stay away from her jewellery. Kesha asks him to think again and says his big movie is going to release this month and it can flop. Ram tells that for you people, money, fame and etc is important, but for me Mayura is important and holds her hand. Rivaaj gets angry and tries to free him.

Premlatha tells Ram that she has given him birth, fed him milk and brought her up. Ram asks her to tell what she can do for him. Mayura sees Ram’s tattoo about to see and keeps her hand on it. She asks him to calm down and not to talk like that with his mother. She signs him to hide tattoo. Premlatha says you have to take a decision between Mayura and me. Ram says you have taken care of Rivaaj, brought him up etc, but everything is on side today and if I have to choose between Mayura and you then I will choose Mayura and holds her hand. Premlatha gets shocked and says she is not talking about going out for 2-3 days and says she will go for forever. Ram asks her to go. Tashi asks him what are you saying? Ram asks her to stop talking. Kesha says she is your mother. Ram says yes, she is my mother and asks her to stay away. He asks Servant to brin g her stuff. Premlatha says I will go. Rivaaj shouts in the secret room and calls Amma aloud. Premlatha asks Premraj to come. Premraj says if I go then who will take care of kids. Premlatha says she will go for sure. Ram asks her to go. Premlatha is going.

Ram asks Mayura to see his wonder and stops Premlatha asking if she will leave him. He then gives her money and asks her to use it for hotel expenses. Tashi and Premraj shouts. Premlatha cries. Ram says I have more change, if someone wants to go then tell. Premraj says no and goes. He tells Mayura that he is a good actor and will make Rivaaj get filmfare award. Premlatha cries standing outside the house.

Mayura recalls Premlatha throwing Rani out of house and closing the door. She comes to baby and tells that this is her second victory. She says that lady is kicked out just like she had thrown Rukmani. She says very soon their family will be completed. Ram comes and asks what happened? He asks if she is not happy and thinks what happened with Mayura. Premlatha is about to fall. Premraj hears her hand and says I will stay here as your informer. Premlatha says I can’t believe that you will not come with me and says she don’t know where to go. Mayura thinks to make arrangements for the next plan. She is about to step on the skates, but holds herself. Kesha comes and says she made arrangements for Rivaaj’s next shoot on skates. She asks if something had happen to Rivaaj’s would be wife then he would be angry. Kesha says you are very ambitious, but will not become his wife. Mayura says just like she became from body guard to fiance and will become wife too. Kesha gets angry and goes.

Precap: Mayura tortures Rivaaj by filling the secret room with water. Rivaaj tries to protect himself.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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