Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesha attacks Mayura

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mayura coming to room and looks at her ring which Raghav had gifted her. She thinks of Raghav and recalls their moments. Hogaya khogaya plays…Chadariya song plays….Mayura wipes her tears and says you have lived longer life …Rivaaj and will bear the same pain which you have given us. She says time has come for the next plan, now you will know what I can do and checks in her phone. Rivaaj hears the sound and thinks Ram came and asks him to free him. Meanwhile Rukmani’s pics are displayed on the TV screen before and after he pushes Rukmani. He thinks we had gone here. He then sees water coming inside and shouts Amma.

Ram rejoices and says this and that perfume is mine. Tashi says Maa is yours too then why did you let her go? Ram says she went herself. Premlatha thinks she knows Rivaaj is stubborn and thinks regrets her actions. Tashi tells Ram that when his fans come to know about him then it will have a bad impact on your career. Ram looks on. Rivaaj struggles in water. Ram comes out and asks Premlatha if she wants to come inside. She says yes. He asks if she will accept Mayura as her bahu. She says yes and tells that she has understood and comes inside calling bahuriya. She comes inside and asks where is Mayura? Mayura is in the secret room. Rivaaj sees her and finds the water drained from there. He thinks if she is Mayura, but why she is doing this? Mayura tells that she will give him pain for 10 days till his movie releases and says countdown begins. She comes out and sees Ram standing.

Ram tells that premlatha is searching her and has a change of heart. He says Tashi talked logically and he has to bring her back. Mayura asks him not to change her plans without her. He asks her to tell about her past and asks what had happened with you. he says if you leave from here then I will be blamed and says when you get a chance then you will double cross me. Mayura asks if he will not double-cross her and says after all you are Rivaaj’s blood and cleverness is in her habit. Ram thinks to show his effect and throws ball and asks Snoopy to catch. Snoopy runs down to get the ball, bites Roop. Roop asks Tashi to save him.

Mayura is about to fall down the stairs. Ram holds her by throwing rope on her and says you had asked me not to touch you. He holds her closer and says he likes his family as because of them, he gets a chance to hug her. Mayura asks him to leave her. He asks her to say please. Mayura says please and frees herself. She goes. Ram says he was playing game with her. Premlatha says she is a chudail. Premraj asks her not to tell that. Premlatha says my bahu is sushil.

Kesha gets angry and comes to room. She breaks the things in the room. Roop tries to calm her down. Kesha breaks paintings and a glass piece injures her face a bit. She gets an idea to ruin mayura’s face. She tells Roop that Rivaaj is bowled over by her beauty so she will snatch it. She comes near Mayura secretly and hides, wear gloves. Her bracelet piece falls down. Kesha throws glass piece on Mayura, but it hits on the Servant’s hand. Servant writhes in pain. Mayura shouts Rivaaj’s name. Ram comes there and gives water to Servant. She thinks target was me and doubts Kesha. Ram asks if she saw anyone. Mayura says no, but she knows who can do this. She says Kesha and asks him to throw her out today. Ram says I am football expert and will kick everyone out. Mayura asks him to do as she said. Ram thinks Kesha can only find out about Mayura and thinks to know who is Mayura and why she wants revenge.

Precap: Mayura slaps Kesha hard and asks how dare she to attack her and says baby could have been harmed. Kesha tells him that she has seen Mayura going to Rukmani’s house and shows her pic.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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